Friday, October 3, 2008

NYC Chrome Collection & STAR FOTD

After reading YUMMY411's post about these NYC chrome face glows, I checked the website and it wasn't even on there. So today after class I drove myself to a CVS to take a gander and lo and behold I FOUND IT! They were so pretty, I bought all they had out there, which was just 2 face glows and 2 e/s. I didn't see a sign that said they were BOGO free but it rang up that way, and when I used my CVS card, I guess my mom had a buttload of points 'cause I only paid 6 BONES for these babies.

Before I go on to show you my haul and swatches, MISS SERENITY STAR wanted a little FOTD of her own, so I took some pictures of her last night with some lipstick and a little eyeshadow, WHICH she picked out LOL ENJOY!

From left to right: Aquamarine(e/s), Tiger's Eye(e/s), MoonGlow(faceglow), Sunstone(faceglow)

I just swiped with a finger and no base, so they're pretty pigmented and give off a nice frosty shimmer, not glitter which I LOVE. And aren't they pretty? The faceglow's regular price are $4.99 and the eyeshadows are $3.99. Moonstone is a nice light pink and sunstone is a deep peach color! I'll be doing a look using these as well as a formal review once I really get to try them out! I hope y'all have a great weekend!


Your daughter is so cute! :) She really did a great job with the eyeshadow and lipstick. I see a future blogger in the works... hehe~

I saw the NYC chrome face glow before, but I resisted. I'm really digging the blushes. You instigator I might have to check out CVS... lol~ :P Did you see the cream eye base in the stand? I heard it's pretty good. :/

Oh yeah you can get EcoTOOLS at Long Drugs, as well as, Ulta.

I heard they have two cream eyeshadow base for the NYC Chrome collection. It should be in the stand with the eyeshadows and blushes you just got. Maybe your CVS was sold out. I don't know. :/ I was curious about it because I heard good things about it. I can't guarantee because I have never tried it... lol~

Don't blame me!... lol~ I'm no instigator. I'm sure you keep buying after looking at other blogs... lol~ ;)

Goodness -- you got your daughter starting early!!! -- oh thank heaven for little girls, because us makeup obsessers, have a mini-me to play "makeup-time" with... ahhaha -- i'll be following your blog girl -- keeup up great work!!!

u got my support =)

ucd is alright. just trying to finish up my bachelors den apply for davis' medical school. i was just lookin at silk naturals website, maybe i'll check that out b4 i result to liquid foundation. im not a big fan for foundation, i havent used any face coverage up until this year. my skin is gettin all sorta of mess! lol

hahah aww your daughter is so cute! i sometimes put eyeshadow on my daughter too lol. yeah, i wonder what ppl would say if i left the house w/ makeup like that. they'd probably talk a lot of shit lol. and about the stretch marks .. well, it's only been about two months since my 2nd one was born, and it took about 6-8 months after my first baby for mines to fade drastically. i'm sure they'll fade more, but i have to be more consistent with the bio oil but i forget sometimes =/

LOL serenity was all loungin' & havin' mom take photos, so cute! she's an angel!

ur daughter is soooo adorable!! wuts her name?

She's so cute! Look at her posin in that chair! haha cute..

Your daughter is so ADORABLE!
I miss, miss Seatown. Where did you stay there?

that is not a flaw! that's just tight pants!

i have no idea what you're talking about when you said this in your latest comment to me:

"I lived in Silverdale, and then in Poulsbo. LOL If you even know where that is! Seatown? Where's that!? I've heard of Seatac!"

LOL did i miss something?!

haha you should play i've never .. you end up coming up with the stupidest shit cuz you're so drunk lol. we were gonna do that again tonight but i'm tireddd! how bout you? hows theeee weekend so far?

serenity is waaaay too cute!! You're gunna have to beat the boys offa her once she gets older! Are we still on for tomorrow?? WE BETTER!!

where did you order these brushes?

Thaaanks!! You're so sweet!

Hrrmm pigments ey? Makes sense! I haven't branched out to using pigments. I'm pretty bad about making messes with my makeup so I'm scared of pigments haha. But it's good to keep in mind! I think next time I'm just gonna have to pile things on for photographs!

OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAH I can totally imagine your license photo! You'd pull off the chola look well!

i should check out silk naturals.... wuts ur shade? i think the first pic is a lil lighter... than the 2nd.. but in person... its sooOoo the opposite.... its kinda pissin me off! hahahah blah

Yes I am okay, sorry for making you worry therefor a bit. :)

And Yes I know where that is!
You guys should come visit sometime again!!!

I love, love Seattle! I miss the rain.

wow your daughter is so insanely adorable!!!!!!

your daughter is tooooo cute! ugh you just reminded me to put in my post that i found my face glow at rite aid. they had the exact same items on display... only two shadows and two face glows!!! omg! are they running a trial or something. i wish my cvs sold nyc.. in my area only rite aid and target sales nyc. =p glad there's another stamp of approval out there!

aww your daughter is adorable!!

hmmm those face glows look awesome, I might have to take a little trip to CVS. =)

I still can't believe you have a daughter :) She is adorable. I love the pic of her in the chair, just chillin haha.

how prety! i always pass up NYC idk why!