Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boredom FOTD: Barbie Edition

"A plastic tan never fades but a plastic soul biodegrades..."
Boredom brings the barbie out of me, apparently. I was super duper bored and just ended up doing this look. Honestly, kinda sad it didn't POP out as much in pictures but it was BRIGHTER in person, I SWEAR! PLUS, I had to put this damn 88 e/s palette to good use somehow! & what better way than to paint my face.


& since we're on the topic of PLASTIC....

how plastic..IS PLASTIC?

& how FINE is that line between "enhancement" & just straight up "FALSE ADVERTISMENT"

If you think about it, women can virtually change EVERYTHING on their bodies, even without surgery. From contacts, to nails, lip plumpers, face tapes, clip on smiles, spray tans, the possibilities are e n d l e s s. I think to a certain extent it's a good thing. Too much is well...another story for another day!

BUT POOR GUYS, looks are completely and soley dependent on their genes. There's no Maybelline to make believe,  just two options:


THANK GOD, personalities are not available in stores.