Friday, September 12, 2008

TUT: Using wet e/s over your smokey eye

So I've got a few emails asking if I could start showing my outfits as well & I will try to do that with as many outfits as I can. I didn't actually wear this outfit to school, I put it on after school cause all I had was circuit training today. Anyways, on to the post! I'm sure that most of you know how to do a "smokey eye" so my tut will not really go over on how to do that, 'cause I know how PRO-FESH-ON-AL all y'all are!! So in a previous post, I swatched some VS e/s for you and I'm pretty sure a lot of you would use it as a base, but I figured not a lot of people would think of using this OVER their e/s. I actually didn't think of it either but I knew a make up artist at the Chanel counter and I was able to watch him during one of his appointments and saw him do this! & it's even more amazing in person lol. SO HERE WE GO!
Shirt was like $3 BUX & Jumper was $4.50, NO LIE ;]

So I already had make up on when I did this, I left my lashes and mascara on. But anyways, I do still use a base when foiling pigments just because I feel like it sticks better!
That's the little piggie that I used ;] Use whatever you prefer!

As you can see, it's super matte!

Swipe across the lid and blend, blend, blend!! Just pat don't swish around across your lid because that will cause it to smear!!

As you can see it added a frosty sheer wet-looking layer on top of your smokey eye! COOL, yes?

So what are you ladies getting into for the weekend?


omg so cute, where did u get ur jumper at?

and i love that e/s technique, i'm learning so many tips from u hihi

looking hot as always Jessica Dee!!!!! :D

Hey Jennifer!I got my jumper on sale at KOHL's, it was 90% off! So it was a killer deal! & OMG you are too sweet haha, THANKS HUNN! I'm glad this post was actually "EDUCATIONAL" lol.

Heckkkka cute outfit!! Yes I agree great technique, you do have alot of good tips that no one else uses. =)

Jess your post are always educational lol. That jumper is too cute!! Too bad there isnt a kohl's around where i live : ( Never heard of that e/s technique before. Those colors look great on you. I have small lids so it's hard for me to pull off smokey looks like that.

wow I just noticed your header!!!! because I mostly just read your blog thru my subscription reader. OMG It is so cute I love it. the comp, your daughter, the cartoon words etc.

Fab outfit. nice tips!!

neeyuh- Thanks hun! I really do try to give tips that would be out of the norm.

aprecia- THANKS SWEETS! & What are you talking about!! LOL any lids can do a smokey eye, I'm sure you could definitely pull the look off ;] & NO KOHLS!? *dies* haha no jk

bombchell-Thanks girl!!I just made my header! But thanks for taking notice of it, I tried to be creative with it!

i LOVE your header photo to your blog - so cute! the smokey tutorial is great.

i'm not good wit the smokey effect just yet.... But i like the black smokey effect u did!!and thats such a cute pink outfit!!! $7 thats a bargain! lovessssss it =)

Cheryl- Thanks hun I worked hard on it!!

Jesmakeup- Thanks you & that outfit wasa killer deal!!

ooh i love the wet eyeshadow over the smokey eye! great discovery!!! omg is your banner/header is tooooooooooooooo cute! i love that!!!