Wednesday, August 13, 2008


my first photo-shut (shoot +tut) har har har?

ok well if you said it in a filipino fob kind of way it would be FUNNY :)

anyways one of my besties before testies came over and i always seem to use her as my little make up experiment! but she never minds. anyways, i really wanted to take away from the usual colorful make up i do on her and just do a simple light smokey eye and really focus more on contour and really see how far the magic of contour could really take me. the results were really amazing, you can judge for yourself when you scroll down and look at the pics! anyways besides my love of make up, i love love love photography so i asked her if she wanted to model for me to test my skills out hehe.

so here goes the little step by step picture tut i made! hopefully it helps!

i cleaned off her face with ponds make up removing wipes and put pearl cream diluted with beeswax moisturizer! yumm...
primed with monistat chafing relief gel
concealed with clinique concealer in medium
used silk naturals foundie in buttery gold

I used a dark brown eyeshadow, but i know other people prefer to use mac's sculpt n shape powder, or a dark foundie or even bronzer. As for the brush, I used a POUT blending brush. So i start off darkening the bridge of the nose( as seen above ) and later i blend with my finger. For the cheeks, all you do is suck and darken the hollow area to create a sucked in illusion
in the picture you can really see how i shaded the cheek and nose bridge area to create a slimmer face! who needs plastic surgery when you have brown eyeshadow right?