Tuesday, August 5, 2008

au naturale with mineral makeup

So who's as crazy as I am about mineral make up? I've persuaded a few of my friends to try it out and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it. first of all, I've never really been into powder foundation. I always thought they they clinged to the itty bitty peach fuzzy hairs on your face and kind of made people look like KIWIS when some light hit their face. O.O But I've come around because I'm always up to try new things and this is one of them. I know many people have already gone into the mineral make up craze but heres just a comparative I did when I tried mineral make up for the first time.

ok so on the left all im wearing is some lipgloss cause i have some super dry lips, tmi? haha. and i just woke up there. and the results to the right! I did my make up very light and natural so the focus could be on the skin. So I know you're thinking that I'm blabbing on and on about mineral make up yet I haven't mentioned what brand I've used. so here we go, drum roll please. SILK NATURALS. I didnt want to go with bare escentuals because honestly it was kind of pricey for something that I just wanted to try and like I said, I'm not a fan of powder unless it's the kind that goes on baby's butts.
Do i use mineral make up everyday? NO. why? because ITS FUHREAKIN HOTT. and i really dont need that much coverage unless I have a pimple. after eyemake up, its moisturizer, pearl creams, blush, mac fix+ and im DONE.