Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Pervs & Haters...

This one's for you :)

So as of late, I've been getting an unusual amount of traffic, come to find it's due to two things:

I don't know which is worse, seriously.

So ever since this post (Triple M: Purse Porn), there have been a flurry of google searches leading pervs to my site and that's not even the worst of it. There are google searches on not only me but Connie ChaCha that include porn related keywords. Such as: connie cee porn, missjessicadee naked.

Save yourself a google search and just look up "PORN" & keep your grimey eyes and jerkin' jergens away from here. THANKS.

AND ALAS, my favorite people in the world, haters.

So that malicious attack, whose ammo and insult was to use me as an example to insult her, was posted on her blog (above). Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Now what gets me is how backwards this whole thing is. This "rondachewarrior" goes on to praise Dawn Yang (can you say plastic surgery queen and if I'm not mistaken, that's considered fake) to say how beautiful she is and then goes on to bash "thebadbarbie" calling her insecure for just TALKING about surgery and then puts the icing on the cake by insulting me and saying if she were to continue wearing make up, she would end up looking like me. and not only that but linking my site to add insult to injury. BUT NO "OFFENCE" right.


The most insulting thing is not being directly insulted, it's being INDIRECTLY insulted and used as an insult and then taken as an insult to have someone say they would look me.

Talk about insult overdose.

 Below is if you care to read the rest of their squabble.

Full of hate? Full of shallowness?

C'mon ladies, let's be full of neither and just have fuller brains.

On the contrary, I didn't write this post to insult anyone, I did it to vent. It's the first time I've ever been used as an insult (that I know of) and being taken as an insult. I haven't had a lick of surgery done and YES, I do wear make up but to the extent of being equivalent to the cat lady, mehh. I think anyone would be offended. So you can call me insecure or lame but I'M HUMAN. And yes, I'm not perfect and YES I do use make up to enhance myself but I don't try to overly manipulate my features. I'm not going to sit here and throw insults @rondachewarrior because it's her opinion if she thinks my face is all cake. But I will say that to go out of her way to mention my name, insult me and link my blog was totally unnecessary. It's like, not only did you want to insult me, you rubbed it in and made it clear you wanted me to see it. Clearly seems like malicious animosity... for what reason?


THANKS for the hate, it drives traffic to my blog LOL. Lord knows I need it. JK.


Ah, don't worry about haters. They have nothing better to do than just hating. :)

So stay cool and calm. They are the most happy when other people suffer because of them.

I think the best is to just ignore them. <3

Oh and I once used the word "nude" in my circle lenses review and I got TONS of perves on my blog :)).