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Friday, April 29, 2011


 So yesterday, I went to meet a friend for Korean BBQ and as I was leaving I got a text to meet up at a different time -____- annoying much, YES. Blessing in disguise, HELL YES.

WHY, you say?
Because I said so? Just kidding. But seriously, because I ended up killing time waiting for that semi-flake by shopping. I remember my daughter asking about these..twinkle twats? Oh yeah, that's right TWINKLE TOES (the-omg-i-gotta-have-em-shoes-bc-everyone-else-does) that she's been hinting to me about & she's only 6. GEEZ LOUIS, I know, major spoilage sounding but she's really not. She earns everything I give her, from her grades to her attitude, so don't be a judgmental PTA mom up in here tryna judge me OK! I get enough of that at her school lol. I digress, so I wound up at ROSS & found her twinkle twats & mommy a nice pair of spring shoes (see above)! & the best part, they were only $5.... SAY WHAT?

O-N-L-Y F-I-V-E-D-O-L-L-A-R-S!!!!

The infamous twinkle twats that is so impossible to find in her size ;)
& yes, I know it looks like chucks lost a fight to a bedazzler. 

& check out my oh so snazzy purse holder. $1.99 & I ain't lyin! ISN'T IT CUTE. YES I know these things came out a bajillion years ago but I wasn't gonna pay $10-15 for a piece of metal to hold up my purse when I can just steal someone's chair or make my boyfriend hold it ('cause isn't that what they're for? holding purses & buyin' em! JK they're for pissing us of 90% of the time & drawing us back in the other 10%) Anyways, I got the lady bug cause I love 'em and they're supposedly good luck ;) & a girl needs all the luck she can get!
Yesterday was the first day I rocked my MJ bag & let me tell you, IT IS HEAVY AS HAIL. Seriously, my biceps were bulging from holding it so long.

 & to top it off $10 All You Can Eat KBBQ...

Mr. Lee's BBQ House
12300 South Street
Artesia, CA 90701-7040
(562) 809-1339

Hands down thee best all you can eat KBBQ in the long beach/cerritos/norwalk/lakewood area. SERIOUSLY. The marinated chicken & beef is the BOMB. If you haven't been there, get over THERE! You're missing out ;)

Have a great weekend lovelies,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Care For A Drink? (Jewelry Organization & Art)


 Even though I have a large vanity/dresser, I liked to keep the top of it as clutter-free as POSSIBLE. & I find it kind of an eye-sore to see all my jewelry on top of it. That is why I refuse to buy a jewelry tree (I really want a jewelry armoire but it's so expensive!), I just don't want that much stuff on my vanity. So I keep the majority of my jewelry in the drawers but I like to keep of the jewelry I use most often on the dresser as it is easier to access.  & without spending a DIME I came up with this cute way of organizing my most-used jewelry, making it easily accessible & not an eye-sore.

---BTW I'm not a drinker, I just had the bottle from a night long time ago we did sake bombs at my house and since I know there's not gonna be any pop poppin' of any bottles anytime soon, I used that to hold my bracelets and used the martini glass I got for doing the boost challenge at a mall, awhile ago.

& this is a painting I did for my boyfriend for our anniversary ;) Just thought I'd share! It has a Filipino sun, cause we're Filipino! Well, he's actually only half, but still! & there are 5 stars for the 5 years we've been together, the sun is not included as a star. & the moon was a crescent and now FULL = complete. Also, our heads make a heart, kind of, it was what I was going for, sort of a completeness of our hearts ;) YES, I know--SO corny. The heart area was used with all metallic paint so it has a cool effect in person.

& look what woke me up this morning!!!

Is that sweet or is that sweet?


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say "HELLO" To My Little Friend !!


FORGET a lipstick mace! I like this baby better ;) Besides, how far can a lipstick mace get, 2 feet and 1 squirt? In case of an emergency, I AM NOT bout to go diggin' through my purse for no lipstick mace and pray to the mace gods that it squirts far enough to get this dude in the eyes! Better yet, squirts forwards and not accidentally back at me :X Cause lord only knows what clumsy things I do!

This ring is starting to bring out the inner chola in me. I'm ready to whip out the sharpies and piercings, again! JUST KIDDING! But I dare a chick to come mess with me while rockin' my new weapcessory, I feel fly & feisty >=)

I've been lusting over the Alexander Mcqueen Knuckle Connector..FOREVS! But this mama is not gonna spend 500 bones on it, period. It is gorge though...
 But thankfully, I found this one online for only $5! PLUS $6 for shipping so $11 total ;) Not gonna lie, just a tad disappointed it wasn't a full on brass-knuckle type of deal but it's still cute & dangerous enough, nonetheless. Don't underestimate the lethal combo of cute & dangerous.




It's not vanity when it's for a reason other than just "BECAUSE I THINK I LOOK CUTE"
It's a look I did using my new SMASHBOX palette "Ionic Eyes" I bought that palette just because of that fierce blue on it & I love it! Blue is a hard color to work with IMHO cause it's too reminiscent of MIMI!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Are you a bottom? (Review & Haul)

Some girls like it on top, some on bottom....MASCARA THAT IS!! I'm definitely a bottom girl because I wear falsies on top and I definitely love the way full, top & bottom lashes look together. It gives my eyes enough definition for an everyday look without it looking too harsh with eyeliner! Anyways, check out the video to see my latest mascara find! Clinique Bottom Lashes ;)

Anyways, I know just  last week I posted about my new hair but I changed it, AGAIN!

I added in some brown low lights to give my blonde some dimension.

Smashbox Ionic Eyes Palette ($10)

Smashbox Classifeyed Palette ($15)

Benefit Cosmetics Feelin' Cheeky! Minis

From top to bottom: bene tint, high beam, posie tint

Each bottle is .13 oz and great for traveling. I'd have to say posie tint is my favorite because not only is it a check tint but it's a lip tint as well.

I purchased these during Sephora's 15% off for Beauty Insiders event. If you're not a beauty insider you should definitely sign up to be so you can rack up your beauty points, get emails for sales & events & there are other perks of being a beauty insider as well, like....getting to buy products before it's released to the public!

So, I got 15% off and because I went through EBATES I got 4% cash back!
Almost 20% off!
 I don't know about you, but 20% off sounds a lot better than 15% off. Maybe not the biggest difference to you big ballers out there but every little bit counts !



Saturday, April 23, 2011

ALERT! Site Changes

I've decided to totally revamp the site & it's name. The site is still under construction so the links may not work as of yet but I will be changing the site name & url in the upcoming days ;) Hopefully the new site will enable you guys to navigate through the site easier!

Why are you changing the name???

--Great question. I changed it because my orginal site was based solely for make up & since the returning this site has been more on broader topics than just make up. I felt it was only suitable to change the whole theme and feel of the site for to match it's posts. 

But no worries all posts will remain unchanged!

Friday, April 22, 2011


So, you're probably wondering...TRIPLE M?

---yes, because this is PURSE PORN & not real porn ;x I'm gonna reveal, some bare nekkid new bags of mine...MARC, MICHAEL & MIU. get it now? Apparently, unbeknownst to me, ALL these bags are quilted & chained. BUT, nonetheless loves these new spring babies of mine...

My wonderful hubby bought this for me for our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Addicted to bags? me too...
& this addiction is on the expensive side
But there is a way to find affordable luxurious bags!

You can get a % back on purchases made through ebates! & that includes, Saks, Nordies, Bloomingdales & best of all BLUEFLY!!!
When it comes to purchasing purses ANY percent back is a lot of dough!

And other stores that are not on EBATES but you can still find affordable bags..