Monday, October 13, 2008

LOOK: lime n' the coconut & weekend recap

Before I get into my look , I just want to go over my weekend recap! So on Friday, I did a little wallet damage with my girl Tina..

That's me doing what I do best ;]

On sunday we had a little reunion a lot will be not be pictured because they didn't want to be.

Me not enjoying my meal ;[

GOSH that toast looks good! HAHA

me and tina ;]

LOL I look tall!

After eating we went to cerritos and I figured I'd look for the wedding dress I would be wearing for my friend's wedding. I'm one of her brides maids so I had to get a champagne dress! Anyways, sear's was having an awesome sale and I got these for 10 & 15 dollars! UNBELIEVE-ABLE right? They were both originally priced at 120 & 150 dollars so it was a definite steal.

UGH I don't know what's going on with the lighting in my room ;[
But it's dark but whatevs. This is the dress I'm going to be wearing to vegas for my BDAY!!

& this is the dress for my friend's wedding!? NOT BAD right!?

Anyways, on to my look cause I know I haven't done one in awhile ;] I called in lime n' the coconut cause I used green, yellow and brown. It was much prettier in person.

yea that picture kind of doesn't look like me...but it was the cutest one! HAHA so whatever! My bathroom lighting makes me look light and my bedroom lighting makes me look dark. What's going on!?


Pretttttty colors and falsies! I think I see I think I see I think I see some.. tator tots!!! Man I'm craving french toast and tator tots now! Dammit! I'm a nut for BRUNCH!

Look at your behind girl! hahaha. Oooh I really like the red dress! The back on the gold one is gorgeous!

the eyes look great! i love those lashes with a little bling ;)

the little red dress is definitely the new LBD x) it looks gorgeous on u!!

That red dress looks amazing on you! And your eyes look so pretty, I love the rhinstones on the falsies too!

That's such a pretty eye look. I never thought to put yellow, green, and brown together... lol~ It came out nice! :)

Girl, you got some bootay *jealous*! Mine is flat from sitting in front of the computer... lol~ :P

yeah you should definitely try it! it's not expensive too like MAC lip conditioner or something you know? hopefully it works for you! why wasnt ur food good?! was it cold? i hate when my food gets cold. pretty lime n coconut look! oh yeah and the dresses are niice! i see you got a badonkadonk under the champagne colored dress ;] lol

Thank babe!! And i love ur champagne dress.. what a great deal man! <3 (you really know how to bargain shop)

you look gorgeous in those dresses!!! and i love the bling eyelashes!!!

hehe thank you!

I'm on a makeup ban too!!! hahaha

pretty dresses & look! i especially LOVE the red dress. damn girl, you got booty! haha. you have an awesome bod. :D no joke.


LOL let's hit up a nordstroms rack and see what kind of damage we can do..My bf said he wants to study on friday so i'm gunna be bored and lonely :[ SAAAAVE MEEE!!!

awwww i love that lime look! it looks GORGEOUS on you! :)

Gorgeous dresses! I bought a red scrunch dress last year for my company holiday party and it was a hit! This year I am thinking silver or gold...

luving the pics girl you one hot mama you work it girl :) luv both of the dress's on you there so pretty and the price your right u cant go wrong!!!!

and im luving the look u did hun

wow beautiful.... very gorguous! yea u kinda look tall.. how tall r u? cute heels and cloths too and the EOTD!! u have nice puffy hair too! err i seriously hate my boring hair it never listens!

hahahahaha you look so sad and hungry. LOL!!!

that's a nice birthday suit though. duhhh your fave color (not unless it changed when we were in hs lol). but i'm diggin the champagne dress! who knew sears had pretty dresses?

ooh we're going to vegas too!! well not sure yet, but they're planning it around november... if my friend can get one of his "suga daddy" to get us a suite at the venetian for freeeeeeeeeeee! LOL. but i'm not 100% sure if it'll pull through.

OH yea, btw, I have an off friday this week. Do you have class? busy? how about let's try and kick it! I think I'm almost done cleaning up my room.

andddddd are we doing anythin on saturday morning/afternoon for katie's anniversary????

psst!:) that red dress looks hot on you! and you're blessed with a booty! hahaha i wish i had a mom's side has big booties..and i'm the only one who doesn't have sis has it,i don't..hahaha :) but my lack of booty is fine,at least i'm not as short as my female relatives are..hehe :) their height ranges from 4'11-5'2 so yes,i'm happy...and i'm the only one this tall with long arms and legs.hahaha so yes,i'm def. happy :)

oh and i love this eye look..anything with gold eyeshadow i like :) and purple..and green..and and..maybe everything haha :)

Pretty girl! I want to go to Vegas with you....U can hide me in your suitcase!!!

Whoa, that FOTD is gorgeous on you! And you really do have a way with bargains! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Wow!!! Those dresses for only 10-15?! Damn! I'm running to sears today. Screw you economy! O and they look amazing on you :) I can't usually find such pretty dresses on sale that actually fit me.

my goodness babe! you are gorgeous!!!

absolutely fantastic dresses - i wish i have curves like yours!

great eye makeup. the problem is my lids are small so i can't do a whole lot with them. i guess that's why i like blush more in general :-D

OMG is that Guppy's 'cause I think I recognize the brick toast! Yum!

I love the closeup pic of your eye makeup...gorgeous!

So I went to sears today right, thinking maybe I'll be able to get something cute. I ask them "where's your formal section" the lady answers "oh we don't have one" ...-_-*

Red looks hot on you! Look at your ass in the champagne dress! lol

GORGEOUS. love love the red dress. have so much fun in vegas, i know u will.