Sunday, September 21, 2008

Product Review: VS Lip Stain "Celebutante" & Weekend Recap

So I have a lot of catching up with you guys don't I? I know I haven't been updating lately, it's just because my sleep schedule has been off and what not! Well on Thursday I attempted to do the lip stain review but failed because I fell asleep and on Friday, weekend mode really hit me and made me lazy ;[ & on Saturday I had an engagement party to attend!

So on Thursday, just wore an old shirt vamped up with a nice belt ;]

I encorporated my fall look into this outfit which I thought was pretty nice ;] I can't wait for the coldness to come so I can start wearing cute sweaters and boots ;]

So pictured below is the VS Lip STAIN.

My lips without NADA, no chapstick nothing. GROSS I know. I swear lipgloss and lipstick drains your lips of color!

Lip Stain dried and ready to go!

Lip Stain with some gloss.

Goofy Pictures

The Review: 5/5
What it claims: Stains your lips for up to 8+ hours.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF! So like you saw above, my lips are very pale, so if my lip color comes out I kind of feel blah. I constantly need to re-apply my lipgloss and what not. ANNOYING..But now I don't have to worry about my lips being pale, I can just apply some chapstick every now and again. It really did last all day and I thought it looked pretty natural. Also, there were no funky smells or nasty taste so that was PLUS for me. So definitely check into some lipstains if your tired of re-applying and don't like all day lipsticks that feel like paint on your lips!!

Where's Cristina!

We had to get our yogurt fix hehe. Mines is to the left and hers to right. YUMM!! We just went to Sephora and played around with some stuff. Didn't buy anything ;] hehe I was trying to be good!


Plain jane status. Didn't want to out-do the bride-to-be JK hahah

The Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk

The hasben to be

Me and the bride to be, MIA ( Why am I smiling like it hurts?)

ITS ME AND MISTER BIGGS MONTHAVERSARY today ;] So we still celebrate our monthly anniversaries hehe. Basicly, every month we buy each other a little something-something. It's the best ;] So this month I plan on getting him some exercise stuff he asked for and some video game "yakuza" OH BOYS and their videogames. And I've asked for some brushes hehe. I guess you'll just have to wait n see what kind!


you look so pretty Jessica, that belt is hot

how do u get your hair perfectly tousled, do u curl the ends. it looks so nice everytime

damn ! u look good in royalblue! one of my favorite all time color to wear! =) so that VS lipstain .. wut color is that? i want it!! i have dark lips arghh i hate it.. do u use a lip base or anything?

Your natural lips look like it's already stained with color... hehe~ I think you look fine with your natural color. :)

I'm craving for yogurt now! :P

Hey Jessica,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you so much for that lovely comment!

I linked you to my blog, hope you don't mind!

@ monthaversary awwww how cute.

gosh now i remember your last yogurt picture!!! im gonna try a yogurt place today cuz of you lol

mmmhhh. those yogurts look pretty good.

Pale lips are a good asset. At least you can save yourself time from concealing and most lip color would automatically "pop" w/o using concealer. The lipstain looks good on ya. Im currently using my vs lip gloss- the minty one.

you're too gorgeous hun .
and i love your outfits always, where do you shop?

Jennifer L- Thanks hun! & the most I do to my hair is blow dry it ;[ I lost my curling iron. So the a product of BED HEAD and the laziness to not straighten it.

Jesmakeup- I never liked blue till recently. I think cause I have dark hair now so it brings it out ;] The lipstain is in "celebutante" and my lips are pale and dead ;[

Alyssa- NO WAY! My lips are paler than Michael Jackson's face! HAHA ok that was way off. But yea ;[ I eithe have really red lips cause I licked them too much and got them chapped or theyre white as a ghost ;[ IM CURRRSED!

CHI- Aww thanks for stopping by ;] I added to you cause you know I can't get enough of your sexy eotds!

Bombchell- YEA monthaversaries ;] CORNY huh. LOL I'm a yogurt pusher HAHA.

Joanne- looks AND tastes good haha.

Aprecia- pale lips are a curse. The never ending curse of constant lipgloss and lipstick. It's so sad really! The minty VS lipgloss? What's that! The lip plumper?

ladyish- Thanks so much dear ;] I'm a bargain hunter so I hit the clearance racks at f21, charlotte russe,kohls. You'd be suprised what kind of cute stuff you can buy for super cheap!

hahaha its definitely just a dream and i am searching for something..but i guess not necessarily something else..maybe?

hi dear, the idea of a monthaversary is fun! lol
congrats on your friend's engagement!
that lip stain looks so very good on u...i wish i can find one that i like!

i need to go drop by the states sometime, i find all the cheap stuff too but my friends keep telling me that deals are so much better in the states. Canada sucks when it comes to shopping lol

I think your lips look nice ever without anything. Youre very pretty!

your makeup looks amazing!! can you teach me how to put on makeup like you have on in the pics with the VS lip stain. Your eyes look amazing!!

you look beautiful! and I agree with Katrina, how do you do your make up so nice !!

oh hi i came across this lovely blog and i like ur make up but i will like to know in what place or website can i buy the lip stain celebutante... just the same one u have on that pic i really like the color u used bcuz my lips are the same color as urs :) will be happy to know where can i get it ty