Friday, September 26, 2008

Avril Lavigne Inspired:PUNK PINK

Besides my love of cheese (what a nerd) I love BACON, excuse me while I salivate and try to gain composure. So when I saw this at the grocery store, you know I had to pick me up some of them bacon chips! They also had chicken drumstick chips..which taste like straight up chicken skin. I loooove chicken skin, I just don't like that oily glob mess you feel in your mouth @.@ Anyways back to my bacon, these taste like bacon! In an airy crispy kind of way. Bacon on-the-go I think my dreams just came true ;]

Anyways, Avril Lavigne's make up is pretty punk and her buttload of eyeliner is definitely a lil gothy looking. But I wanted to try it out, with a little more girly-ness in it and less goth. It turned out okay but I still wouldn't walk out the door with it ;[

Sorry my eyebrows need to be tamed ;[

My babygirl ;]

I look washed out here and what's with my arm? It's suuuuper dark. haha oh well.

I will be updating what I used later on, but for now I must go ;]


this color goes wit u a lot... u look really good in pink =) ur daughter is soOooo adorable wuts her name? btw... we got the same name!! =)

I do love bacon chips !! I used to eat them all the time when I was in Korea. and, chicken snack that you are talking about, that's one of my favorites :D but it's twice expensive in here =/

Jesmakeup- I just love how common our names are =x LOL I don't have a problem with my name, I just remember bein in class and they'd call the name Jessica for roll and like 10 girls would hold up their hand haha. & like HOW many times has somebody called out the name Jessica and you turn around to find out it wasn't you xP BAHH!! But thanks girl ;]

Digital Angel- Asian Snacks are defnitely overpriced because it's supposedly "imported" when it's really manufactured in like, SAN francisco or something HAHA. It's retarded. But I swear asian's come up with the wierdest but best snacks ;] I'm suprised their not more popular here in the US.

Pretty look! Gah I wish I could wear bright colors like you! I have a small fold -_-

You remind me to hurry up and have a kid. I want to be young (relatively) when my kid grows up. And menopause runs early in my family hahhaa.

Thank you for the bday wish! Yeah, I'm grateful for the opportunities but at the same time i just wish I had offers for a more suitable or appealing job. The teller job is a great opportunity which I am thankful for. I just can't help but feel like my education or my student loans were a waste. My qualifications definitely helped me nail the job, but starting pay is SOOO low. I was making more than that in Seattle at a daycare! Oh well, it's a great company and lots of room for growth. Haha, sorry about the long rant =P

School's tough. My last year's schedule was jammed packed. I didn't figure out my major/minor until the last year! I finished 70 credits (each class is 5) in 1 year to graduate on time! Good luck! How much longer do you have?

Nooo not the club!! Actually i had a lunch date with my girls and then afterwards i had class at night but i didn't like the purple look cuz i felt it got effed up cuz my eyes kept watering so i took it off and redid it and its weird cuz the colors i used weren't even green!

But i know what you mean about yogurt! It makes me feel soooo healthy! And nothing is more expensive then them sprinkles cupcakes!! But yea i do have a email is ME!!

I'm so going to check out Miss Priss asap..and i loooove your makeup look! It looks soo good and vibrant. But we have to plan a session soon! It's soo funny cuz one of my closest girlfriends I met through xanga..a really long time ago (9th grade) and she has a kid too..but he's a boy..weird huh? Sorry my comment is super long like always!

Hahah I know, I'm not rushing. I just want a kid before I'm 30. I worked with kids for 2 years so it's definitely something I miss. Gotta find the right man first ;)

I had to Google Poulsbo, WA =P. But I got, I got it haha. You were quite close to Seattle. Yeah, I agree that Seattle is quite different from other cities. I'm from Portland, OR which is similiar but not nearly as quick paced or large. Seattle does remind me of the bay area! I use to travel there monthly to see my bf at the time. I use to live around University District while I went to UW.

Yeah, I realize I should just take what I should get with the current situation. I think I'm going to go with the Teller position. I can definitely make a lot more as a broker, but I'm not sure if it's suitable, especially straight out of college.

Hrrmm it's really good that you're exploring different fields to see what interests you. It took me 3 years to figure out my major and to this day I have no idea what I want to do. My dream would be a hedge fund manager.

