Thursday, October 9, 2008

TOO good to be true?? * EDIT

I woke up super late today ;[ THANK GOD I had an outfit already planned out, so I just busted the 5 minute make up ( which turned out pretty good ) and I was out thee door! LOL Thank goodness Tina was late too xP

Anyways, on our way to class some wierd guy rushes towards us and starts telling us about this awesome deal! He said he was hired to come to the school and pick 10 girls to participate in this deal that the salon he works for is offering. Apparently younger girls weren't going to these high-end salons because they are uber pricey. SOOO he said that we get 90% ?

So he goes on to explain that for $20 a month for 5 months we get everything in this package which you can read below if you click on the image. It goes from hair cuts, to highlights or low lights and what not. And this offer is included at ANDRE's which is a super high end salon in beverly hills. SOOOO of course me and Tina were hypnotized by this deal! Who wouldn't want to get all that and bag of potato chips for 20 bucks a month. So we took the brochure and what not and in the end decided not to do it ;[ It just seems too good to be true and they would probably end up hustlin us in the long run!

Click the Image to enlarge!
You can see the treatments they offer, and also the 50% off card to give to a friend!

My outfit...DONT mind my NON photogenic-ness ;[

My make over on tina ;] CUTE right!?

There were a bajillion pictures we took but sadly none came out that pretty ;[

TOTAL FUCKING SCAM!! Freakin' idiot!

SOOOO yes me and Tina took his stupid little brochure BUT didn't give him our credit card info and what not, just because we wanted to read it over and make sure. WHAT KIND OF MORON ASS COMPANY GIVES AWAY ACTIVATED GIFT CARDS ANYWAYS? SO we ended up not doing it and this guy is blowing ME UP and tells me that his boss says he's gonna take our "contracts" to the collections agency? WHAT CONTRACT is that? THE PIECE OF SHIT paper that says our names? GOOD ONE..

APPARENTLY WE "STOLE"...stole a brochure? the police! call the fbi! call the fucking CIA!


man i heard about that one. someone approach us in school too with the same exact deals and brochures -____-* I dont know... seems too good to be true. Besides, how many times do you need to go to a salon?

Anne: UGH i know. WELL he said 20 bucks a month for 5 100 bucks for all those visits still don't seem that bad but I KNOW in my gut that there's a catch. They wanted a credit card soooo I'm figuring they want to charge you for extra stuff for tips and what not.

OMG good thing you didn't. My stupid friend was scammed by that. Well not scammed, but she bought me and her a deal. Good thing I never used mine!! She used hers and the guy effed up her hair! Like to the max. She kept crying to me and we had to go to Regis to get her shxt fixed. The sad part is that her haircut that she wanted was super short so it's really hard to fix super short hair!! :[ But it looks way better now

LOL are you serious? I can't believe that. HOW the hell would you even steal from him? What a retard!!! Yea but good thing! I swear girl if you saw my friend when she got the cut it was soooo fugly! Her hair was butchered badly boy style cuz she wanted that meg and dia look. Maybe you'll meet her one of these days and she'll tell you about her experience from hell. Thank GOD I lost that card that she bought. I kinda knew too that it was too much of a good thing!

NOOO i'm going crazy. It needs to come ASAP already!!! I've been waiting for it everyday! Trust me i'll text you as soon as I get it! But anyways me and you need to hit up one of those Amore stores. There's one in Cerritos and they sell Korean makeup like Laniege. Lets go next week!!

ps: ok when you said stole i was thinking stole money?! but yea don't use the stolen activated card it'll give you a fugly ass haircut!

Oh gawwwwd. That guy seems like such a jackass, like those liar collection agencies.

It seems like they try really hard to avoid letting you use your benefits. I'm glad you didn't give him your credit card info!

Cute outfit, cute shoes!!! And Tina's eye makeup is gorgeous!

HAHAH.. the other day I was baby talkin my doggy (shut it!) and "McCutie Pie" popped out of my mouth. Then I thought "Damn Jessica Dee!" hahaha. Mc-anything, and I'm gonna think of you!

Haha yup sorry that happened to you. But hey! You posted his number online, I hope he gets some random calls =P meheeeeeheeeee

Patience m'dear. I'm doing it right now.. LITERALLY! haha

Hahah is your daughter scared? Kids are so honest, I wanna know what she thinks =P. Make sure you post pictures!!!!! heeeheeeeemuahaha

Yup! I just finished taking pictures. I'll try to post them later tonight.

Hahah I'm that way too! I get antsy when I buy gifts too =D

I'm glad you guys didn't fall for that trap! In the end, things worked out. Thank goodness! :)

when i was reading ur entry i was praying to myself "Omg girl...Dont do it!!!!".... then i read the bottom and was soo glad you got to see how ugly this guy and his deal was!!! i do hair and there is NO WAY you can do highlights and services for $20 a month! i hope he does call the CIA..cuz he'll only be reporting himself! hahahah...

btw thanks 4 reading my blog. i loooove ur make overs and you are excellent with makeup and colors.

hahahha... lookin 4wd to more of ur looks..And Sanrio forever! <3

wat a scam!!
yah u go girl!! dont let bastards walk over you!

scammers are everywhere all the time! its so pathetic to see people actually approach students? how low is that..tsk! good thing you guys didn't fall for it! the cops should arrest those people! hang them upside down! feed them to the ants! want "sumbong" natin sa police dito?'ll take forever for the police here to take any action..haha

u did a great job on her =) and im really loving ur dress!!

Wut kinda shit is that!?? so he is accusing u guys of stealing? OMG!! lame...

omgosh what a scammer!?! saying you guys "stole" brochures!?! lol, you really look like the theif type jessica. lmao! I love the outfit your wearing its super cute! and tina's m/u looks awesome!

I can't stand those stupid people that try to pawn their shyt off as a good deal! My friend almost fell for it once last year but I talked her out of it, good thing you two didn't go for it either! OMG! Collections?! How dumb, there's no way they could do that, those guys need to just quit already!

Ohh and I wanted to say Thank you for the comment on my are too sweet!! =)

Ohhh and I forgot....

Cute outfit! and yes Tina's makeup is wayy hot!!

Hahaha...that's so lame what a loser! It just goes to show you that if it seems to good to be true, it usually is...which totally sucks ass lol!!

thanks for the luv hun and THANK GOD u guys never get that PACKAGe wut a little fucker he needs to get his SHIT STRAIGHT AND STOP NAGGING YOUR ASS!!!! god wut pepo do!! to make $$$

ugh yeah i'm so glad it's overwith. cuuute outfit ;) and good thing you didn't give ur credit card info to that guy. hahah what an idiot he is! he should just get a real job instead of tryna scam ppl!

wow scams are everywhere these days! i just try to be careful not to sign my name anywhere...

cute outfit!

i trimmed my fringe the other day cos it was getting into my eyes. my hair grows too quickly :-P

sux about those weirdos
but i love your outfit! you should do some outfit of the day! :)

omg i'm so sorry that happened to you! I get the same thing all the time-people trying to scam you and then when you beat them at their own game, they threaten to sue and blah blah. God bless sweetheart. That guy will get what's coming to him.

Tina looks GORGEOUS. Great job on her makeup! Good thing you didn't go for that scam. Always trust your gut :)