Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Red is definitely NOT a lip color I'd rock on a regular basis. It's very vibrant, very scary. But I'm always up for trying new things.

Anyways, I swiped on some red and instantly felt like Sabrina, from the movie "Sabrina" LOL, the one with Audrey Hepburn and also the 1995 remake with Harrison Ford.

Ok definitely didn't like this picture but I liked the way the red lips looked paired with them earrings!

The "MODERN" (& asian) SABRINA LOL

Anyways, I just wanted to experiment with the color red and it didn't look bad but it's a little dramatic for everyday unless your one of those " easy, breazy, beautiful covergirls" that rock it so well on the commercials hehe.

Besides the red lip experiment, I wanted to discuss a topic that somewhat puzzles me. Why is it that filipino's want to be so light skinned? Why is it that all their actors are either half or whiter than Michael Jackson! What's wrong with being tanned? They want to be "light" like white people but don't white people want to be tanned, so isn't that ironic? I'm no albino myself, but I have no problem being the olive toned filipina that I am. I mean I obviously don't want to be SUPER dark or SUPER light, anything in the extremes is not a good thing. But do you think the way you judge yourself is based on cultural influence, or is it from what you see on tv? Like asian cultures expect you to be skinny cause if you aint no 90 lbs, you are kind of fat. That would be extreme to other people outside of that culture but that's what you grow up hearing. & other cultures like hispanics or blacks like thicker girls! I was watching the Tyra Banks show and this black girl was there and she was pretty petite and said that she only dated whites or hispanics because black guys would tell her she was too skinny and to eat something. So is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder? Or is what we see as beautiful influenced by our culture with a mixture of what we see in the magazines. Well despite all that, I just say you should be proud to be whatever color you are, and whatever body type you are. I've been SUPER skinny since I was young and it was really damaging. I think being skinny is just as bad as being fat. So now, even though I'm at a good healthy weight of 120lbs, I still feel CRACK skinny. I constantly feel like I need to gain weight or else people are just going to look at me like I'm Nicole Richie. So when people tell me I'm skinny, I CRINGE. I hate that word skinny ;[


You are rocking the red lippie. It reminds me of old glamourous hollywood. You look latina in the pic with the earrings. I dont have a preference for either skin tone as long as it's pimple free and even toned. I dont think asians lighten their skin color to look white but I know back then they do it because of class. Richer upper class from asia are generally pale because they dont work in the fields. Tan comes from being out int th sun working hard. I dont know if that sill apply today.

Thanks anonymous!

& Aprecia- Thanks girl! Hispanic huh! YA I thought the red looked kind of old school CHOLA status xP Kind of reminded me of selina too. I tried to rock the old hollywood glamour look but I don't think I have the face for it. I think it would still make me look hispanic. & I know about the whole tanned thing but still, I think people should be proud of their natural color.

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wow-- that's deep what the black girl had to say on tyra. i wish society would let us be comfortable with ourselves. it seems as though initially we are until we realize there's this big world out there that may not like you as you are ... very sad.

I haven't been on in a minute and you do gazillion updates!! So hard to keep up with you girl! I need to run out in a bit so I thought I'd drop in and say hey, and all our pics look GORGEOUS. And ignore the people who comment on weights. Who are they to tell you what you need to do! You lok perfect the way you are;)

Stay fabulous and I'll be back soon to read ALL your awesome entries :)

Hey Donna ;] AWW GIRL! You were all MIA, I was wondering what happened to you but I figured you were too busy to update! Anyways, you're right about weight, WHO CARES! People really need to stop focusing on it, but I guess you can't help it sometimes! I hope you update soon!!