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Friday, August 29, 2008

FOTD: Sparkling Blue Tangerine

Happy 3 day weekend! Hallelujah! I'm planning on going to beach this Sunday! What do you guys have planned? Anything special? Well, today I was cleaning my make up station and my sparkly lashes caught my eye! I have forgotten and neglected them. Haven't even worn them, let alone touched them since I bought them. So since the Mr. Biggs was going to be at friend's tonight and I wasn't really going to get to talk to him, I figured I'd occupy my time by playing with my sparkly lashes and doing some crazy make up! I decided to use my La Femme eyeshadow from my recent haul, but made a gradient effect using some pink and purple piggies from my Simply Natural's piggie collection.

Here are some close ups of my eye:

OH crap is my eyelash comming off? Or just way too long! PFF!!

Face shots!

What I used: La Femme e/s in #29- Outer Crease
La Femme e/s in #28- Used it as Eyeliner
Simply Naturals Piggie in Violet- Middle crease
Simply Naturals Piggie in Tangerine- Inner crease
Ardell's ”Fun” Eyelashes
Clinique's High Definition Lashes in Black

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've got the blues..

In my previous post, I purchased two La Femme eyeshadows yesterday. I experimented with them that night but didn't like it, so I put it away and went to sleep. I figured maybe blue just isn't for me. Well today after school, I decided to give them one more try. I'm still NOT in love with blue on me but I guess it looks okay. I think it just reminds me of MIMI and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But nonetheless, I tried.
So here was my experiment with blue on one eye..
Why are my bottom lashes nice but not my top?

So here's the look I did after school, giving blue a second chance...

Wearing blue, looking blue.

Crappy close up!

Then my friend Tina came over and I did a quickie make over on her. It ended up looking old school glam with the red lipstick. I loved it!

This is us after some retail therapy!

WHY do we look YELLOW! It must be the asian in us!

Our new sunglasses ;] YAY!

Anyways, the haul from today's shopping experience will probably be posted in another entry!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OR run out of money =x same difference.

I got my $75 refund debit card from at&t from my b l a c k b e r r y. Which is wierd because my blackberry broke and they gave me $250 credit for it, so I got the i p h o n e but they still sent me my refund back. It must be l u c k haha.

So I went to Westminster Mall today, not intending to buy anything, just went to the bank and all...When I see Best Buy across the way from the bank so I f i g u r e d I'd see if they had any cases for my i p h o n e. D I S A P P O I N T E D. Too e x p e n s i v e and not even nice. I looked to the left and I see this bag and I'm like "wow that's really cute! and it's betsy I in bestbuy?" I wasn't lost, I really was in Best Buy, and low and behold designer bags by the cellphone a c c e s s o r i e s.

I took pictures for p r o o f..hehe. It's only camera phone so it aint all that or nothing.

(Best Buy is going Macy's or what?)

& since they didn't have anything and I had some time to kill with the mall right infront of me calling my name. I gave in to t e m p t a t i o n and told myself I would just "look around" I go inside and the f i r s t thing I see is "helen's beauty supply" I love checking out different beauty supply stores cause they carry some pretty cool things. Sometimes NYX lipsticks! But there was no NYX in this one. & in most of the beauty supply stores, I get d i s a p p o i n t e d cause it's more hair stuff. But this one didn't disappoint! I was so a m a z e d like a kid in the candy store. One of the first ones I noticed was "Le Femme." I've read a lot about people ordering it online. The "Le Femme" line wasn't just in one place it was kind of all over, so while i was persuing I'd be suprised to see more of it. They had everything "La Femme" but I decided to get 2 e/s in blue shades just because I really don't have much blue eyeshadow and I thought they were pretty. Also they had a massive collection of eyelashes like I've never seen before! I was in heaven! But I didn't buy any eyelashes because I have too many and how many pairs of lashes does a pair of eyes need?

La Femme everywhere!!

Eyelash HEAVEN ;]

I thought about you DONNA and our lil convo about our puffy eyes haha. (excuse my groddy lookin' nail)

I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE!

This looks..conspicuous. hmm..

The "Le Femme" e/s I bought ;]

Then I ended up passing by one of those cell phone accessories booth and made nice with the girl working there. It goes to show you that making nice goes a long way. The case was originally $12 & the screen protector $5 & even that sounds pretty decent priced to me but she gave them both to me for $10. YAY!

Doesn't it look pretty?

