Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So after much deliberation, Miss Cristina decided she wanted to be a Pin Up Girl for halloween. So this was out first try, testing out the look. Mind you, we used no hairspray or anything, just a good 'ol curling iron and bobbypins. This was just a test run so I know it may not be perfect but HEY atleast we got an idea of what it would look like ;]

Me working on her hehe ;]

Top of her hair...almost done


So whattaya ladies think?


You did a great job! She does look like a pin-up girl.

must agree with alyssa, u did a fantastic job =D

awesome job!! was ur friend goin anywhere? anyways gurl ur the pretty one!! =)

hi!..i absolutely love reading your blog and i think your daughter is super cute!..good job on the pin up look and by the way i love yogurtland too!..Well actually i only go for the taro..haha ;]..i'm kinda new to the blogging you mind if i subscribe? :]

Jesmakeup-It was a test for a halloween costume, she wants to be a pin up girl lol

Emerie-Thanks sweets for stopping being so nice and of course I don't mind ;]

yeaaa i do!! cool! you live in LB?..i live in carson ( I dont know if you know where that is)

just find your picture interesting..
it's so the eyes can speak so much..:)

wow love the lip colours on your friend!

omg! we would be bestfriends always playing in makeup.. does tina LOVE IT?!?! she looks STUNNING! ready for a night out to set a man trap! hahahaaa!

Thanks ladies &

Yummy411- LOL yess BESTFRIENDS! Girl, I would be all up in your stash AHHA. AND yes Tina loved it, she's breakin some hearts on halloween night!!