Monday, June 27, 2011

POP! Goes my IMATS cherry!

(IMATS '11 @Pasadena Convention Center)
YES! My very first time at the IMATS & while it was a good experience, probably one I won't do again anytime soon. To me, it was a giant showcase for make up (DUH!) a.k.a. a room full of booths to buy make up from a.k.a. just like Sephora or a department store. 

The difference? a $15-40 entrance fee depending on your ticket.
If you're a smart, early bird and just wanted floor tickets you probably got yours for $15 but I got mine for $25, I was not interested in taking any classes for $40. Just not my cup of tea!

OVERALL: It's definitely a great convention for PROFESSIONAL make up artists to receive discounts on items, pro items, economy sized knick knacks and train cases but since my I am the painter of only ONE palette (my face) all of that was totally unnecessary for me! BUT..I did go on a Sunday, I liked it, no line to get in, not too much of a hassle getting around but is it really THAT big of a difference going in on a Sunday rather than a Saturday? WHO KNOWS!?

Lunch prior to IMATS @ Cafe Santorini

 Risotto with Chicken Sausage
 (L2R: Grilled Calamari & Chicken Kabobs)
These make me giggle :) & it was given away free by L.A. Beautiful to promote their plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, hence my silicon shots in my vid!

OH? More pics you say? TOO BAD! You have to watch the vid to see pics and footage taken at the IMATS! Whomp, whomp, whomp..I know.

"Till next time..



If you didn't have to deal with lines, Sunday is definitely different than Saturday. LOL. :P The lines were HORRIBLE on Saturday. Congrats on getting your IMATS cherry popped. LOL.

@christiana dang then i'm definitely glad i went on sunday then :) i would've died! haha