Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm SICK!!!

I swear blogger sickness is contagious. LOL EMERIA it's YOUR FAULT jk. Eversince I read your post about being sick, I've been in my bed sneezing, congested, sore throat, heavy head and I'm about to lose my voice! I sound like a MAN! You should see the piles of used up tissues I woke up to surrounding my bed this morning. So I'm keeping my babygirl far away from me cause that's the last thing I need, me AND the baby sick. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be up and posting.


hope ya feel better soon ♥

LOL you are sooo funny and too sweet. Thanks! Unfortunately we kind of broke up because of this situation which started off soo small. I just needed an apology but he kept giving me apologies that had BUT I think you're blowing this out of proportion. I'm sorry. I just can't take that. To think 2 plus years. I guess it's nothing when i've been with my other ex for 4 1/2 years. GUYS..shieesh.. Who knows maybe it'll work itself out. I'm just too tired and SICK to care right now. LOL. Speaking of sounding like a man i sounded like one yesterday more like a boy going through puberty. I still have a weird voice right now though. I have to go study for my test (boo :[) that i'm taking tomorrow and then guppys with my gay boyfriend..haha.. anyways GET WELL GIRL!! Maybe we can hit up yogurtland sometime this week or something! :]

Feel better soooooon! I think it's the change in seasons that's getting to everyone.

I'm getting sick too! I've been feeling down and under the weather for the last couple of days and thought it was PMS but I have a dry, sore throat today >.<

Rest up and drink lots and lots of fluids!

aww sorry to hear about that. hope you feel better soon. just drink lots of fluids and take vitC can take two 500mg/day while you are sick. anyway,yes i know.its not healthy. but since i have braces and its so hot here,i can't help but lose weight. and being under stress makes me lose my appetite. if you've seen my old pictures,you'll see i was soooo thin. hahaha more like stick thin before. at least now i've gained weight.i'm 110lbs now,i used to be just around 95lbs before :)

what!? you've been here?? wait!! are you pinay? i loooove balut! have you tried adobong balut? omg,its so heavenly..only if you like balut that is :) yes,the jack&jill brand of chips..i don't like it though..hehe i love sweets and chips that are pinoy good and cheap,and fattening.hahaha sort of,i end up sweating it all anyway. haha gross

i know how that feels..too lazy to do anything else but use the laptop..i suddenly miss my laptop..i hate this pc,it doesn't have bluetooth..i can't transfer my fone pics to this stupid pc..but hey,i can blog right? :) but i miss my lappie :(

Hahah, yes Bank of Angie =)!

I love Nordstrom and the commission would be lovely but I'm so fascinated by finances and investment, so that's the direction I gotta work towards. Wow! Chanel counter manager!! Yeah, you gotta do everything you can for love, especially for your daughter! =)

Hahaha dream guy.. pshhh I'm so not looking. I want a kid, maybe I'll ask my ex to donate when the time comes =P hahahhahhaaha

OMG! i had no idea that you were pinay! hahaha omg..what's tapioca? i think i've heard of it..i suck at remembering names of food coz i don't even bother to know their names,i just eat them. haha..but i think your referring to the TAHO? am i wrong? haha i'm not sure..

dagupan and bacolod..i don't know if its near my province,i'm from pampanga by the way :) haha yes there's hot water,only if you put a heater in your bathroom. i doubt it if all of the houses here have it..haha yes the roaches here are your friendly neighbors..more like housemates..haha

good cosmetics,i'm actually trying to look for some good ones right now. i'll be posting about it when i get to buy some :)

Hahahhaha that's my type of bank, hahah eww jk!

I really need to go shopping for more work related clothes! I've been a student for so long that the majority of my clothes are sweats =P. But I believe tellers are business casual/casual. I need to find me some chinos. I have some dress pants but they're all super long and DRESSY. I doubt I'd want to stand in heels all day. But I'll totally do an OL outfit with black plastic frames for ya!

hahaha balut juice primer! oh shit,that would taste nice..roaches will come and eat your eyes out. :)

haha i remember brushing my teeth once when i was a kid,when i felt something crawling on my legs inside my pajama.when i realized it must have been a cockroach because it felt big.i jumped up and down and took off my pajama pants. omg that was scary!

haha i wouldn't dare visit wowowee friends would tease me forever if i did that!

Hahahahaha!!! That happens to me sometimes! The darn blogger comment box takes a while to fully load so if I start typing prior, it refreshes and my comment disappears, GRR!

Can't believe you went to all that trouble, it must have been frustration but I'm flattered =).

I see you're a Grey's Anatomy fan as well?!!! Hahahha I need to find a McHottie and McBabies. I'll let you know if it happens ;D.

Hahaha, I knooooow -_- but I haven't had much to show lately. And my skin's been acting up.

I hope you feel better soon! :) I can't wait to see your nail art with the crystala. Where did you get it for 99 cents!?!?

oh dear i hope u get well soon!