OK right when I thought what luck I was having today I see claires was having a sale. They had a section where if the item was originally $10 and under you could get it for a $1. A FRIGGIN $1. Suprisingly I didn't go too crazy. I got a bracelet, 2 pairs of earrings and since my friend Tina LOVES clutches, I GOT HER TWO! Good friend? sure.. Bargain hunter? HECK YA!

& when my luck couldn't get anybetter..I stumble across this store called,"CLUE." Now I've been wanting a peacoat, I have one but it's a bit long and it cost me a pretty penny ;[ The cheapest I've seen any peacoats were at F21 for $49.99 but this store had them for $15, NO LIE! I got 2! and I got a cute short sleeve sweater for $10.

I basicly used my refund card and still have money to spare! If only everyday could be like this ;]

Oh what a day, what a day ;]


So this entry is a product of BOREDOM and because writing really relaxes me and this is the first night in a while where I didn't have homework hit me like a ton of bricks. Basicly, life right now is going good, everything is getting back on track..sort of. So..who's just as confused about boys as much as I am ;[ Me and mister biggs have been together for almost 3 years. We lived together all last year together and it's so wierd because..I already know how he's going to act to things, what he's gonna say..I mean when I conversate with him, I could probably finish his sentences. That's how well I know my bubba..SO WHY IN THE WORLD DON'T I GET HIM!? I don't even know why the heck we argue sometimes. -.-* Tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't understand her hubby. Our logic is just polar opposites sometimes. ;[ I feel like the things that are common sense to me are not common sense to him. Things that he thinks are bad, I don't. And what peeves me the MOST are DOUBLE STANDARDS. Ok I don't think I want to even get started on that. HAHA It probably wouldn't be in my best interest, considering he might stumble across this. He knows that I have a blog but I doubt he reads it..or..does he?'s just wierd how high and low we can be in a matter in seconds. One second we'll talk about getting married and the next were talking smack to each other about to claw each other to death! It was our 28 months last..whenever the 21st was and I miss when we were living together and we would go out or buy each other something. Now I just buy him something online and send it to him. This month he bought me my books for school! So he definitely has his sweet side. He spoils meee ;] I just wish he understood me a little more on an emotional level. Freakin' boys.

So another thing that has really been bothering me is...SCHOOL. I'm still undecided on my major. poo.

Atleast theres one happy thing about this post. SHOES. Theres nothing a nice pair of shoes can't fix! I was too lazy to go take pictures of the ones I bought and edit them and upload them here. SO I just took these pictures off the handy dandy internet!

mister biggs bought me these steve madden ankle boots.

I got these, they're more scrunchy looking and I don't know if you can tell but they're gray not black. I have so many boots! I'm ready for winter! & when I have time I MUST show you guys some great steve madden gladiator wedges I bought! THE CUTEST..but sort of painful. I need some flat gladiators.

Tomorrow.. I have circuit training...I can't wait for my body to get toned. Now if I can just quit with the midnight snacks...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FOTD: mermaid look, fiery eyes [picture heavy]

The mermaid look is a little late, I did it on sunday for church. I had enough time to squeeze to post on ABB, but not here because loading on this thing is ANNOYing. I really got to start uploading on photobucket but I'ma lazy bum =x So..who dresses up for church? I'm starting to think that my church is a RUNWAY fashion show. NO LIE. Even the guys look like they're about to hit the clubs right after[they probably are] and the girls are dressed pretty snazzy considering that it's just church. For me anyways, church is a time to reflect and give myself a breather. I honestly am not a practicing catholic, just a church goer but nothing more than that. I don't want to get too deep into that because my thought on my religion is too long and if anything would be on a post of it's own. Anyways, on to my point[which I always seem to drift away from] I just dress normal to church, plain make up and all but I just haven't done anything special with my make up lately so I figured I'd give it a go. I probably would most DEFINITELY not wear this look to school @.@

So here are the pictures!


I was checking for B.O? JK lol

why does my hair look curly?
CLOSE UPS. I tried my best to get it true to life.

It's a simple look & I only used two e/s. L'Oreal HIP Piggie in "Valiant" & VS Beauty Rush e/s in "Emerald City"

So this next look I did today. I didn't wear to school because I don't like looking flashy at school, I'm there to learn..I think. Uh..yea ok anyways hehe. I had some spare time on my hands the other day and I did this look on my friend and totally forgot to take pictures of it so I decided to try it on myself and it turned out...OK...hers turned out better. I got my inspiration from a flame. hahah PLUS I just got the L'Oreal shadow duo in "Cheeky" & I thought I'd put it to good use.

