Friday, September 5, 2008

new haircut

First off, I'd like to say that I know my previous post I said that this would be picture heavy but I had been really sick lately and barely started getting better so I guess my lack of brain cells induced me to get temporary alzheimer's and leave my camera at home during my salon adventure. I was devastated when I found out I left it at home. So I'll try to make up for the pictures by just elaborating on my day ;] ( I know you ladies rather see pictures than read! BOO HOO TOO BAD!)

We went really early in the morning and picked up the rest of the girls, there was 5 of us total. WHOO! & so there was traffic going to Santa Monica, boo ;p Luckily, we got there with all our limbs intact because of this certain crazy driver! So I basicly prepared what hairstyle I wanted, I had pictures and everything! I wanted like a Japanese haircut with short layers on top and keeping the length of my hair so I could maintain my volume. For some reason my request is always difficult to achieve. & I've been extremely traumatized from one of my last haircuts where I ended up looking like ROD STEWART ON CRACK WITH A TAIL. It was horrible. All those shampoo commercials taunting me with the model's lengthy hair slowly fluttery to the wind effects. The guy I got was extremely nice ;] The haircut took forever 2 HOURS. unbelieveable. The reason being that he really took his time, seperated my hair and made sure all his seperations blended nicely. Vidal Sasoon apparently has their own "advanced" way of cutting hair, which to me meant, scare the crap out of me by bluntly cutting my hair and then blowdrying it making me think it was finished and making my hair look like crap at first. Usually when the stylist starts blowdrying, I'm going to assume that he's finished and is now on to styling but they basicly make it look choppy first, blow dry and smooth it out after it's dry. -.- SO you can imagine my shock when I see chunks of hair here and there looking like God knows what! The haircut shoulda came with a big WARNING sign! But overall, the service was EXCELLENT, the price was superb $10, & I'm fairly happy with my haircut! It might not look like a big difference to y'all because my hair is always full of layers but the cut is totally different and YEA xP

& I learned some awesome tips from paying really good attention to what he was doing! & I'll definitely be sharing them with you guys!

Anyways, we just walked around 3rd street promenade, ate at WAHOO's and went home ;]


very cute as always, i know what u mean about haircuts. I show them how I want it to look like or I tell them I just want a trim and they end up cutting 5'' or more off!!!!

10 bucks that's such a good price!

alyssa: Thanks hun ;]

Jennifer L: Thanks sweeeetie! And yeaa, I don't think a hair dresser has ever gotten the exact vision I had in my head as to what I wanted my hair to be. Even if I bring a picture. But I can't complain sometimes because even though it wasn't my vision, it turned out nice and I can live with it. Just no ROD STEWART hair ever again. I swear if I see that hair dresser that ruined my hair I'm gonnaaa run her ooovvver LOL no jk. well maybe not.

Your hair cut looks great. It's so shiny and full of volume- love the wipsy bangs on ya. I heard on reviews that they are really good with the bangs. Like always, you get the best deal. Did you go for a model call?

Lol to the rod stewart hair- no one can ever pull that off.

My longest layer is up to my waist but I dont want to cut it just yet. Im lovin my long hair. But in a few months I will be cutting it.

hey girl ;) thaanks, I was really scared to take some length off my hair but I knew it would be better to get rid of the dead ends! And was getting harder and harder to blowdry my hair! & I am not photogenic at all, I need to stand infront of a mirror so I can see what I look like in the picture, or else I look like crap. So no I didn't do the picture thing at the salon.

Ooohh! Gorgeous haircut + for 10 bucks! What a great deal!

Hey there! ^^ Again GREAT hair cut and for such a GREAT price too! Your daughter is so CUTE, she's like a doll!^^ Thank for adding me to your blog roll, hope you don't mind if I put your blog on mine. I LOVE the look you do! Can't wait to see more!

hi jessica, thanks for adding me to your blogroll so i'm adding u too! your daughter looks like an ANGEL. i just got a haircut myself 2 weeks ago, but since the stylist is the same as my sister-in-law's, i wasn't tooo worried :-D

omg! MARE!!!!!! I didn't know u had a blog!? I was blog hopping cuz I couldn't sleep and I landed on urs and i was like that kid looks familiar. It was small when I saw I cuz I was viewing ur page on my iPhone then I saw it's baby star! OMG woman how are you? It's been a long time now! I didn't know u started ur own blog too. Nice haircut btw. I always thot u looked better with drk hair. The bangs are cute on u too.

Anyway so funny how I ended up on ur page. I guess everyone seems to be connected. So when am I going to see u again huh? Are u really here for good?

Mandy- Thanks girl ;] It was an awesome deal, have you tried looking for hairstyling schools around your area to see if they offer a deal like that or better?

xphoenix06-I don't mind hun and thanks for stopping by mines as well! I will definitely be doing more looks I just have been sick lately and my eye got irritated from the beach so I didn't want to put make up on it! But you'll definitely be seeing more ;]

cheryl-Thanks! & your fringe is awesome and you have the cutest freckles, kind of like Lucy Lui!

Anne-Is this a blogger reunion or what! hahaha. But OMG yoou fouuund me lol. YAY! Yea I'm gonna be here for awhile so your butt can come visit me LOL

great haircut and you are too pretty! *jealous*