Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clinique Trio <3

I know I haven't been updating regularly ;[ Been super busy. Some of you may or may not know that I've been taking a Journalism class ;] & I've had this flyer project due, and making a flyer is a lot harder than it seems, especially with her list of what HAS to be on it. Especially doing it on this program called Quark. It's not finished, but there's a screen shot of me still working on it. It's completely fictional LOL. It's just my DREAM flyer, I guess ;[

I can't tell you how many times I mess up my make-up stash and just run out the house. I did this for about a week straight so I decided to clean up!

looks like a tornado hit it!

YAY! It's clean haha. The things I do to put off HOMEWORK lol

Gettin' my education on ;]

I decided to use my clinique trio that the MISTER got me ;]

I've been using my Smashbox Camera Ready foundie lately and it's been awesome! I dilute it with a little moisturizer because it's full coverage but it goes on like a DREAM!!


You look good with pink eyeshadows! :) I'm loving your eyelashes. By the way, you bring the chair inside the bathroom to do your makeup?... hehe~

that trio looks really nice w/ the right amount of sparkle to it, ur so pretty as usual :P

Aww, you look so cute for school, like a baby doll! Girl you have no idea what "messy" is until you see MY bathroom!! Dang! LOL! I love that FOTD too!

Alyssa- My chair is permanently in the bathroom for many many reasons, 1. so I can lay my head on the counter in the morning, 2. so I can spin around. LOL 3. So I can slide myself back and forth across the bathroom 4. because I'm lazy to stand.

Jennifer L- Thanks hun ;] You're always super sweeet haha

Iamgrape1119- Thanks sweets.

absoluttely gorgous!! u made the colors look good =) and nice outfit for skoo!! hot boots tooO! u have ur own bathroom? how lucky is that.. messy messy haha i wonder how ur hubby feels about all that mess haha

That trio is so pretty. I love the look you did with it.

gasp!! Awesome skills! Pink looks heavenly on ya. School is so tiring. Good luck with ur flyer.

pink eye shadows really compliment your tanned skintone, great choice!