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Monday, September 29, 2008

GET A ROOM! [boudoir look: Gray & Gold]

Before I get into my BOUDOIR look, this is just a lil' somethin'-somethin' I picked up at the dollar depot a couple days ago. I have a previous pack that I bought there that is a little different, the rhinestones are circular and teardrops and it came with pearls, flowers, and glittery thing-a-majiggs. This one comes with square rhinestones, pearls, hearts, and large glittery thing-a-majigs. They both came with glue and a wooden stick to help pick up and push around the thingies. LOL. Anyways, these babies are 99 CENTS! So it's a definite steal ;] So stay tuned for some nail art I'll be doing with this baby.

So the boudoir look is definitely something that must be classy and sexy. Sometimes girls get carried away with the big hair and dark make up they end up look like a dirty stripper or pornstar =x hehe. So I kept the look soft, but fierce and the hair wavey a bit. I just took some mousse and crinkled my hair with it by just grabbing sections and being flimsy with it ;]

ENJOY LADIES...but not too much ;]

Can you tell I contoured my cheeks ;] LOL it looks wierd.

And this picture, I was actually about to get up, but it turned out okay. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my hair turned out ;]

What I used:

VS Liquid e/s in Pillow Talk
Gray e/s from ULTA palette

NYX strawberry milk
Clinique clear lipgloss

Smashbox Camera Ready Foundie in "light"
Silk Naturals "Buttery Gold"
Dark brown e/s for contour

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm SICK!!!

I swear blogger sickness is contagious. LOL EMERIA it's YOUR FAULT jk. Eversince I read your post about being sick, I've been in my bed sneezing, congested, sore throat, heavy head and I'm about to lose my voice! I sound like a MAN! You should see the piles of used up tissues I woke up to surrounding my bed this morning. So I'm keeping my babygirl far away from me cause that's the last thing I need, me AND the baby sick. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and posting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Avril Lavigne Inspired:PUNK PINK

Besides my love of cheese (what a nerd) I love BACON, excuse me while I salivate and try to gain composure. So when I saw this at the grocery store, you know I had to pick me up some of them bacon chips! They also had chicken drumstick chips..which taste like straight up chicken skin. I loooove chicken skin, I just don't like that oily glob mess you feel in your mouth @.@ Anyways back to my bacon, these taste like bacon! In an airy crispy kind of way. Bacon on-the-go I think my dreams just came true ;]

Anyways, Avril Lavigne's make up is pretty punk and her buttload of eyeliner is definitely a lil gothy looking. But I wanted to try it out, with a little more girly-ness in it and less goth. It turned out okay but I still wouldn't walk out the door with it ;[

Sorry my eyebrows need to be tamed ;[

My babygirl ;]

I look washed out here and what's with my arm? It's suuuuper dark. haha oh well.

I will be updating what I used later on, but for now I must go ;]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homemade Sugah MAMA

WARNING: I look very disturbing in the following pictures. If you DIE from my ugliness, don't say I didn't warn YA! This just goes to show how UN-VAIN I am =x SIIIKE! jk.

Time to raid the cupboards and make some exfoliator! Making a sugar exfoliator is super easy and good way to glam up the skin in no time ;]

What you'll need:

Sugar [small granules, not those big magarita ones, unless you wanna rip up your face bc you're going for the freddy kreuger look for halloween, SALT would be cool to use too]
Glycerin, Olive Oil, or Almond Oil [I'm sure there's more but those are the only ones I've actually tried]
I'm all for experimenting with different oils but DEFINITELY don't use water, it obviously dissolves the shugahhh...

TYPO: " You can YOU salt" *smacks myself in the forehead* MYY BAD ;[

Decided to use equal parts glycerin and sugar. EYEBALL it, keep it as dry or liquid-y as you want, all up to you ;]

RUB RUB RUB!!! Get those dead skin cells off!!!

Wash it off and...

