Saturday, August 23, 2008


I made a post on ABB, on this au natural look, using this [below] candid. Someone requested a tutorial so here it is! But before I start I'd like to say that just recently I dyed my hair BLACK. So my hair definitely looks lighter in this picture!

On a clean eyelid, apply eyeshadow primer, base, or concealer. I used UDPP.

It should look like this ;]

I used "sugar peach beige" from My Minerals Bath & Body.

Should look like this.

Using VS eyeshadow in "Between the Sheets"

Apply any type of eyeliner of your choice. Gel, liquid, pencil. It's all good! I used VS gel liner.

Now you can use mascara, but I'm lazy so I just glue on the lashes!

Mascara on the bottom lashes is optional, some people just prefer to smudge liner. I choose to put mascara on the bottom because I think it makes my eyes look bigger ;]

Simple shimmer, very neutral.

Very light neutral color on the lips. In the very first picture I used NYX's orange soda, but I just put some lip butter on here. You can use whatever you feel comfortable with, something light and natural.

Not the best pictures, I KNOW. I did this tutorial at the end of the day! BARE WITH ME!

Do I look like I have jaundice! Its my bathroom light. Gives this yellowish overcast sometimes!

Not feeling the super dark hair ;[


wow u did your lashes in one step.

I need to start practicing again. I heard there's some tool that makes it easy.

I'm addicted to lashes girl! LOL. But yea they do have this clip thing that helps you put on your lashes. They usually come in a lash starter kit, it comes with the lashes[duh], glue, and the clip.

thanks Im gonna go look for it =)

That's a pretty picture. Looks like it was for a photoshoot. Those lashes look pretty natural on you. Since I started work, I haven't used them and my eyes feel so naked.

THANKS! I feel naked without lashes too. Just the other day before my circuit training class my eyelashes was flapping off! I had to take them off and I just felt wierd. Thank god it was before class!