Sunday, October 12, 2008

French Tips Without Polish?

Sounds like a cool concept right? Well awhile back I went to Sally's to pick up a nail buffer and saw this product and thought I'd give it a try, for 99 cents it couldn't hurt ;]

Flowery 7" Professional Nail White Pencil Claims:
To give natural nails a french manicure look without polish


Moisten tip of pencil. Gently draw under the tip of the nail.

There's Tina filling in underneath her nails. LOL I made her do it so I wouldn't have to remove my nail polish.

close up.

Overall, it obviously can't give you a straight up french manicure look but it does whiten the nails and gives it a naturally clean dainty look. This would be good for those who's nails may not be white, some of us have a yellow-ish tint to their nails maybe from their nail polish. Or maybe your nails are super clear and you'd like them to be white. For 99 cents you can't go wrong, it's easy, mistake-proof, you can't spill or make a mess with it and it's good for on the go and it's easy to keep in your purse for touch ups!


Wow that's a creative invention. They make the most interesting things and I think it will be worth while for a lot of people! :)

lol i'm so lazy with my nails i dun even do anything with them...or perhaps it's just because i'm just too busy!

awww cute -- for 99 cents why not tho right???

glad you were able to share it with us all tho -- and POCKY .. is DANGEROUS!!! but soooo YUMMY! ^_^ what lil one wouldn't like a box full right????

have you tried the stick on nail polishes? it's hard to stick on like properly but then when you get it right it looks really nice

Wow, that's pretty impressive. I'm assuming it washes off right away..?

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to respond to your comment:

Thank you! Well I made it work haha. I still felt weird with it! I think I'm going to try to buy more colors, or at least palettes with brighter colors in them just so I can change things up once in a while. I'm trying not to buy makeup, but I have a list with like 20 items that I want to get soon >.<.

Yup you do! And thank you because it gives me a purpose in posting and gives me something to do =)

I use this but mine is by la cross i think. But nothing beats a good old fashion french manicure from the bottle.

Earthquakkkkeeee tomorrow!! We'll see if the predictions are correct. Freakin SOCAL and our hot weather and our earthquakes :[ I meeees you! We need to go out soon cuz I worked a double and am catching up..whoo whooo!!!

UGHH no noo palette yet!! :[ I hope this week for sure and I hope little to none are damaged!! Once I get it you'll be the first to know and once I get my silk naturals you'll be the first to know as well cuz ill need help!!!

Thanks for sharing this! If only I could get my nails to grow long enough to be able to use it! lol. I have sucky nails that don't look right long or just won't even last long enough to do anything with.

WoW.. what a neat lil' product. For 99 cents tho. ah hell... that is definately something id keep in my car in the dash... so i can color and go without worrying about chipping. thx!! this was interesting....

how interesting.... ima do some black french for halloween!!

that is badass!!! i love it!! i want one now lol whered you get it?
oh btw thanx for the info! ima look into it :)

I'll definitely check this one out!
Thanks for posting it!

i've seen that around, pretty cool for a quick fix. i read an article in one of the baby magazines that said things about "mommy confessions" and one said using the desitin or diaper rash cream that got under her nails while changing diapers to pass off as a french mani ahaha

thats so cool!!
but does it wash off immediately? or last quite long?

your girl has pretty hands!

I've never heard of that pencil before but I'd love to use it... I use to wear fake nails a lot so my nails are so damaged and have that horrendous yellow tint!