Wednesday, September 10, 2008

double make-over:graffiti eyes & valiant smokey purple

So I did a double make-over today YAY! They're sisters, can you tell? Anyways, I really thought that it wasn't going to turn out that well because I just wasn't feeling the color combo we picked out but after some blending, eye poking, sticky eyes, it all turned out pretty well! I did both their brows, I couldn't make it super clean because that would take awhile with tweezers.

Miss Tina BEFORE

Miss Tina AFTER!

We called it "Graffiti Eyes" because it was just a mesh of colors, kind of like the graffiti you see on the walls of the freeway, it looked more so in person.

Close up!

This is Andrea, Tina's sister. I did a simple purple smokey eye, something that would go well with her skin and bring out her eyes ;]

Group Picture! There's serenity distracted by the tv lol

Aww they look so gorgeous!!


awwwwww i miss baby star :(. soo sad she probably won't know mee :*(.

when are we hanging out again huuuh?

aww they look so happy with your makeover! love the neutral lips u did on tina's sister!

Anne-We should definitely hang out soon, so you can see starstar!

Cheryl-They better be happy! A lot of time and effort went into it LOL xP & YES the lippie looks really nice on her ;]

Cool makeover, the colors you used on Tina are really really nice!

ooh very pretty!! what lashes are ms. tina wearing?

Yummy 411- Thanks and she's wearing Ardell's "Sexies" I think that's what they're called..or sexy. Something like that!

i love the colors but i dont like it on them :-/ the makeup really overpowered their pretty faces...