Sunday, September 14, 2008

I think I'm turning JAPANESE [look:raggedy anne]

So I got a letter a couple months ago stating the Job Preview I had with Victoria's Secret was being taken to court because a couple of girls decided to sue and say they should've been paid for it. A job preview was the substitute of a formal interview, where as insteading of having a face to face interview they would put you on the floor and see how you interact with customers and if you can actually sell something. So I got a giftcard from them yesterday for 67.50! HECK YA! I have so many bra's and what not to last me forever so I'll prolly end up getting some clothes from PINK and some MAKE UP ;] So a haul entry will be up SOOOON!

On to the look. I was inspired by Raggedy Anne. I was thinking about possible halloween costumes, this being one of them!

How I achieved the look:

-I took a light e/s [I used my Clinique Strawberry Trio] and put it all over and below my eyes to brighten up the look.

-Then I took some gel liner and swiped a line below my eye and above my crease.

-Using individual lashes, I placed them on the line below my eye.

-Put a bright fuschia blush to exaggerate the cheek area

- Bright lipstick

- Slap on a babydoll shirt/dress and some pigtails!

The make up application wasn't that good because I was just playing around!


It really does look like Raggedy Anne! Pretty impressive I might say. :)

Thas pretty creative with the individual lashes!

i love it so much!!! especially because im gonna try my hardest to be a fafinette next month!

BOMBCHELL- Oh wow! That's a good one..didn't think of it!! How are you planning on pull it off? I wish I thought of it first LOL xP

thats a cute raggedy anne look! you're soooo gorgous! i added u to my blog list =P

Jesmakeup- Hey giirl! THANKS a bunch doll, I've added you as well!

we could both be fafinettes lol.

basically just change your blush to a heart shape & ur in.

now im hating on your makeup skills!!! dang i have to find a way to step up my game lol

Wow, very creative. You are really talented!