Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taming the BEAST of all beasts!

Ok so maybe it's NOT a beast, but it certainly is an unruly hairy thing.

Eversince I got my hands on my first lipgloss,(I was only allowed to wear lipgloss at first) it has really been a rollercoaster of trial and error. Make up is all about self discovery, in a sense that, you see things in magazines or on other people and you experiment and sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a straight up MISS! A big misconception that people have is that they think that just because a model or an actress' make up is in a certain way and how gorgeous they look, it would look just as good on them. Make up is all about fun and figuring out what really brings out the best in your features and what makes YOU unique ;]

For me it seems, I can't really see when I overplucked or if my eyebrows are too fat. My eyebrows have been really misshaped to NON existant, too thin or too thick, too straight or too arched. My eyebrows are naturally full so it's fairly easy for me to change their shape. Due to my adolescent undecisiveness, my eyebrows are now patchy and wierd. Eversince I started posting here and on ABB, I've been getting asked about my eyebrows and how I groom them! This is the method that I've been using since highschool, and it's worked for me regardless of how I shaped them. This is really what has just worked for me through the years. So here we go!

Start off with a clean eyebrow and remove straggly's and unwanted hairs. If you want, take an eyebrow brush and brush hair upwards, cutting the extras that grow past your eyebrow.

It should look like this or get it as "clean" as possible.

Take dark brown eyeshadow (or whatever you prefer) & fill in your brows.

It should look like this. I know it looks sort of uneven but that's okay.

Take some concealor( or foundation), hopefully yours comes with a wand, and apply around eyebrows to create a more "defined" look.

After you blend it in, it should look like this!

I hoped this helped with anybody who had any questions about my eyebrows, if this wasn't informative enough for you, don't hesitate to email me ;]

Lately my eyes have been killing me, eversince the freakin' beach! They've been itchy red and watery! So no fotd's or eotd's till this allergy or eye irritation goes away! & just a heads up, me and my friend Tina have an appointment for the salon on Friday!! I don't know if you guys have heard of Vidal Sasoon. They have a product line, blowdryers, curling irons etc. But that's where we're getting our hair cut at! So I'll definitely be posting about that with always an overload of pictures!


oh thanks so much for the post!!! i watched on youtube and someone used eyeshadow instead of concealer for that defined look. but i think i like ur idea better, i'm gonna try it out soon


oh my concealer doesn't come with a brush more like a spongy applicator. I was wondering what concealer u were using? thanks

DID NOT KNOW that the concealer could do so much! LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Omg, I'm soo gonna try this. THANKS girl!!!

Jennifer L: I use Clinique's concealor, it comes with a spongey applicator too so I use my old Victoria Secret Concealor wand! I don't know if you're open to the idea but I've bought some brushes from Michael's and they have some great brushes! For my eyebrows, I tend to get brushes that look like lip brushes because of their shape! If you have an old lip brush it would definitely do the trick!

Donna: You're welcome girl!

The concealer things really cool, i'll have to try that out sometime
and i did check out the site, the lashes there are all so pretty i wish there was a store like that! i'm going to ask my cousin if she can buy some for me lol i can't buy stuff online but she can (:

Thanks girl..& yea I voted for you! Just to let you know ;]

I have similar eyes as you! I think your eyes are beautiful as well and that you really know your eye makeup techniques! I will give this a try on the concealer.

Hey girl! Thanks so much, you are too sweet! So you have wierd almond shaped eyes too! HAHA. Let me know how the concealor technique works for you! & thanks for stopping by sweets ;]

Hey Jess. I tried the concealer trick and it work like a charm. Thanks. I heard of Vidal Sasoon, I used to have a blow dryer of theirs. I hope ur hair cut turns out well.

Aprecia- Hey girl! I'm so happy to hear that the concealor worked out well for you!! & my hair did turn out well! I'll be posting pictures soon ;]

Thanks for the link! I love your blog ♥ you've got some amazing MU skills (sooo talented!!! I'm jealous!)

No problem Mandy! I love your blog ;] & You are tooo sweeeeeet!

that was a cool technique. i will have to tell my cousin about this. her eyebrows are hideous.

good idea ima try it =) drop by my page sometimes =) xoxo