Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homemade Sugah MAMA

WARNING: I look very disturbing in the following pictures. If you DIE from my ugliness, don't say I didn't warn YA! This just goes to show how UN-VAIN I am =x SIIIKE! jk.

Time to raid the cupboards and make some exfoliator! Making a sugar exfoliator is super easy and good way to glam up the skin in no time ;]

What you'll need:

Sugar [small granules, not those big magarita ones, unless you wanna rip up your face bc you're going for the freddy kreuger look for halloween, SALT would be cool to use too]
Glycerin, Olive Oil, or Almond Oil [I'm sure there's more but those are the only ones I've actually tried]
I'm all for experimenting with different oils but DEFINITELY don't use water, it obviously dissolves the shugahhh...

TYPO: " You can YOU salt" *smacks myself in the forehead* MYY BAD ;[

Decided to use equal parts glycerin and sugar. EYEBALL it, keep it as dry or liquid-y as you want, all up to you ;]

RUB RUB RUB!!! Get those dead skin cells off!!!

Wash it off and...

THURR YOU GO! No foundation just fresh exfoliated skin. I lowered the flash so you could get a good look-see at my radiant skin jk jk

So my little munchkin was napping while I was doing the whole "exfoliator thing" and TO MY SUPRISE the little girl ransacked my purse and was doing her make up like her momma! LOL I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. AWW it was so cute ;]

Miss Tina tried it out too. LOL I forced her to =X But she loves it and has better skin because of it. She used salt so you know she tastes like a peanut AHHA


hey girl!..oh my gosh your BABYGIRL is sooo freakin cute!!.. but anyways i usually use st. ives to you think the sugar mask is comparable? Well St. Ives is actually pretty cheap and the smell wakes me up in the morning..and about shopping i definitely would looooove loove to! You're like the queen of bargain shopping and I use to bargain hunt before. Well i'd go to like ross and stuff but then i don't know! I've gotten so picky with clothes! So usually i just get things at like Forever or H&M. Fridays i'm usually free so let me know whenever you're down! :] OHH and lastly where's the Miss Priss place?? I wanna drag my bf. Usually i drag him to Newport for Sprinkles, there's just something in those red velvets. There's like crack or something in them!..He even bought me the mix on my bday..haha

ok i really need to do this since i don't a have any exfoliating wash. how cute is your little mini me?!?!?!?!

Hun, where's the disturbing pictures??? lol Ur skin is glowing. I use that to scrub my face to but I like to add some honey to it. Sometimes i use aspirin to fight off pimples.

your daughter's an angel!
love your scrub, truth is u dun have to buy expensive scrubs at all! salt works like magic.

yummy411- CUTE but stressful HAHA my little girl has spilled so many piggies of mine ;[ Like BOMBS went off in the bathroom. SO SAD haha

aprecia- LOL ME and honey are not friends at all ;[ & aspirin..dries out my face for some reason..

cheryl- Exactly! If it works it works. It's not like your carry your scrub brand tag on your face LOL

My body scrub (Booth's) is Ginger Sugar and I love it!

Your skin looks really radiant and healthy!

Your daughter is gorgeous. Look at her eyelashes! I love kid hair!

sugar's a great exfoliant! it's amazing how good it is.

your babygirl is as gorgeous as you =)

hmmm I'll leave the experiments to those with good skin =/

I cant even put regular face scrub allover my face. just certain parts like my chin etc or i'll break out.

please tell me in the last picture u have on eyeshadow, mascara or glued lashes & photoshopped skin!!! lol lucky u

love the scrub, your skin is glowing.

awww your daughter is so cute!

Bomchell- REALLY? No way. Your skin look FAB!!! Yes YES YES! I have lashes and eyeshadow on, but no photoshopped skin ;[ SORRY haha. & btw, you have great hair!


=) (sigh) i'l take that, good enough for me.

lol girl do not be deceived, that how makeup & I became best friends. i have good days & bad days, but at least so far I havent ben on medication this yr =)

your daughter is adorable, you should let her do an fotd sometime lol