Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Misikko Hana Air Hairydryer & Update!

I received a package from John at misikko.com who sent me this lovely package! It was definitely love at first sight :)

If you've never been to the Misikko Website, you are definitely missing out. They have a wide variety of different hair straighteners/dryers & even the oh so popular CHI. 

 Definitely stuffed with lots of goodies :)
 YES! It's a stuffed monkey toy and it's holding a corioliss straightening comb!
 Some Paul Mitchell goodies

& last but not least the hairdryer with the concentrator & some Hana Shine Shield !

& the results...

ARE FANTASTIC!!! I love my hair <3

BTW, not to toot my horn..but imma toot it anyways! TOOT TOOT! but yea, the cut & color was done by me! I'll be posting a vid soon on how to do your own roots at home and save yourself a costly trip to the salon! 

watch the video to see the review/tutorial!

So where the heck have I been? Well I've been sick, for one. And two, well I've given up shopping for lent. If you don't know what lent is, it is a time for when Christians offer up sacrafice for 40 days to commemorate Jesus' suffering in the desert for 40 days! But unfortunately, it's definitely been a tough journey to not shop, can't say that I've been TOO good at keeping my lent! I will have more videos posted soon :)

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