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Friday, November 14, 2008


OK so it's not my birthday YET. It's going to be this Saturday but I'm getting ready as we speak to leave for VEGAS!! I'm sooo sorry I haven't really been around blogger! But as soon as I get back from vegas I will be reading all of your blogs and commenting like usual ;]

I'm so excited to go and to finally be REUNITED with my hubby !!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tarte: trés cheek LE natural cheek stain set

Retails for: $25

Overall, I like it. Smells yummy, there are a few other scents (not in the set) that are on the funky side so go to your nearest Sephora and sniff! The only thing I was really disappointed with was the amount of blush in the tube. I twisted it up and it seemed like I twisted it about twice and that was the end of the tube. The colors are very pretty and pigmented. I've been going for the dewy look lately so this definitely helps.

I like blush ITSELF but would not invest into a set but rather into a full sized tube.

The actual tarte blushes I give a 5/5


The SET will have to be a 2/5 for me just because of how little there is in the tube.


& here are some swatches

Posh is probably my favorite then Chic, then Fierce. I love them all though!

Monday, November 3, 2008


SO the plan was that we were all going to do 1950's greaser kind of look. But it ended up not pulling through at the last minute so we all went up girl? It was super last minute and it turned out okay. I'm the only one who didnt have pin up hair ;[

My halloween look.

The girls & I

Serenity's a pirate princess!!

Trick or treat!

Serenity in her pirate ship lookin' for scurvy pirates!

Can you tell they love each other?

did you guys miss me ?

you must be wondering...

WHERE THE H-E-double hockey sticks HAVE YOU BEEN!?

i've been SICK and also a little bit lazy to blog (it's so high maintenance). I DO apologize for not posting as much as I should and not keeping up with my blog roll. I PROMISE i will be up and running again ;] & a big thanks to all of you who asked if i was okay!

ANYWAYS! I've been tagged! By Neeyuh(peacelovemakeup) & Aradani(halo-halo)

Here are the Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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1. I'm a wierd perfectionist. When I want something perfect, it IS perfect to the TEE. But if it doesn't come out perfect or I don't want it perfect I want it to be as if I never tried. Do you get it? i.e. my room is either perfect or totally messed up cause if it's not perfect, i dont want it half-assed cleaned. So i don't want it to look like i tried.

2. I'm extreme. I either love you or hate you with a passion.

3. I'm very gray area, I don't see things as black and white.

4. I don't eat multiple things at once? LIKE I don't want more than one food on my plate with my rice. And if they are together like at a party, i like them seperated. I don't like mixing my food! So I'll eat rice and adobo, then when I'm done with that, I'll eat rice and something else.

5. I was actually a tomboy when I was a kid. I liked video games, playing sports and what not. But I grew out of it..I'll still play a video game or two every now and then though.

6. When I'm mad or sad..I'll clean.

I'm sure everybody's done this already! SO whoever comes across this..I TAG YOU!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

MAC's Genitalia Collection

SIKE! Ok nobody actually believed that right?

Anyways your probably all wondering why my MAC lippie looks..odd. Well this hot ass California weather melted it and I was about to reapply when a quarter of it smooshed off. I stuck it back in and waited for it cool down and reshaped it as best as I could with a lip brush..and it ended up taking on a whole 'notha form of it's own. ;P

Is my hair naturally curly?




Then what is it?

KUSOT. (wrinkled)

I say that because it's not really wavey or curly..just wrinkled. I get a few people asking how I tousle my hair or get it wavey..but I was sadly not born with lovely pin straight hair. Unless it's heat-styled, it will always be wrinkled ;[

Anyways, after school me and Tina went to Del Amo Swap Meet to pick up some PRO5's for the HUBS and then off to DEL AMO MALL ;]

& this is a look I did today after I got home, it looks BROWN but it was really ORANGE, like rusty orange.

What I used:
Simply Naturals Piggie in Citrus
L'oreal HIP Piggie in Tenacious
VS Gel Liner in Black
Shu Uemura Mascara Basic in Black
Ardell's Demi-Wispies
& you're probably wondering what I snagged up at Del Amo..I actually forgot my wallet but my bestie spotted me ;] YOU'RE THE BEST! LOVE YOU!

And how much was it?
Bargain? Yes indeed.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 months of love

I know I haven't been updating and posting like my usual self. I had an extremely busy weekend and had been catchin' up on some much need r &r. But I am up and running again so expect to see more daily posts, YAY!