So here we go again!

Does it look like I rubbed some hot cheeto dust on my eyes LOL

The full face pictures didn't seem the catch the make up as much as I think it did in person. haha DAMN FLASH! I put the black e/s on pretty heavy too. blah. I think I'm gonna wash off my face now, I feel like chester the cheetoh's sister or something.


That's me and miss serenity about to walk to the park down the street. Being a mommy is the best.

So school has been really exhausting lately. Besides the papers, and essays, I'm taking a circuit training class with my girl Tina and I think it's making me more lazy and tired than I usually would be. I don't think it's even helping me get toned because as soon as I get home I end up stuffing my face 'till I can't budge. So since I can't even bear to move an inch, what do I do? I get stuck watching shows like "the hills" or some other thing. DAMN YOU CABLE. All the entertainment to keep you from your priorities at the click of a button! Everything has been kind of hard for me lately.. being apart from the boyfriend, and trying to make time for him between my baby, school and homework! Last night, I was watching The Hills, eating dinner, doing hw for my Journalism class, trying to find a driver for my printer, watching the baby, and talking on the phone with mister big[the bf]. My brain was on serious overload, so I had brain farts all today ;(

Monday, August 25, 2008

FOTD: brown & green

I always have a favorite color for clothes, and then I move into another color. This summer, I've definitely liked the way green looks on me, & I'm starting to dread PINK. I just don't think it brings out my skin tone, and if anything I think it makes me look like I'm teener bopper-ish in a way [depending on what I'm wearing]. I do like colors for eyeshadow, but I like to keep it subtle, no neon colors! Anyways, I was inspired by this top that I got at KOHL's for 3 bones. YAY!

super flash status. that's how my pictures come out when I leave my camera on MICRO.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

my skin regimen

I generally have nice skin so I'm not very strict with my skin regimen. Most of the time I just take my pond's make up removing wipes, swipe it across my face and VOILA! Off to bed I go. But I do like to take care of my skin, bc if I don't now, I know it'll kick me in the butt later when I'm older. So here we go!

This is my bare, butt nekid face ;[ As you can see, my face is lighter than my neck, wierd I KNOW.

In the morning:

I wash my face with Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash
Moisturize with a beeswax moisturizer diluted with pearl cream.

Simple right?

At night:

Wipe make up off with Pond's make up removing wipes. [most of the time, that's the end of the regimen.]
When I'm not that tired, I'll go the extra mile by washing my face again with Neutrogena.
Afterwards, I'll put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and dab it on my face, like a toner.
Depending if I have a pimple comming out not, I'll put ZAP ZYT, it dries the sucker right off.
Then I'll apply my clinique moisturizer liberally all over face and neck.

So there you have it! I generally like to keep my regimen simple, I believe less is more. My face is not a science experiment!

I hope you guys get inspired by some of the things I've used, and try them out and see if it works for you. Please remember, just because it works for me doesn't mean it'll work for you. This is all based on what my skin seems to get a long with.


I made a post on ABB, on this au natural look, using this [below] candid. Someone requested a tutorial so here it is! But before I start I'd like to say that just recently I dyed my hair BLACK. So my hair definitely looks lighter in this picture!

On a clean eyelid, apply eyeshadow primer, base, or concealer. I used UDPP.

It should look like this ;]

I used "sugar peach beige" from My Minerals Bath & Body.

Should look like this.

Using VS eyeshadow in "Between the Sheets"

Apply any type of eyeliner of your choice. Gel, liquid, pencil. It's all good! I used VS gel liner.

Now you can use mascara, but I'm lazy so I just glue on the lashes!

Mascara on the bottom lashes is optional, some people just prefer to smudge liner. I choose to put mascara on the bottom because I think it makes my eyes look bigger ;]

Simple shimmer, very neutral.

Very light neutral color on the lips. In the very first picture I used NYX's orange soda, but I just put some lip butter on here. You can use whatever you feel comfortable with, something light and natural.

Not the best pictures, I KNOW. I did this tutorial at the end of the day! BARE WITH ME!

Do I look like I have jaundice! Its my bathroom light. Gives this yellowish overcast sometimes!

Not feeling the super dark hair ;[