Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the set of NIP/TUCK & "B is for Body in Beauty"

So today for circuit training we met in BayShore to run along at the BEACH!! So upon arriving there we see all these cameras and people in tents and what not, and sadly no there weren't there to get a close-up of us haha. It was the set of NIP/TUCK, they were shooting at the beach!!! So you know I had to snap a few pictures ;] They were takin from far distances because I didn't want to get kamikaze attacked by security LOL.
Anyways, about the "B is for Body in Beauty" I firmly believe in keeping my body in as best shape as I can. I'm a lazy bum when it comes to it though and I do slack off and eat things that I shouldn't. But I'm TRYING! So here is my excercise adventure at the beach!!

driving to meet tina, wthhh why does it look like night time! & yea I know the freakin' flash! But my hair looked nice ;]

A picture of the set from the car


More extras...

The trailers and what not..

The set! LOL I took this like a billion feet away! back to excersizing!

Gotta stretch!!

What the heck happened to my hair? Oh well but you like the blurr effect!? It's like I'm running faster than the speed of light!
Running is awesome cardio if you want to lose some body fat..

Doing lunges..working out the butt and thighs! KEEPIN' IT FIRRRRM!

Walking backwards? Don't ask me why but we always do.

Leg lifts...
Crunches...for the ABS!

LOL why is tina doing the stiff arm?

I was too tired to go to the water...

The pretty ocean...

The pretty boats..

The rich beach houses!
We got in the water to cool off and relax

And then off to L & L's for a reward ;]

Chicken Katsu & BBQ Chicken

And of course! You can forget about YogurtLand! LOL Can you tell how bad she wanted that?

Nothing's better than comming home to a package! YAY! The brushes the hubby bought me for our monthaversary is finally here ;] But that will all be another post ;]

Anyways I hope my post inspired some of you ladies to get your excercise on ;]


Lucky you get to work out at the beach!

Dammit, that reminds me to exercise. I go through cycles with exercising. I have asthma so I can't run for long periods. I really ought to do some toning. I don't have my ex for cardio anymore >.< HEEEEEEH ... hahhaa

Wait, you look good with color and neutrals! Hahhaa, Nordstrom probably checks my "account". I have a credit card with them and they can search back 2 years. I would! I'd shop every single day! When I worked retail, I'd leave nearly every day with a bag -_-. I'm awful, I know.

You're too sweet, but m'dear you are mistaken! I look lean, but I'm so not tone. When I gain weight, you see it in my tummy, my arms, and my FACE >.<. You had a beautiful baby girl! It's normal to have a different body now. I have love handles too! I carry a lot of extra fat above my ass. I don't mind it =P. I use to hate being too skinny cause I'd get a lot of shit for it. If you really have rolls and love handles you can reduce them with exercise! At least you're still skinny! You look skinny! Don't worry too much =)

Hahaha, keep it up and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. I applaud your strength and dedication!

Yup, retail stores are so good at sucking my $$ away.

Hahaha, well I assure you you look good with color in photos!!!!

My skin is pretty awful. I have good skin in a sense (or so people tell me), but it's problematic! Like the texture, smoothness, tone is good. But I still get acne and lots of whiteheads/blackheads. I'm still trying to figure out the perfect skincare regime for me. It looks good in photos because of the lighting. But if you look closely at my most recent pictures, you can see some on my chin and between my eyes/eyebrow.

Your skin on the other hand is perfect! It looks good w/o makeup!

Haha I don't have rolls, but I do have love handles. I don't have much fat in the middle of my torso but I do have a small belly around my belly button. If I remember, I may take a picture of my love handles to prove it to you! My thighs and ass jiggle haha.

Oh, I don't start training until Oct 14 (they start 2-week long training sessions on certain dates). I was hired right in the middle of 2 sessions so I have to wait. I'll post OL pics once I start though!!!

Haha, the texture and tone of my skin is good but I have blemishes! I promise. I just use good stuff to cover them up =P. You're lucky you have clear, problem-free skin that's matte! Trust me, I don't think you'd want it the other way around hehehe

found you off ABB and jes wanted to drop by and give ya some luv. great blog, i'm a fan of all yiour looks.

To prove you WRONG, I will! Remind me tomorrow! I'd to it know but the lighting sucks and I don't want to use flash around mirrors. I'm gonna try it with jeans because those usually push up my ass and make my love handles more prominent hahaha. I'm sure yours aren't that bad!!!!!

Yes you do! I like seeing outfits =)

Well I only recently remembered it, so I just started wearing it since we broke up 2 years ago. I wouldn't wear it if I was mad at him though. I'm sooo not throwing away tiffany! Yup, they won't know =P.

I need to exercise... lol~ I need more motivation though. :X

Did you get to see the actors from the show?

Hahahaha kk!! He is smart! There's no hiding that!

I'm loving being back in Oregon. Oregon is a bit more boring compared to Cali and Seattle. But it's comforting to me. I like knowing where everything is, my small community, and the mix of a large city feel in a small tightly-knit community.

Lol~ You know a lot of the police for sets are actors getting paid to play cops? I never knew that until someone told me.

I need to get rid of my jiggles. I told myself yesterday I'm watching what I eat and walking Tobey on daily basis. That didn't last long because I didn't walk him tonight. I'm so tired!!! :X

hey, thanks for dropping by
i love your blog!! i added you to my links so will visit really often now ^^

you are so pretty and in shape!!
i wish i was

and wow its so nice to go workout on the beach!!

I need to get back in shape too! The weather here has got me inside and lacking motivation. Nip/Tuck is a crazy show! You should have jumped in a scene and then ran your ass off!! haha...

I didn't have time today and plus today i found out what my test score was so I was angsty all day!..But OMG I WANT TO WORK OUT WITH YOU..since i canceled my gym membership I need a work out buddy or two?..haha whatever you're soo funny though lnl and yogurtland after as a reward!..It's ok I do that except I got to Rascals to get chinese chicken salad cuz mahn its sooo good!!

I got an 88!!!..i was sooo freakin happy because I never studied so hard..Like on all my previous science tests it was kind of whatever, but this time I put in sooo much effort so I'm soo glad it paid off..UNFORTUNATELY one of the answers i changed was right so if i had kept would have been an A..OH well! BUT WORK OUT..YESSS I really want to have nice abs or toned abs!

your post actually reminded me why i don't like to excercise. haha. i kid. which reminds me... i have like 5 or 6 brand new sports bras sitting in my drawers unused... i guess i should put them to use, huh? hahaha. :P

hahah ur such a paparazii! cute pix tho... is this a program ur in to get in shape? im glad u sooo motivated! omg thats wut i really need... im sooo lazy but soOo out of shape like REALLY! arghh... u look cute excersing hahaha pretty gurl! anyways thanks for the comment<333 they're just too competitive.. and dont kno how to have fun ya know?

Lucky you to exercise on the beach. I need to get in shape too, but I'm sooo lazy lol.

Exercising on the beach with a hawaiian food afterward sounds awesome. Usually after i exercise (which i have been neglecting- im such a lazy bum) I just shower and then sleep. i should reward myself with a cup of yogurt next time.

awesome pics.. working out looks like a lotta fun!

Your sooo lucky! I wish I lived closer to the beach, it would give me more motivation to work out. Which I desperately need to. Very cool pix!That's awesome you got to see the set and all. Ohh and I LOVE me some L&L.

I think it's awesome you posted pix of you exercising...It's great motivation! :)