So on Friday, I got to hang with Anne. My long time friend since 8th grade & God MAMA to my babygirl ;] Definitely felt like OLD TIMES! We met up with Emeria. Unfortunately there aren't many pictures to rub in y'alls faces to show how much fun we had! But that's how much fun we had that we forgot to take pictures! Anyways, we ate Roscoe's and headed to South Coast and then to the CCO ;] Anne also gave me some goodies which will be pictured below! & it was also close to me and mr. bigs ANNY so he let me buy some stuff YAY!

Anne and serenity ;]

LOL I was Anne's paparazzi for the day.

(Not pictured: MAC's Sculpt & Shape)
Look at the goodies I got from the bf & ANNE. Love you guys ;]
All the NYX e/s, palettes, jumbo pencils are from Anne! I can't wait to play with them!
& the MAC 188, Your Ladyship Piggie & what not are from my BOO!
I also got..

2 scarves! I got a gray one too ;] MY HUBBY IS THE BEST

On saturday, I had to be in the valley by 8 o clock and yall know I'm on Filipino time so that didn't happen!

My look:

Me and the bride's sister


I know I'm smiling like it hurts but the sun was in my eyes! Look how dark my arms got from standing outside forever! good lord!

Serenity twirling on the dance floor

& last but not least...

It's me and big's monthaversary today! 30 months. I love you baby.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I thought it was about time to introduce y'all to my doggie ;] His name is BEBE, I got him about 6 years ago and a friend of mine actually found him in a trashcan ;[ He was so small and just a baby and she gave him to me.

AWW he's camera-shy

LOL can you tell he didn't want to take a picture?

Anyways ladies, I've been wanting to get a straightening iron for some time now and am THINKING of investing in one but don't really know which one to get. I've looked online and have found brands like CHI, H2PRO, Bio-Ionic..So do you any of you have any suggestions, warnings, experiences with any of these that you'd like to share? Anything would be greatly APPRECIATED!! ;]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cali-for-nye-aye sunset look

No matter where I go, I'll always be a California girl at heart. Born and raised baby! I love California ;] & one of the things I love most about Cali is the sunsets.

So whaddaya think!?

I tried to make my hair look "beachy" LOL if ya know what I mean.

& for some kicks.. I DID A CHOLA LOOK.

IF YOU MUST KNOW, I used to be into that look. I might just scan my license to show y'all bc it's the only living proof of those days HAHA until 2010 and I can get a new one ;]

Ok imagine this make up, with bleached blonde hair, a nose piercing and lip piercing haha and that was like about 5 years ago!

Monday, October 13, 2008

LOOK: lime n' the coconut & weekend recap

Before I get into my look , I just want to go over my weekend recap! So on Friday, I did a little wallet damage with my girl Tina..

That's me doing what I do best ;]

On sunday we had a little reunion a lot will be not be pictured because they didn't want to be.

Me not enjoying my meal ;[

GOSH that toast looks good! HAHA

me and tina ;]

LOL I look tall!

After eating we went to cerritos and I figured I'd look for the wedding dress I would be wearing for my friend's wedding. I'm one of her brides maids so I had to get a champagne dress! Anyways, sear's was having an awesome sale and I got these for 10 & 15 dollars! UNBELIEVE-ABLE right? They were both originally priced at 120 & 150 dollars so it was a definite steal.

UGH I don't know what's going on with the lighting in my room ;[
But it's dark but whatevs. This is the dress I'm going to be wearing to vegas for my BDAY!!

& this is the dress for my friend's wedding!? NOT BAD right!?

Anyways, on to my look cause I know I haven't done one in awhile ;] I called in lime n' the coconut cause I used green, yellow and brown. It was much prettier in person.

yea that picture kind of doesn't look like me...but it was the cutest one! HAHA so whatever! My bathroom lighting makes me look light and my bedroom lighting makes me look dark. What's going on!?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

French Tips Without Polish?

Sounds like a cool concept right? Well awhile back I went to Sally's to pick up a nail buffer and saw this product and thought I'd give it a try, for 99 cents it couldn't hurt ;]

Flowery 7" Professional Nail White Pencil Claims:
To give natural nails a french manicure look without polish


Moisten tip of pencil. Gently draw under the tip of the nail.

There's Tina filling in underneath her nails. LOL I made her do it so I wouldn't have to remove my nail polish.

close up.

Overall, it obviously can't give you a straight up french manicure look but it does whiten the nails and gives it a naturally clean dainty look. This would be good for those who's nails may not be white, some of us have a yellow-ish tint to their nails maybe from their nail polish. Or maybe your nails are super clear and you'd like them to be white. For 99 cents you can't go wrong, it's easy, mistake-proof, you can't spill or make a mess with it and it's good for on the go and it's easy to keep in your purse for touch ups!