Wednesday, October 8, 2008

last weekend's haul


It makes me so sleepy when I come home that I haven't been blogging like I would like to. There's so many looks I want to do, experiments and reviews BUT I've been so tired I've been using all my back ups to keep my blog updated ;[

So laptop charger croaked on me ;[ So I rushed to best buy to get one! Piece of shit cost me 80 BUCKS. un-freakin-buh-lieveable. That could've gone to better make up or some winter clothes. I'm so pissed.

But on a happy note! MY BDAY IS COMMING UP! YAY! The big deuce deuce! So my wishlist will be up soon, so y'all [cough babe] can see what I'm lemming ;p


Cute ass cadet hat ;]

EH I don't think the neclace looks too cute with that shirt, but I didn't want to change. It'll look cuter on a low-cut or tube top..


The hat is so cute on your daughter! :)

I love the hat!!!!

I'm older than you?! Nuh uhhhh I'm always the youngest! =) Yay!

Awww poor thing. Study hard!

pretty haul! :) your baby is so cute!! :) i've been wanting a cap like that. :)

I LOVE that newspaper boy cap and your daughter looks so cute!

Oh and btw thanks for the comment you left about the yahoo forum. It really is retarded and like you said, I hope that people start to look a person's heart and decide whether or not they are beautiful.

Great haul! The hat looks so cute on your daughter.

i actually really liked the necklace on the grey shirt. it looks urban that way.

hey mamas!

yeah, both my gma's had it, so tht probably means i will too =/ and yeah, at least technology is getting better nowadays.

nice haul! i liiike the earrings!

hahah what is ur daughter doing with the bowl? she looks kayooote with the hat!

awwww sleeping beauty!!!

how cute your daughter loves calpico too -- sometimes it tastes like crayons to me, but when your thirsty.. shewt dont knock it --

your daughter is beyond KAWAII overload girl...

oOo... accessory shopping, just what i need to do! hehe. :) i LOVE everything you got. totally stuff i'd rock! hahaha. :) great taste. :)

I like your eyeshadow :) Oh I remember those school days...not fun.