Sunday, September 14, 2008

monolid make-over [picture heavy]

I have a few friends who generally do not like using eyeshadow because they feel as if they do not have the "lids" for it. Some think they don't have a big enough lid, it's not deep-set enough, or even monolids seem to discourage some to really work on their eyeshadow. So they stick to eyeliner and mascara or the the basic swipe all over lid e/s! Some lids are definitely a challenge, even my own eyes I feel are not "e/s easy" because I do not have deep set eyes and my crease is small, I have to sort of create an illusion of a bigger crease. Anyways, one of my long time friends Connie was in the area today and stopped by and I thought I'd give her a little makeover for fun!! She's a semi-monolid but it's definitely different working without much of a crease but I'm always up for a good challenge!!!

This is Connie before:

& this is Connie after:

In the picture you can see how I contoured where I would imagine her crease would be if she had one there. I contoured to create the illusion of a lid and it ended up working out pretty nice!

She got into camera-whore mode lol

Connie & StarStar ;]

Doesn't look like she has a double lid??

I just had to throw one in there of just me ;]

What I used:
Simply Naturals Piggies- Egypt[outer v], Green Apple[Inner lid], & 24k Gold[Highlight]
Clinique Concealer & Sephora Face Powder & Ulta Bronzer for warmth


GREAT makeover! wow connie's eyes really stand out after what u did. good job!

this looks so pretty, i'm going to try doing this (:
but what do you mean by semi-monolid?

gorgous smokey greenish look...

cheryl- Thanks!

ladyish- Thanks & what I meant by semi-monolid is that is not completely ONE lid, she kind of has a crease but it's so small! Her crease peeks out a little bit xP

jesmakeup- Thanks I wanted to pick out a color that would compliment her very fair skin ;]

hey thanks for the comment dear :) hehe yea sometimes i hate paying for shipping then i end up waiting too long for it to arrive..but hey,its fine..haha at least i don't have to pay for the gas :)

btw,your baby looks cute,just like here mama :) hehe will add you up in my links,another blog to stalk!:)

you are in a long distance rel. too? *sigh* we are both lucky and unlucky..lucky coz we still can prove that it'll work and unlucky coz its hard and it sucks..

miemiemie-I'm super impatient so I must make myself forget about my shipment or else I'll be anxious till the day it comes! & yea being in a long distance relationship is a bitter-sweet experience but HEY it just tests your relationship and brings it to a whole other level! & I truly believe if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. But thanks for stopping by girl, I'll definitely be stalking your blog lol ;]

omg you need to come to dc and do my make-up...for what event...idk. lol just come make me look pretty!! you look amazing, and your make-up looks flawless!!