Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sephora Inspired: Brush Holder for $8


So I went to my local neighborhood Michael's and decided to pick me up a little something-something that would be great to hold the new brushes I would be getting VERY soon from my monthaversary present from my BOO-BOO. I've seen lately that girls have been using bean bag filler just like at Sephora, which is OKAY! But I wanted to take it in another direction.

I just put a few of my brushes in there so you could see that they hold up! They stand up like little flowers in a pot...except their brushes LOL.

So the bowl was 2.99 and the marbles were 2.30 a bag soo I spent a total of $8.19 including taxarOo.

Can you guys see my super cute baby pink tweezerman's in there. (1.99)


Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

Great idea with the marbles! They're so much prettier than rice, beans, etc. I like the pin up loook! Esp the eyeliner! You could try super bold lips! That would add up the sass.

I really love all your looks! You wear color so well. And your hair is just gorgeous!

Omg he lived near carson mall? My ex lives around there. They call it the DA..and yea it is ghetto!! It looks kinda better now though and i looove the cerritos area. I always force my bf to go to guppys for milk tea and I get my hair done at cerritos mall, go to nordies there, and of course Sephora. I go to csulb part time so im in your area alot. What a small world :]..we should totally one day do some makeup damage! ;]

wonderful way of setting up your brushes - i just use an old mug, lol!

noice brush holder. ;) heh.

i actually do agree with you. the older hondas do have nicer bodies than the newer ones. and you took the words to describe the new hondas right out of my mouth... "space ships". hahaha! :P

lol my brushes need more than a jar and marbles they need deliverance lol. mostly just a dab of shampoo though lol

I was going to get that vase instead of the one I got, but all of them were chipped on the top. :( So I decided to get the one I got. Yours look hot, but I think mine does too... hehe~ :P

At least I make you stop by Rite-Aid than Sephora, Ulta, or even MAC store... hehe~ :D

Lol~ Wouldn't it be cool if I got all these MAC products at Rite-Aid!?!? :) I'll try my best to lie to you but I'm the most honest person you will ever meet. I can't lie with my face at all... hehe~ :P For you, I will try. ;)

Lol~ I wish there was a blogger IM, but unfortunately there isn't. Maybe you should create one and who knows you might be rich for thinking of it!... hehe~ :)

You like Smashbox! I believe their warehouse sale is coming up soon. They had it in end of October last year. I'm sure you didn't want to hear that... hehe~ :X

That is a vry nice brush holder. The marbles are a great idea.