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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Less is MORE. Barely any make up with lots of make up

 Is less really more?
Is more actually..less? 

When I was younger, I thought having bright, fancy stellar make up was the way to go & as I grow older, yes...OLDER, I like wearing neutrals and stay away from anything bright. Kind of reminds me of Myspace and Facebook. Back in the days it was all about bright, neon, customized myspace and now facebook. Sure it's kind of boring, it just kind of fits the mold without any customization. It's simple and has a more mature setting about it. Maybe, we're not supposed to Myspace our face and customize it, perhaps all along, you're just supposed to Facebook it. Keep it simple & user friendly.

WOW..Did I just compare faces to Myspace & Facebook?

-yeah, I think I did. Lame comparison but you get the gist of it!

I just used the most basic of make up so I'm not even gonna bother to put up what I used. I just primarily focused on everything else other than my eyes. I put on eyelashes and mascara and just a bit of eyeshadow, just enough to enhance my crease and still make it look natural. I put all of my attention to my skin and contoured it...

Just remember...ENHANÇE IT! DON'T MASK IT!
Let your make up do more for you by putting less rather than putting more make up and showing less of you. 

You are not beautiful make up, you are a beautiful girl!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geisha Face

So I got really excited my new camera finally came!! In addition to my new camera, I also bought Coastal Scent's 88 Color Palette so I gave it a spin. What inspired this Geisha look was our Marine friend LCPL Castillo because he was just in Japan & my co worker's red eyebrows really put the thought in my head. Luckily, Coastal Scents has an awesome rainbow of colors in the palette & since people don't generally use the red, we should! Just FYI, doing this was very very simple, much easier than doing regular makeup.
The keys to achieving this look:
-White e/s
-Red e/s
-Black e/s
-MAC's 219 brush
-MAC's 263 brush
-Duo eyelash glue
-Sephora brand red lip color
-Michael Kors Very Hollywood lashes

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collective Haul & Video

So few items, so many dollars! I actually haven't bought from MAC in awhile. I'm not really a BRAND whore. As in, I don't commit to just one brand or have any favorite brands for that matter. I guess I have favorite brands for specific things but in all things even my wardrobe to accessories, I'm a fan of diversity. I believe each brand has it's own "thing" and there are too many wonderful "things" out there to just be married to one brand. Not knockin' on anyone who is committed to certain brands, just my philosophy ;)

Pictured above is:  Plushglass "Ample Pink" Cremesheen "Ever Hip" & Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul"

I really, really love these products or else I wouldn't have bothered buying them considering I've bought a lot of make up lately but my new all-time favorite lipstick HAS TO BE EVER HIP. It is so damn gorge, I can barely stand it ;)

Ever Hip on it's own has such a NOT-TOO-FUNKY-but-just-enough-funk kind of barbie pink color and I LA LA LA LOVE IT! Enough pop w/out all the slop! & the best part is, I can take it down a notch with a little bit of gloss. Best of both worlds? I think so. Anyways, check out what else I got by watching the video below! Enjoy!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Orogold & Shopping With Cha Cha Teaser

 So this past weekend, miss cha cha & I went SHOPPING at the Santa Anita Mall (huge, confusing mall it is!)! I am going to be putting up a haul video/pics of all the junk we bought & a review/see it in action video on OROGOLD.

So what is OROGOLD? Never heard of it? Maybe you've seen their cart or store and didn't pay it any mind, only noticed it's Paris Hilton look-alike in a mascarade ball mask? In the Los Cerritos Center they have a cart but all I ever noticed was the Paris Hilton look-alike--not very appealing. For some reason, most mall carts that sell do not appeal to me, they actually turn me off because I feel like as I'm approaching the 10 ft radius of the cart. the employee targets me & has some plan of attack on how to lure me into trying their silly product or worse, a creepy guy who tries to hit on me or use compliments to lure me to his cart. Carts technically have no perimeter so it's kind of  feels like forcefully being in sale predator territory, whereas a store is something of CHOICE. You walk in there because you wanted to and most employees, not all, don't breathe down your neck.

ANYWAYS, I'm going way off topic with my cart vs store babble...

So OROGOLD is basically a company that uses gold & other metals in their products, which is skin care & cosmetics. Apparently, gold has special properties other than luster ;) But you shall have to wait to wait for the review to see...

if OROGOLD is really the goldmine of beauty & youth or just fool's gold!
 Kelly Moses - Sales Manager
Nice guy....great salesman.
 Apparently, he's based out in Vegas but has come out to California to help start up a few stores that opened up in the greater los angeles area. Go visit him at Santa Anita Mall & get a free demonstration! But if that's too far for you, he'll be at the Beverly Center in just a few weeks!

Stay tuned & STAY GORJESS,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Cause Leads to Death

Ok so the day started out with great intentions... I was hitting up the Walk For Autism 2011 with Melinda & it went really well. It was great to see how many supporters came out this year & it seems like the crowd is growing each and every year. I'm a supporter for this cause because of a few students I have worked with in the past and they have touched my hearts. If you don't know too much about Autism or what you can do, go ahead and visit: Show your support because you'll never know when Autism will hit close to home until it's too late.
After our brisk 5mile walk and great activities we were starvo the clown!! Melinda & I had to walk up this craaaazy hill from the Pasadena Rose Bowl to the car & onto the next mission-- POP MELINDA'S CHERRY!!! At Boiling Crab in Alhambra that is. Of course, it was delicious & it left Merinda Fob screaming for more, more, more!!! Just kidding but she did enjoy it but she had "yeet hay" which translates to "Hot Air"... and if you're not Chinese .. it's like an extra phlegmy sore throat ish feeling. ANYWAYYY... after we left our lunch destination, we were on our way to Long Beach to do something eventful with Jessica! Ok so we stopped somewhere to pick up a surprise for her & boo... I took off my sweater put all my stuff on top of my ca r & didn't think twice. So la-de-da we' re on our way, on the freeway bout to hit the gas & HUH??? What's this 'KER PLUNK' noise I hear as I'm picking up speed??? No way could someone throw something like that because it sounded like it rolled off the top of my car.... Did something fall out the sky? No.. can't be because there are no trees or dead birds on site.. WTH could it be??? So I'm scrambling as I'm driving to see what I could've left behind... & oh no =( My camera!!!!!!!!!
I'm soooooooooooooooooo sad about it because I bought some great items to blog for all of you but.... the death of my camera makes it super difficult. Due to the fact that I work full time, it's really hard for me to do videos during the day time. WAH
H *cries* I'm really sorry I haven't been posting guys, I promise as soon as Best Buy stops with this back order business on my camera I will be back in action full force!!

But yeah.. what started out as a day full of good intentions
resulted in the death of my camera. RIP. Yes, I was due f
or a new one anyway but damn what a way to go.. it could've been donated to someone & boo.. all my WALK FOR AUTISM 2011 pix
are gone... =( GONE GONE GONE.... Cheer me up some
body, tell me about a good cause y
ou've done lately!

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