Friday, August 29, 2008

FOTD: Sparkling Blue Tangerine

Happy 3 day weekend! Hallelujah! I'm planning on going to beach this Sunday! What do you guys have planned? Anything special? Well, today I was cleaning my make up station and my sparkly lashes caught my eye! I have forgotten and neglected them. Haven't even worn them, let alone touched them since I bought them. So since the Mr. Biggs was going to be at friend's tonight and I wasn't really going to get to talk to him, I figured I'd occupy my time by playing with my sparkly lashes and doing some crazy make up! I decided to use my La Femme eyeshadow from my recent haul, but made a gradient effect using some pink and purple piggies from my Simply Natural's piggie collection.

Here are some close ups of my eye:

OH crap is my eyelash comming off? Or just way too long! PFF!!

Face shots!

What I used: La Femme e/s in #29- Outer Crease
La Femme e/s in #28- Used it as Eyeliner
Simply Naturals Piggie in Violet- Middle crease
Simply Naturals Piggie in Tangerine- Inner crease
Ardell's ”Fun” Eyelashes
Clinique's High Definition Lashes in Black


hey, thanks for the comment you are sooo sweet. I love your posts on ABB. Especially the one about your outfit costing only $10. I actually went to kohls to see I can score a good bargain like you. I didn't get any, unfortunately. Thanks again, Im gonna check out the rest of your blog now. =p.

Hi! First time visiting your blog :D
I just wanted to tell you that
your blending skills are GORGEOUS, girl!
I love the look ^-^

Joanna: Yea, I have 3 Kohl's around my area and only 1 really comes up with the good deals! Did you check the 80-90% aisles? But thanks for checking out the blog & I hope to see more of your posts on ABB!

thepunkcat: Thanks hun! Means a lot to me!

you're gorgeous, are the falsies acutally called "fun"
I haven't seen them anywhere, but then again I'm in Canada and it seems like we don't have anything lol

Hey girl! Thanks Sweety! And yes they really are called "FUN." Do you have a Sally's beauty supply store there? Because that is where I got it from. I know that cvs carries a good variety of Ardell's.

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great look, love the 2nd to last pic how ur left eyelash sparkles