Monday, September 8, 2008


There is a difference between being a beautiful girl, and being a girl with beautiful make up. Make up (to me) is art. It seems as though nowadays that girls have lost the art of natural beauty and would rather have beautiful make up. Don't get me wrong, I love make up and all the colors, and the magic of contour. But what ever happened to the greatest illusion of all? Wearing make up to look like you're not wearing make up at all ;]

Sometimes less is more.

This look is something that I wear everyday. I'm not big on make up at school, or much of anywhere. Just maybe if I go out (which is rare).

This is as naked as it gets!

Me & my starstar ;]

So ladies, keep it funky not gunky ;]


Looking pretty there as usual. I love colors but faking the naked look is cool too. It looks more polished than going au natural.

yer outfit is nice and u still look very pretty without all da make up! luv ur blog!

love your natural look. i've def gone thru my phases with makeup. at first it was all about the art side of it, now it's been more about how to perfect and enhance the natural. i have been wearing makeup so long, i'm uncomfortable in my bare skin =p don't get me wrong.. most often times, i'm out without makeup, but i don't feel my best without it.

Great post! I totally agree, I need to work on being more comfy with wearing less makeup. You look gorgeous as always and totally cute outfit! =)

Aprecia- Thanks! Yea, I definitely cannot go completely naked in the face but I've learned to put enough to feel comfortable in. PLUS its more time efficient, atleast for me lol

Jennifer L & ANONYmous- THANKS!!

Yummy411- For a long time I didn't feel complete without a full face of make up! I don't want make up do be my face mask forever lol

Neeyuh- HEY GIRL! The main reason I stopped wearing a lot of make up is basicly cause of the mister! I figured if he was gona see my naked face in the morning I would wear less make up so it wouldn't be such a shock in the morning =x I don't think the morning is a friend to most of us! But thanks hun!! You are always so sweet ;]