THURR YOU GO! No foundation just fresh exfoliated skin. I lowered the flash so you could get a good look-see at my radiant skin jk jk

So my little munchkin was napping while I was doing the whole "exfoliator thing" and TO MY SUPRISE the little girl ransacked my purse and was doing her make up like her momma! LOL I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. AWW it was so cute ;]

Miss Tina tried it out too. LOL I forced her to =X But she loves it and has better skin because of it. She used salt so you know she tastes like a peanut AHHA

Sephora Inspired: Brush Holder for $8


So I went to my local neighborhood Michael's and decided to pick me up a little something-something that would be great to hold the new brushes I would be getting VERY soon from my monthaversary present from my BOO-BOO. I've seen lately that girls have been using bean bag filler just like at Sephora, which is OKAY! But I wanted to take it in another direction.

I just put a few of my brushes in there so you could see that they hold up! They stand up like little flowers in a pot...except their brushes LOL.

So the bowl was 2.99 and the marbles were 2.30 a bag soo I spent a total of $8.19 including taxarOo.

Can you guys see my super cute baby pink tweezerman's in there. (1.99)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So after much deliberation, Miss Cristina decided she wanted to be a Pin Up Girl for halloween. So this was out first try, testing out the look. Mind you, we used no hairspray or anything, just a good 'ol curling iron and bobbypins. This was just a test run so I know it may not be perfect but HEY atleast we got an idea of what it would look like ;]

Me working on her hehe ;]

Top of her hair...almost done


So whattaya ladies think?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clinique Trio <3

I know I haven't been updating regularly ;[ Been super busy. Some of you may or may not know that I've been taking a Journalism class ;] & I've had this flyer project due, and making a flyer is a lot harder than it seems, especially with her list of what HAS to be on it. Especially doing it on this program called Quark. It's not finished, but there's a screen shot of me still working on it. It's completely fictional LOL. It's just my DREAM flyer, I guess ;[

I can't tell you how many times I mess up my make-up stash and just run out the house. I did this for about a week straight so I decided to clean up!

looks like a tornado hit it!

YAY! It's clean haha. The things I do to put off HOMEWORK lol

Gettin' my education on ;]

I decided to use my clinique trio that the MISTER got me ;]

I've been using my Smashbox Camera Ready foundie lately and it's been awesome! I dilute it with a little moisturizer because it's full coverage but it goes on like a DREAM!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Product Review: VS Lip Stain "Celebutante" & Weekend Recap

So I have a lot of catching up with you guys don't I? I know I haven't been updating lately, it's just because my sleep schedule has been off and what not! Well on Thursday I attempted to do the lip stain review but failed because I fell asleep and on Friday, weekend mode really hit me and made me lazy ;[ & on Saturday I had an engagement party to attend!

So on Thursday, just wore an old shirt vamped up with a nice belt ;]

I encorporated my fall look into this outfit which I thought was pretty nice ;] I can't wait for the coldness to come so I can start wearing cute sweaters and boots ;]

So pictured below is the VS Lip STAIN.

My lips without NADA, no chapstick nothing. GROSS I know. I swear lipgloss and lipstick drains your lips of color!

Lip Stain dried and ready to go!

Lip Stain with some gloss.

Goofy Pictures

The Review: 5/5
What it claims: Stains your lips for up to 8+ hours.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF! So like you saw above, my lips are very pale, so if my lip color comes out I kind of feel blah. I constantly need to re-apply my lipgloss and what not. ANNOYING..But now I don't have to worry about my lips being pale, I can just apply some chapstick every now and again. It really did last all day and I thought it looked pretty natural. Also, there were no funky smells or nasty taste so that was PLUS for me. So definitely check into some lipstains if your tired of re-applying and don't like all day lipsticks that feel like paint on your lips!!

Where's Cristina!

We had to get our yogurt fix hehe. Mines is to the left and hers to right. YUMM!! We just went to Sephora and played around with some stuff. Didn't buy anything ;] hehe I was trying to be good!


Plain jane status. Didn't want to out-do the bride-to-be JK hahah

The Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk

The hasben to be

Me and the bride to be, MIA ( Why am I smiling like it hurts?)

ITS ME AND MISTER BIGGS MONTHAVERSARY today ;] So we still celebrate our monthly anniversaries hehe. Basicly, every month we buy each other a little something-something. It's the best ;] So this month I plan on getting him some exercise stuff he asked for and some video game "yakuza" OH BOYS and their videogames. And I've asked for some brushes hehe. I guess you'll just have to wait n see what kind!