Monday, September 1, 2008

BEACH pictures!!!

So my 3 day weekend was okay ;] I know that I said that I would post my haul but that will be another entry. So yesterday I went to the beach and it was fun except for traffic, and LAGG, and NO SUN! But other than that it was really fun. Serenity did not want to go in the water and I was freezing my butt off, so I basicly wore my dress the whole time and only took it off for pictures! Some of the pictures came out dark or blurry, like I said there was no sun at all. I hope you guys enjoyed your 3 day weekend and got some haul-age in from the sales!

Me, still at home getting ready!

Cute candid waiting for the rest of 'em to show up!

Setting up the tarp

Serenity amazed by sand lol

Group picture! Didn't even know half of them till that day!

It was gloomy and the water was kinda cold ;[

It was humid and windy! Couldn't get a good picture without our hair all over the place.
I don't know what we were doing but my hair looks nice ;]

Can you say," DOUBLE D's"

"The sun's comming out! Hurry up and take a picture!!"

Such a dramatic picture, reminds me of "The Hills" for some reason HAHA. The ethnicly diverse version!

I think I look fat here..sigh.

Tanning..without the sun LOL.



Aww your daughter looks just like you! Lovely trim you gave her. Is she full filipina if you dont mind me asking?

Hi! Thanks ;] & my daughter is not full filipina, she's half vietnamese! But I always forget that she is, I only think of her as mines, so in my eyes she's full filipina! haha

wow the first 2 pics are gorgeous. u look like a barbie doll in the 1st one. & u're daughter always looks cute.

love the picture with your friend in the air! i want her bathing suit! it's cute.

ps: omg you have a great bod

Hey bombchell ;] Omg you are too sweet! & yea her bathing suit is hott! She got it at walmart so it was for a phenomenal price!! Thanks for stopping by girl!!

what!! omg yeah right. & I thought walmart was only for groceries, getting hair & nails done. I will definitely be looking at their swimwear next time!! TNX!!!

im also glad i stopped by =)

you're daughter is adorable she looks soo much like u! shes viet n fillipina?? thats cool some viets/fillipinos look alike tho! heheh shes gorgous!!