Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Simple, quick, easy to do yourself hair quickies

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or licensed hairstylist, just a girl who's been edward scissorhands since birth. I've had a love hate relationship with my pair of scissors but it's all about fun and experimenting, like in all things make up. All the information I provide below are methods in which I use to cut my hair and works for me. Please use what I say at your own discretion and for informational purposes only.

Now I can't get too in to detail about cutting your hair because it is a bit complicated. But I have gotten a few emails and messages asking about me cutting my own hair. I definitely recommend going to your stylist for any trims or cuts. My tutorial is just for quick fixes and easy things like bangs. Just simple things you could do to your hair to oomph it up from your normal day to day style.

PS. I DO NOT cut my own hair completely, but I do cut my bangs, and do front layers. & if you do try this stuff out, I sincerely hope you don't look like you took a pair of kitchen scissors and went scissor happy.

What you'll need:

A GOOD COMB & SCISSORS. You can't get a good cut without either one. Go to Sally's and pick out some good scissors, they don't have to be scissors of the future but they have to cut straight. & you need a comb to be able to brush your hair down and divide your hair evenly. You need a comb with the teeth close together, if they are too far apart your hair won't hold and divide evenly for your cut.


In any hair cut, regardless of a trim or even simple layers, you need balance. There are a million and one ways to achieve a hair cut. You need to examine and observe your hair, see which way your hair naturally falls into. Like for example, I know that my hair doesn't fall down the middle, why would I force it to and then cut my layers from the position. I would put my hair in it's natural way and cut from there.

To find the crown of your head, hold the comb on one end, and keep it parallel to the ground. Slowly place it on the top of your head, wherever the comb hits first is the TOP of your crown. Then where the top of your crown is place one end of your comb back until you feel resistance. That is the end of your crown. You need to remember these points so that you can balance out your hair cut. Do the same method to the side of your head. Grab all the hair from the front, to the back of the ears and align it to the back of crown. Brush your hair out and as you pull out take the scissors and cut downwards quickly to create layers. It should make front layers. That is the easiest way to create layers but I know it's hard to understand without a visual.

The other way, is to wet your hair and brush it down. Take the scissors and cut vertically but not in a straight line, go a little inwards towards the rest of your hair. If done correctly, you should get front layers.

BANGS are fairly easier to do. If you can't decide how long you want your bangs, brush the amount of hair you think you might want forward, like if you had bangs, now take a comb and use it to push your hair upwards so you can see how you would look like if you had bangs. Now when you decide how THICK you want you bangs, here are a couple pointers.

If you want blunt bangs, wet your hair and cut across, I suggest cutting where your eyes are first and then keep cutting shorter if you like. REMEMBER your hair is longer when wet. SO be wary.

You can also have blunt bangs and make it longer when getting closer to where it ends for a rounder look.

For wispy bangs, cut like you would for blunt bangs, then take the scissors cut UPWARDS towards your forehead to thin out bangs and give it a more wispy look.

For side bangs, I wet my hair, pull it to the side and shape it the way I would want it to and cut accordingly.

Now like I said I'm just a girl who's gone scissor happy a time or two but this is the information I use to cut bangs. & just recently I went bang-happy. I gave everybody bangs! Myself, Tina, Tina's sister Andrea, my MOM, and my baby girl. If you scroll down I recently trimmed my baby's hair using the methods above.

I KNOW this entry should be more visually enhanced by I don't know how I could cut my own hair (or pretend to) and take a picture at the same time. But if anything, I'll definitely try to get a friend to help me out with that.


i cut my own bangs, lol. great tips!

Thank you soooo much for posting this up. Im such a dummy tho. I need visual aid but dont go through the trouble if you dont have the time. I save ur tips and if i ever get the courage to cut my own hair Im gonna try it. I really appreciate this. Thanks.

Cheryl: Yea it's pretty easy, you just have to be a little ballsy and not want to crawl up in a ball and die if you mess up! lol

Aprecia: You're soo welcome! I really did want to put some visuals but I would need someone to help me, if I get a friend or two over to help me then I'll definitely get some pictures up. I know it's kind of hard to understand just by reading ;] Anyways I hope one day you get the courage to even try a little trim and post it for us to seeeee