Thursday, September 11, 2008


Miss Priss is a cupcake shop that is just adorable in every single way. It caught our eye after eating at some hole in the wall chinese joint a couple shops down. That chinese restaurant is pretty good, they have an awesome lunch special, it's like 5 bucks for a buttload of food! Anyways, we went there once and got some MINI cupcakes because we didn't want to commit to a FULL SIZED cup cake, but the mini one was all we needed to be HOOKED FOR LIFE. Gosh these cupcakes are soooo good. We had been feining for one all week since our mini fix, but we seemed to forget our wallets or be too tired to go after school. Anyways, we had time today but I forgot my wallet but my girl is THEE BEST, and covered my ultra delicious finger licking cupcake. WE love the cookies n' cream cup cake (picture below). It's like oreo frosting over moist soft warm chocolate cupcake, with a little oreo on top. Gosh, I think I want another one like, RIGHT NOW! EVIL FATTENING CUPCAKES YOU!

Me & Tina standing with Miss Priss outside of the shop, there were more ridiculous pictures but those will not be shared due to their ridiculousity! (& yes I just made that word up! DON'T JOCK SNITCHES hehe) & I was wearing a sweater dress, I HAD tights on but they ripped ;[ oh well.


I was trying to snort the oreo cookie! That's how bad I wanted it LOL

Look at Tina's SMOKEY EYE-that-she-did-by-herself-in-her-car-in-the-morning-before-school-with-the-help-of-Jessica ;] *applause applause*

Look at how adorable this place is ;] This would be my dream room if I was like 5 again.

The window display.

Anyways, if y'all ever pass by the Long Beach/Lakewood area, or go to LBCC you should definitely stop by this place!!!


omg that place looks so cute and the cupcakes look yummy!

and i love ur kicks, too cute!

I hate you~~(j/k)!!! You got me craving for cupcakes now!! And there's nothing I can do about it because it's night time : ( *sniff sniff

That place looks good. There's also a place by my home with really really delicious cup cakes. I love butter cream frosting on top of red velvet. Chocolate oreos are fabulous too!! Cute sneakers by the way. where did u get them?

Thanks ladies! & I actually got my shoes at Nordstroms! They're coach chucks! & I know I hate myself for giving in to that evil thing! Or maybe I just hate that cupcake!! It's evil with it's evil fattening powers lol I guess it's a love/hate thing!

The cupcake shop is just so adorable! :) I want some cupcake now... hehe~

I had to say that you are very hot/pretty mom !! I couldn't believe that you have a baby :) she is very gorgeous too just like you ! :P

The blue eyeshadows from La Femme were pretty, but I didn't get it because I hardly wear blues. I would think it would look great on you! :)

ANONYMOUS & Alyssa- I know! Those cupcakes are the devil man! grrr..I just can't resist! But thanks for stopping by!!

digital angel- Thanks hun! You are soooooo unbelieveably sweet, you just made my night! ( I was having a crappy day ) ;]

Alyssa- Yeah I hardly wear blue either but I already had a lot of everything so I figured I'd try it out. AAHH I'm sad I gotta go run back and go get the pink ones you got ;[

This is what I did... hehe~

NYX jumbo pencil in Strawberry Milk (light pink base)
La Femme Sparkle Dust in #2 (foiled using homemade mixing medium)
La Femme Sparkle Dust in #30 (dry)

and you know the rest like highlighter, eyeliner, and mascara. I didn't have problems wetting the Sparkle Dust which I did with Jesse's Girl. I didn't notice any difficulties. :/

I'm sooo going to make cupcakes tonight...

please do & send some to me pleeeaase ;)

That place is adorable! I soo want a cupcake now haha. Those coach chucks are sooo fly!

that place looks soo adorable and veryy delicious!! you're very pretty as well =) like your natural makeup!

Neeyuh- Thanks hun! I love them cupcakes and my chucks!! As a matter of fact, I think I want a cupcake now ;[

Jesmakeup-I know right!! It's the best! & Thank you so much you are too sweet ;]