Sunday, December 26, 2010

The best of both worlds...

A little bit of chic mixed with a little bit of cheap.
F21 sweater $10, F21 rope headband $3, F21 combat boots $30 Jimmy Choo Nappa

F21 headband $4, Bloom leopard print shirt $15, Claire's no finger gloves $2.50, Steve Madden "Brewster" over the knee boots, Vintage Chanel crossbody tassel pouchette circa 1980

SWAG: priceless

Banana Republic Shirt $25, F21 Necklace $15, Steve Madden "BMERCIE" crossbody bag $30, Reflection heels $5

Kohl's one shoulder long sleeve top $5

I hope everyone had wonderful Christmas & that y'all got everything your hearts desired! I know I did ;) Just the look my baby's face when she opened up her presents was the best gift I could ask for, not to mention great friends, family and BOYFRIEND! 


I love how they all look but the leopard one stood out to me the most. The headband is a YAY, most definitely. :)

Happy Holidays!

I'm good Ms. JD! I've actually been lurkin' you on my reader and am glad you've returned! It's been a LOOONNNGGGG time. I hope all is well and Happy Holidays to you and your fam! :)

Aah take me shopping plz! lol so super cute, and can't believe that you got it all at F 21 !?! i used to hate that place cuz the clothes are so cheap quality, but you seem to have an amazing eye for fashion!

How the hell did you get those cute grey heels for 5 bucks? girl you gotta let me know your secret haha thx for the post and happy holidays :)

@anon I would LOVE to take you shopping with me lol. I too, believe that F21 has some cheap quality clothing but I think they are really coming up. F21 seems to just be the most convenient and LARGEST of the girly stores vs all the other ones in the mall.

& the gray heels? It was already reduced to $9.99 from $39.99 and then was reduced an additional %50 off! You really gotta keep your eye open for these awesome deals! They're everywhere!