Monday, September 29, 2008

GET A ROOM! [boudoir look: Gray & Gold]

Before I get into my BOUDOIR look, this is just a lil' somethin'-somethin' I picked up at the dollar depot a couple days ago. I have a previous pack that I bought there that is a little different, the rhinestones are circular and teardrops and it came with pearls, flowers, and glittery thing-a-majiggs. This one comes with square rhinestones, pearls, hearts, and large glittery thing-a-majigs. They both came with glue and a wooden stick to help pick up and push around the thingies. LOL. Anyways, these babies are 99 CENTS! So it's a definite steal ;] So stay tuned for some nail art I'll be doing with this baby.

So the boudoir look is definitely something that must be classy and sexy. Sometimes girls get carried away with the big hair and dark make up they end up look like a dirty stripper or pornstar =x hehe. So I kept the look soft, but fierce and the hair wavey a bit. I just took some mousse and crinkled my hair with it by just grabbing sections and being flimsy with it ;]

ENJOY LADIES...but not too much ;]

Can you tell I contoured my cheeks ;] LOL it looks wierd.

And this picture, I was actually about to get up, but it turned out okay. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my hair turned out ;]

What I used:

VS Liquid e/s in Pillow Talk
Gray e/s from ULTA palette

NYX strawberry milk
Clinique clear lipgloss

Smashbox Camera Ready Foundie in "light"
Silk Naturals "Buttery Gold"
Dark brown e/s for contour


You're so pretty. I love the top too!

to me.. ur face looks clear enough... even tho u said u dont take care of ur face as much... but ur lucky! i take care of mines all the time but still get breakouts esp on fOREHEAD only and blackheads... but cuz of my stupid skine type... thats why ... sucks!! so anyways that nail art thingy is cool!! u can use them for face as well... cute leoperd top too! r u gonna be doin any halloween looks?

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaawt!:) that's all i can say! haaaaaaaaaaawt!

You look good with smokey eye look! :) That's the package you got for 99 cents!?!? You got a good deal!!! :)

One hot mama =P!! I loooove your hair like that. You've got such nice deep folds that your eye makeup doesn't look overly smokey with your eyes open!

your hair's already luscious, now it got even better! LOVE love love the way u contoured your cheeks.

Haha thank you! Nope, I have yet to spot any McHotties >.<

Hope you're feeling better!

so..... HOT. i love your shirt so much!

I love that top your wearing and the smokey eyes look super hot on you!

your hair IS pretty in the last one :) i first found your blog last week or something and it interested me cause you have a daughter too. not just that, but your looks are great as well. linking you :)

I'm really lovin this look and I wish my hair would do that! Cute top too, I LOVE cheetah print. That nail art kit looks cute, I need to find me something like that.