Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Shatter

My friend and I were out having lunch when she was telling me about Katy Perry's new nail polish, Black Shatter. She was saying how badly she wants it, went to the two nail shops near by to see if it was available and it wasn't :( After I leave our lunch date, I go to my bf's house & what do you know, his sister has Black Shatter! Needless to say, @melindaah was super jelly ! (yeah, I got pretty lucky w. this lol) For those of you who don't know what Black Shatter is, it's basically a nail polish that gives you that "broken glass" design w.out having to do much at all. Here's what to do:
1. Apply a clear coat on your nail first
2. Choose a nice bright color & apply ! (gray looks really nice with it)
3. Apply Black Shatter on TOP of your pretty color **
4. Watch the magic work within seconds of application!
5. Always a TOP COAT !

**Quick Tip for Black Shatter:
The thinner the application of Black Shatter, the thinner the lines are.
The thicker the application of Black Shatter, the thicker the lines are.

This bottle will run you about $9, which is pretty pricey but you don't need to pay the nail shop extra $$ for a design! I also love that it dries quickly, great time saver. Unfortunately, it only comes in black... for now. Hopefully they come out with other colors soon because I lurrve this stuff!

Please forgive the length of my nails :( They break from bball! This is a great product for those people who have a hard time putting designs on their own nails.

O.P.I. Black Shatter. ($9) Orly Purple Pleather ($3) Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ($3)*

*It only took about a minute to dry! Major time saver.

Connie Cee.


I'm STILL looking for Black Shatter. Too much hype, must try! haha

ooh i've been seeing this stuff everywhere and totally need to get it, it looks so cool!
thanks for the comment on my blog! i have a beauty blog if you're interested in checking it out too, since it seems like you're pretty into makeup :)

Fashion Bag 411
Beauty Bag 411

ooh cute!! maybe you should try doing a makeup tutorial video soon, those seem to be really popular. or maybe even a haul video, especially with good lighting and in hd :)

@Jane-- if you're in LA, try the OPI store in Sherman Oaks

@Liana-- You should def try it, it's pretty cool especially if you just want a quick design. & I will look into your beauty blog.

@anon-- I will try to do a make up tutorial but I'm always working M-F so the day light is gone by the time I get home. But I'll def put in the effort soon :)

& Thank you for reading everyone <3

I want to get it, or better yet a friend to get it, so i can use it :)

You're so lucky you got black shatter! I've been looking everywhere and it seems to be completely sold out ) :

Sorry for the uber late response, did any of u end up finding black shatter? If not, try China Glaze's Crackle Glaze, it works just as well, comes in MORE colors & is cheaper! Yay!