Monday, December 13, 2010

new hair don't care! DUTTY BLONDE

My roots were insanely outgrown so I decided to do my hair this weekend and since I was already processing my hair, might as well change it up and keep it fresh. I wanted to go a wee bit darker without being drastic and it came out great! LOVES IT! 

Brass is a pain in the ass so kick it to the curb with...
click to buy
(available at sally's)

(necklace: F21 isn't it GORGE!)


I've also been shopping like crazy for boots! 

casual combats @F21 for $35.99

thigh highs

it's like walkin' on clouds baby!
Guess how much these little puffs of heaven cost me? $3.99! Thank the dollar store by house. They have all sorts of colors and fits! I got two! these and khaki ankle slippers. 

                                                                    LV MUG SHOT
                                                               no make up all tow up!
A gift from the old man. 

Do you swear to wear real louis? Nothin' but real louis? So help you, Elton John?

And just a blast from the past...

Art Gallery @LittleTokyo

QUESTION: When are you gonna start making YouTube Vids!?

Well kids, I really don't know. I've thought about it but I'm not sure if "vlogging" would be the thing for me but maybe I'll give it a try one of these days, just don't hold your breath!



really nice colour , u looks so gorgeous ^ ^