Just remember that even if you don't do really well in a course, it doesn't mean that you're not cut out for it. You don't want to major in something that is a cinch for you either. You have a natural ability in some subjects and not in others. English courses were easy As for me but I wasn't passionate about it. My degree is in Economics, and I didn't always get As but I loved the courses and I loved the challenge.

Good luck, don't worry! You'll figure it out!

hahahhahha OMG you made me laugh so hard! People always jokingly name things after me, or claim that I'll name things after myself. How on earth do you know me so well o.O hahah jk. Hahaha yeah dream career, dream man, dream babieSSSS before menopause is my goal. =D

AW, I use the term 'loser' as a term of endearment. I call my ex a loser to this day! Hahaha, it's my way of saying "you're silly".

I lived in Seattle for 4 years but I honestly don't know many places in and around the area besides Renton, Lynnwood, Bellevue, etc.

Wow, come to think of it the job is similiar to The Pursuit of Happiness..from what I remember. I'd sit on the phone all day, almost like a stupid telemarketer.

Aw I'm sorry! Some teachers are just hard to please. Don't think too much into it. Some just grade really hard. Just look at it as if she just simply expects more from you because you're already brilliant =)

ooh such lovely eyes!:) as always! yes..shedding is disturbing..grr

Oh I see Korean writing on the Bacon Chips... hehe~ It's funny because it's Korean, and I have never tasted it. :X

You're daughter is so cute! :)

You look like you're wearing lingerie... woo hoo sexy!~!~ ;)

Lol~ Don't forget I'm also 106 years old! ;) I look pretty good for a 106 huh!?!? Lol~

I want to try Bacon Chips, but I don't think I have ever seen one at the Korean market by my house. :/

Lol~ I think I got the better deal with the Bacon Chips than the soup. At least, I know the chips wouldn't spill... lol~

gosh i can't help noticing so many colours work on u! this punky pink one def is one of them...

hahaha OMG tell me about it! its toooooooooooooooooooooooo common!

lol ok dont hate me if i say this, but u look like a pretty barbie. hmm well it would probably work without a doubt with black clothes. but the makeup is Avril.

LOL i love cheese!! cream cheese, american cheese. Bacon too, but i feel guilty. ha ha Im not with you on chicken skin.

your daughter is so cute. lol all my pictures of my baby cousins kissing me: ti bullied then into it ^__^

yes 5.16am, shitty club i went to =/

I love it, you look gorgeous!

Bombchell- LOL CHEEESE yumm, God I could a whole tub of cream cheese ;] I really like cream cheese and cheetos xP But I can't believe you don't like chicken skin? SO whattaya do peel it off your chicken? LOL

5:16 am and you was at a shitty club? -.- WHAT time do the clubs close! LOL GIRL tell me how you do it cause the ONLY time I went clubbin I was home by 3 and DEAD. And the next morning when I got up out of my bed I fell straight on the floor ;[ My legs gave out on me HAHA. Also, I showed my friend the video on your page and we have vowed to get our ass and thighs in shape so we can have stamina to shake it like that and MOVE one butt cheek at a time =x before my birthday in november haha.

Gio- thanks hun!

What? You can totally wear that out! It looks really good on you. Aaw.. your daughter is such a cutie! How old is she?

Chi- Thanks Chi, but yea..definitely wouldn't wear it out! HAHA even though I post a lot of colorful looks, I never leave the house with it ;[ & my daughter is 3! They get old so fast ;[

Aww thanks girl! Your too sweet! Your gorgeous yourself! I totally messed up my ABB account! haha... I'm going to have to figure it out later.

lol most clubs close around 2. but this african club i went to stays open till 5, 6am. but liquor stops at normal time 1 or 2.

ha ha @ the dancing. Girl i took a strip class @ my gym Wednesday, and i still hurt, I really need to get in shape! ha ha

I know, hopefully the economy will hit rock bottom and start getting better soon.

Thank you, I like to think mine isn't that big. Like you, I cut down on foundation, concealers, and mascaras because when I find the best one, I tend to not use others. I do have lots of lip colors and eyeshadows but they just come in sooooo many colors!! =)

Thanks, eggs benedicts are one of my favorite things to eat. And it's super fun to make!

You're little girl is so cute!! And what are you talking about, you're brows don't need to be tamed, they look SOO GOOD! *drools* Where did you get the bacon chips? I love bacon but the actual stuff is so bad for me. :(