Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Looks: Bold to Gold & Product Review

(My half eaten frozen heaven from Yogurt Land)
So after class today I stopped by Yogurt Land.. YUMM!! If you haven't had it yet, YOU are missing out !! I went crazy with the toppings and even though it sounds yucky to mix all these things together it turned out YUMMY ;] I put mochi, graham cracker crumbs, oreo crumbs, peanuts, granola, cheese cake bits, raspberries, and strawberries!

So in my last haul post, I bought this. It's a VS Brilliant Lip Shine in "Rock Me." It's a glittery coral which I thought would go great with the upcomming fall season! I was looking at the fall trends and tried to emmulate some of them! So here we go!


Bold with the lips, and kind of a orangey coral sheen eyeshadow. I used bronzer but it didn't really show up on the picture. I was going for a gold kind of glow.


This look is basicly the same eyeshadow just different lip color. Like I said, I was going for a gold glow but the bronzer didn't really show in the pictures but it did in real life ;] SO use your imagination. I didn't use anything under the lipgloss so you could see how it really looked like on it's own.

The Review:
The lipgloss is a new addition to the Very Sexy Line, it definitely wasn't there when I was working there and it's pretty awesome ;] It looks great, doesn't smell funky and the glitters don't really bother me. It doesn't feel like I have a whole bunch of crumbs on my lipgloss =x It did the job for me and I think it looks great. Usually I have to wear a lipstick under my lipgloss to get the desired look but this definitely came out the way I expected it to without lipstick ;]

Tomorrow I'll be doing a review on the lip stain to see if it really doesn last all day and what not ;] So I hope you ladies enjoyed what you saw and I can't wait to see what other fall looks you ladies had in mind ;]

What I used

Monistate Chafing Relief Gel
SmashBox Camera Ready FC Foundie in "Light"
Silk Naturals in "Buttery Gold"
Clinique's Concealor in "Medium"
Mac Fix +

I mixed a whole bunch of stuff from my Ulta palette & I can't give you names bc well, there aren't ANY! Sorry!
Clinique's High Definition Lash Mascara in "Brown"
VS Gel Liner in "Black"

BOLD: NYC l/s in "Sheer Red"
GOLD: VS Brilliant Lip Shimmer in "Rock Me"


mmm that looks great.

u look like a snow princess =) if we were roomies I'd be so happy because u have the loveliest makeup ever. lol u might start locking your door & putting a big sign out

you have well groomed eyebrows, how do you take care if them?

I'm loving the neutral on you! Gorgeous! :)

haha. i eat yogurt like everyday since i work at a yogurt shop. my favorite combo is original tart yogurt with mochi pieces & strawberries. :) mMm. we have 10 yogurt flavors at my work: mango, coconut, original tart, strawberry, mocha, cookies & cream, taro, honeydew, vanilla, & chocolate. :P and tons of toppings too... were you the person that mentioned yogurtland on my blog? haha. well if you are, the place i work at isn't yogurtland. :P i work at a family owned shop so we don't have any sister/chain stores. :P

love the look, as always! gorgeous girl! :D

Bombchell- HAHA Thanks girl! & I'd let you dig in my stash if we were roomies cause I'd have to steal away a couple of your fits xP

Anonymous- I have a post about grooming eyebrows, it's on a tutorial tag & if that's not informative enough for you please email me and I'll try to help you out.

Alyssa- Thanks girl!

Christiana Divine- You must be loving eating all that yogurt..or maybe your sick of it already but gosh it's sooo good! & you got your flavors down! LOL I go for the artic vanilla and just go crazy with the toppings haha! MMM I think you made me just wanna go get some more! But Thanks girl hehe ;]


i love chicks that can pull red lips off...i think your gorgeous and you have a beautiful daughter too match!...

i need my fix in yogurt...we have NOTHING like that in boston....i have to go to NYC to get my pinkberry...cant wait to move to LA...

Love the look! It looks great on you.

xppinkxx- Thankks girl, you're gorgeous YOURSELF xP & you're moving to LA! Well there's pinkberrry or yogurtland everywhere here so you'll definitely be able to get your yogurt fix lol. You'll probably even get sick of it!

Gio- Heyyy! Thanks for being so sweet and stopping by!!

hey jessica its abby from taft! small world.. i was browsing abb and ran across your site.. small small world! anyway love your makeup! supppper cute

HEY ABBY! It is a small world! How have you been? Are you on ABB too or just browsing? But yea thanks girl ;] You have myspace???

bold to gold = hot! you look great :)

Gorgeous! I love both the looks especially the gold. MMM that yogurt looks sooo good, imma have to get me some now. lol.

hahhaa take away my fatty cheeks and wide hips, please!!!:)

You live in Cali? I didn't know that... lol~ What part?

It is up to you if you want the EcoTOOLS brushes or not. I'm such a fan of those brushes. From your comment, it seems like it's a sign... lol~ :X

You need to update. ;)


miemiemie- FATTY CHEEKS MY ASS! LOL I think that came out wrong. HAHA you know what I'm tryna say. Girl you look gorgeous the way you are! & SHOOT I need some hips so pass them this way ;]

Alyssa- YES I'm from cali. I'm around the lakewood/cerritos/long beach area. I'm on the border of all of those. Are you in cali???& I haven't tried ecoTOOLs yet but I've been wanting to try ;] I think you just enabled me to haha

Awww you look like an eskimo (a very pretty eskimo) in that pic with the hoody. That's a really nice e/s color combo. U got skills. Did you enter anne's contest? You should because this look screams autumn!! And I bet you will win!!

i love both lip colours on u! i so wanna know how the stain works out. hope to see a review of that! i love your doll-like look so much!

aprecia- lol thanks girl ;] but I won't be joining that contest haha. You should definitely do it though ;]

cheryl- I'll definitely be posting a review on it very soon! Thanks!

thank you dear,i'm happy to be hooooome :)