Monday, October 6, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have a big place in my heart for those who have been affected, died, or survived breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter. My mom actually had breast cancer, she was diagnosed when I was in my freshman year in highschool. It was hard seeing her go through the things she did, like surgery and recovering. Fortunately, they caught it early enough so that she didn't need to through chemo-therapy. To this very day she still has minor breast pains and has difficulty lifting with the arm thats connected to where the surgery was done. But she's a survivor!

LOL It's not the best picture but I think it's the only picture of all 3 generations.


Thanks so much hun. Thank God PG&E finally fixed it and the power is back on. I seriously was going insane. Lol. Glad to hear your mom made it through. I could only imagine how hard it must have been. And thanks again, ill remember to email you the next time i go insane haha. take care hun.

ps. your bbygirl is so adorable.

Three generations picture is so cute, and lovely :) I have no idea when I will be taking a picture like that lol I guess I am not ready for it yet :P

awwwwwww how precious.

omg i swear your baby girl is soo adorable.

hmmmm down for some roscoe's chicken and waffles?? LOL. i still gotta celebrate... although I'm still bitter about what happened over the weekend LOL

aww i'm glad your mom survived it! haha there's only like one pic of me, my mom, and my daughter too.

both of my grandmas had breast cancer and both survived. i dunno bout my moms mom, but my dad's mom had to go through chemo-therapy and she lost her hair. but its back now.

hope you had a good day miss!

That's a precious picture! Something you will cherish for the rest of your life on earth.

BCA month! So important for us women to do our part! You rock woman! And so does your Momma!

Serenity looks sooo cute!! And Jess there's an Aveda at Del Amo in the new section downstairs! There's also one at Spectrum and that shopping center in Huntington Beach. Hair products are good, but I didn't like getting my hair cut there though..It was so/so for like alot of money :[

LOL I GO EVERYWHERE!! I force my bf to take me and I just have good sense of direction!! We will go to the CCO on our next blogger date and you'll see! Haha I know alot of good food places too so whenever the hubby comes down and you need a place let me know..anything from romantical to cheap!!

Yea but not before we had a yelling match and he broke up with me then five seconds later retracted and apologized! lol

Yeah, military family all the way. I basically grew up at Misawa Air Base married in Tokyo.... then I joined the AF in 2002 and got out in 2006. Now I just follow the hubby...Where in Germany is your friend? It's ok here, I like Japan more, but maybe it's b/c I'm asian! haha.... If you cut your hair it would look so hot! But you look hot now too so do whatever you want. I always want short when I have long and vice versa. :) I will def be visiting Cali when we go home to visit. The 'rents live in SD... and I'm for sure going to Vegas. I love it there!

I agree! Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important. Thanks for sharing your story! Glad to see your mom is a survivor!

My great grandmother had breast cancer at an old age. It was removed and she didn't die from cancer. I've always been a bit fearful of it though as a result (though doctors say it plays no role in my genetic predisposition to the disease). I have 2 lumps in my breast though (believed to be fibroadenomas, which are benign masses of tissue).

I've actually posted about it in a past entry. My first one came about 2 years ago. I went through a bunch of breast exams, breast specialists, and an ultrasound. They determined it (without a biopsy) that it's a fibroadenoma. I was scheduled for surgery to have it removed (which was 100% optional considering the size and condition), but I canceled the day before. I chickened out since the doctor was surprised I even wanted the surgery because it was unnecessary.

In the beginning of this summer, I found another one on the same breast. An inch or two from the first one. I did freak out but since I don't have health insurance in between jobs, I can't afford all the specialists, and ultrasounds. I would be probably close to $1k. It does feel like the same thing. And I'm going to get it checked as soon as my insurance starts!

Make sure you do self-checks, and get your breasts checked at least once a month! For you it may be good to get MRIs (but they are expensive). Christina Applegate's breast cancer wouldn't have been detected without her doctor ordered MRI. Scarrrry =(

Im so glad your mom survived it! Lucky they caught it early. My mom went for a biopsy and that alone was scary. I was already crumbling when they said biopsy so I cant even imagine how you and your family felt. Glad its all better now hun!

That is a beautiful picture.

I'm glad that your mum surviuved it.

i think that pic is gorgeous
and your mum is so strong , amazing

glad its all good now

Aaw... I love the three generations picture. And I know I've said it before, but your girl is such a cutie pie! XD

Jess I'm thinking of buying that Silk Naturals thing you said. I've been registered for a while, but then I was like what if I make the wrong color? LOL you're going to have to help me!! I'll probably order it next week when I get my paycheck!!

hats off to your mom for being such a trooper when she overcame cancer! my father was less fortunate :-)

Beautiful picture! It's soo great your mom's a survivor. =)

Nuh uhhhh! I look so tired and unhealthy without makeup on!

No problem! Yeah, it is scary. It doesn't hurt and it's not heavy. They're actually quite small. Both about the size of peas. They're close to the surface, and attached to breast tissue. Funny thing is that breast is much smaller than my other one (my breasts are VERY uneven >.<). So when I'm laying down, I can feel it right away, it's really prominent. But otherwise you can't see it and you can't feel it without searching around.

Yeah hopefully my insurance starts within the next couple of weeks and I'll get it checked!

Uh ohhh at least make sure you get regular breast exams since your mom had breast cancer!

awwww thats good to here... ur moms a SURVIVOR!!! <33333333333333333333

yay bca for your mom~~~ im so glad she beat it!

i love the pink look and those nails!! so creative!

I love the photo of you with your mom and daughter (i think?)! Three generation pictures are the best...I have some with my mom & grandma and also with my mom & niece & nephew.

And yes! How cool is that...I never thought I'd find a neighbor on Blogger...I just thought I was ranting out to a silent cyberspace and a few friends who read my blog, hehe.

Also, that's great news about your mom being a survivor! :)