Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 months of love

I know I haven't been updating and posting like my usual self. I had an extremely busy weekend and had been catchin' up on some much need r &r. But I am up and running again so expect to see more daily posts, YAY!

So on Friday, I got to hang with Anne. My long time friend since 8th grade & God MAMA to my babygirl ;] Definitely felt like OLD TIMES! We met up with Emeria. Unfortunately there aren't many pictures to rub in y'alls faces to show how much fun we had! But that's how much fun we had that we forgot to take pictures! Anyways, we ate Roscoe's and headed to South Coast and then to the CCO ;] Anne also gave me some goodies which will be pictured below! & it was also close to me and mr. bigs ANNY so he let me buy some stuff YAY!

Anne and serenity ;]

LOL I was Anne's paparazzi for the day.

(Not pictured: MAC's Sculpt & Shape)
Look at the goodies I got from the bf & ANNE. Love you guys ;]
All the NYX e/s, palettes, jumbo pencils are from Anne! I can't wait to play with them!
& the MAC 188, Your Ladyship Piggie & what not are from my BOO!
I also got..

2 scarves! I got a gray one too ;] MY HUBBY IS THE BEST

On saturday, I had to be in the valley by 8 o clock and yall know I'm on Filipino time so that didn't happen!

My look:

Me and the bride's sister


I know I'm smiling like it hurts but the sun was in my eyes! Look how dark my arms got from standing outside forever! good lord!

Serenity twirling on the dance floor

& last but not least...

It's me and big's monthaversary today! 30 months. I love you baby.


I love ur hair. The curls are so natural.

happy 30th monthsary!:) the bf and I also greet each other during our monthsaries..hahaha :) so you're anne's friend! no wonder when i saw her recent post, her goddaughter looked so familiar..it was your daughter pala! haha how stupid of me not to notice kagad!:) lovin the nyx stuff anne gave you.lucky gal!

You're so pretty! Your hair is so luscious and long! I can't wait until mine grows out!

Serenity is darling and I had no idea you were friends with Anne. It's so interesting how all the bloggers know one another!

Great haul!

Aw good to see you back! Yeah, I'm busy from 8-6 everyday now and when I get home I'm on my feeder for like an hour, catching up! It's hard work I tell ya!

Saks? No.. I hate parking and shopping downtown. Hahah. I was going to buy a couple of items but decided not to. I shopped at Nordstrom instead. Thank you dear!

Hahaha I agree! You respond pretty quickly usually haha. I agree! I'm having difficulty keeping up. I wish I could just take a day or two off from reading blogs and then catch up later but being as OCD as I am, when the number of unread blogs adds up, I get annoyed haha.

OOOOH YOU were the one that she found via the internet!! Hahah 6 degrees! It's crazy how we know things about each other but have never met.

Hahaha both the same to you? I'm hella picky.. I prefer Nordys just cause I kinda grew up in that store HAHA -_-

we got the same scarf LOL. omygulay. anyway, i have more stuff for the taking LOL. Thank you for the paparazzi shot. lol someone was asking me what was at CCO and I couldn't remember for the life of me. lol

What did you use for your look for Mia's wedding?

Oh btw, she looks pretty in the picture. I like her hair. Her sister is all grown up too. And Balboa Park doesn't look too bad there LOL.

How cool is that you got to chill with Anne, good buddy from long time ago! :) It looks like you guys had a blast. You look good as always.

i love scarves. ;) hehe.

anywho, looks like you & anne had fun! good stuff. ;)

look at chu & the babygirl lookin' all cute at the wedding. awws. :D

btw... i have that problem YEAR LONG. my arms are like freakn' how many shades darker than my face. it's irritating. lol.

Yeah! You have to make every dollar stretch when you're on your own or you have a family to support. I'd trade my lifestyle and spending habits for a kid any day.

Hahah yeah, we are kind of bad influences aren't we? haha. Stay strong!

Hahaha yup! I think I'd notice, esp since I know what yo face looks like! Yeah, I'm glad I'm able to find commonalities with every blogger I meet.

You look so pretty!
And I love your hair! Do you curl them with huge rollers or is it naturally wavy?

glad your back lucky you guys have cco :) i so WISH we had one here in hawaii im luving the scarf and the new makeup great work on the look u did k hope your having a good week and congrats on your anniversary oh yah i finally have my halloween look up wit da doggy check it out wen yah have time <3chanel

NICE DRESS JESS!!!!!! sooOo natural i love the makeup as well too.. i was wonderin wut happened to u! haha finally updated =P

pressin is fun! i wanna do it agian but wit the MAC ones in those big palettes....

ROYAL BLUE ROCKS! i wear that color a lot =P we have the same taste. do we not? lol

the wedding doesn't look bad!!! I didn't know serenity came along!! Yay for monthaversaries and picking out whatever the hell you please!! Lets do another date soon!!! Ohh and guess who got a leather jacket today..MEEE!! and Not the forever21 one!! :]

word verif: oreofool

wow great presents!! you and your little girl are sooo cute love the dresss your wearing!

I have the same matching scarf except I have them in hot pink & teal. Hehe. You are very very pretty! & happy 30 months to you and your man. :)

You're so pretty and your daughter is soooo freakn CUTE!!! omg I want to pinch her cheeks so bad lol

the wedding must've been beautiful! gosh i wish i can grow my hair as long as yours but after a certain lenth my hair just isn't strong nor healthy enough, too bad...

I am in love with your nOSE!!!! do you contour???

wish you could have taken more pictures with you and anne and emeria that day!...i miss cali so much and i cant wait to get the fuck outta here....

OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH my phone died! it wont turn on. I'm panicking and hyperventilating LOL. jk. but crap.....it wont turn on. wtffffffffffffreak yo.

you and your gorgeous hair and big doe eyes woman!!! no wonder big has got u in love lockdown for 30 months!! happy anni to you two love birdies!!!

and your daughter is soo darn, darn cuuuute!!!

and i love your nyx and goodies haul!

wow! the cco that you went to is sooo much better than the cco on the east coast... lucky you!

Wow nice goodies you got there!! Makes me wanna go to CCO now. You look gorgeous in the pic wearing the scarf and in the wedding pics!

Happy 30th monthaversary!! =)

yea i have to agree with you. that song just best summed up how i was feeling that day. happy monthsary =)i love the color of your scarf =)

Happy monthaversary!

You look gorgeous, I love your hair. And your daughter is so cute!

Great haul too.

great times, great hauls, great looks and pics! thanks for sharing!!

the gold dress looks SOOOO amazing on you!! You should wear gold more often, it brings out the hot mama in you, not that she ever left to go anywhere. HAHAH! MMM don't we all love CCOs :D

I haven't written an entry on it yet but I THINK I like EDM better so far. Does Silk Naturals kind of .. you know.. sit on your pores and make them kinda visible in real life? I know in pictures I looked fab but my boyfriend pointed out the whole pore thing, which was you know.. not so fab. LOL!!

hey hun what's your blogger email that you use? i'm making an invite only seperate blog so i would like to invite you to it. but i need your email.if you want you can comment me or send me an email at cmramil@gmail.com. thanks

Happy anni! Aww, I wanted to see a full length picture of you in that dress at the wedding! You should post one when you have time :)

lol filipino time :] i hear dat! :D

& congrats on the 30 mo!