Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I'd like to thank ANGIE BABYfor actually showing the handles ;] & in return I will be showing my flaws as well. BLEH. We're both having a "Tyra Moment" by flashing our not-so-goodies for the world to see.

OKAY did I totally cheat by wearing loose fitting pajamas? Sigh, but you can still see them! HOW SAD!

OH GOSH! Can you say," Muffin TOP!"


Well, this is just one of my MANY MANY flaws [sadly]. But I hope this just goes to show everybody that everybody has flaws and nobody is perfect even though we're so good at hiding them! Anyways, I hope some of you hop on the bandwagon and show some of your flaws! xP

Anyways, a couple posts ago I mentioned that it was me and mister big's monthaversary and for my present I picked out some brushes. I didn't want to break his bank so I perused online and looked at tons of brush reviews and I saw a lot for coastal scents, silk naturals, and some other independent companies, but I think I liked crown ;] I saw a lot of YOUCHOOB reviews on them and after checkin' out their webby and I liked their pink and luna series ;]

I reaaaaally like them ;] REALLY DO. Considering how cheap they are, they are pretty good quality! Including shipping [7.00 ground] my hubby paid 39.00 for them for 7 brushes! Not bad if you ask me. They didn't shed after I brutally washed them and they are super soft and have just the right amount of density. The only complaint I have would be that the handles are kind of LONG.

OH and the order issue I had. I ordered it on the weekend and recieved no reciept from them so by wednesday I contacted them and asked them if they had even recieved my order, which apparently they didn't ;[ SO I had to re-order them and wait even longer to recieve them.

So besides the order issue and the long handles, I'm pretty happy about my decision to purchase them ;] & I would definitely buy from them again. 4.5/5


I love my bubba ;]


geezus............... u skinny gurl!~ im jealous... im skinny but i dont got a flat stomach!! -_- awWww u call ur bf bubba.. i sometimes do too! i want those MAC brushes eh esp the flat ones.. oh yea gurl my bf is exactly the same... he has to agree on the outfit... if its covered up enough then i can wear it.. but he doesnt kno about the witch one LMAO! but ihave to wear shorts unerneath it most likely since he will see it later...... hes sooOo lame! lol

I'm in awe that your body is in such great shape!! You don't even have a mommy's body! Geez!..You are sooo gunna help me get fit!

NOOO i havent got a clue..well kinda. I was thinking a sexy race car driver! Lol. But me and my friends usually have a Halloween party, but now majority of them are in the Nursing Program sooo it's hard to have one, well for them. It would be pointless to buy a costume and not even wear it :[..How bout you? And how about your princess? What is she gunna be?

But yea he is cute his dad is tatted up so he'll draw all over his arms cuz he wants to be just like his dad. Lol

Lol at least you have someone to live through. Lol. Pin-up isn't even that skanky unless you skank the shit out of it! And i KNOW our list is getting long that's why we have to hangout sometime soon! Are you free sunday..we can meet up and get yogurtland or something! Well I have work, but after. And no. I'm behind. My boyfriend and a bunch of friends are already in the program/ doing their thangs. I on the other hand never took my Anatomy final, well because the teacher sucked and I didnt want a C I wanted either a B or A so I decided not to take it and the douche never gave me a grade which puts me behind cuz I have to wait a year, well Spring sem. I can take Anatomy over. I'm taking Physio now and I'm done with Micro, which are the three science requirements. I wish I was already a nurse though then I could just fucken have moolah to spend and have my career. The process sucks/ is hard :[..what are you trying to do?

Oh my goodness! You are a mother yet you don't have the typical body of a mother!! Thanks for posting yours too! =)

I'm glad you like the brushes! I love my coastal scent brushes too.

You and the bf are very cute! Bubba hahahha.

Haha, I told you I would! And you didn't even believe me =P

Thank you, I'm trying to dress more sophisticated haha, well only a little bit =P.

Huh? What'd I say about sweats? I think you're going crazy m'dear

Lol you're soo funny and NOO i don't think i'm busy sunday. My bf is gunna be studying so I have a whole lot of down time. I can't wait to pick apart your brain! So i'll confirm with you better yet i'll give you my number through mspace mail and then you can text me saying it's you and yea. But as long as you're free then I'm good with sunday! OMG i'm sooo excited!

Hahaha you're quick!

You have a butt and boobs! It'll distribute, and plus you're Asian so you really don't have much to worry about! You are sooo not miss muffin top! I didn't notice any color difference, I swear! Yeah, just let it even out cause you'll be wearing long sleeves soon enough.

Hahah oooh I thought you meant I said I was gonna take pics in my sweats. I was confused >.<. I have so many sweat suits, hoodies, sweat pants it's not even funny. Probably like 4+ drawers full. Since I've graduated I've been inching away from collecting sweats. The sweater I'm wearing today is new. But usually when I'm going out to a restaurant, movies, bars, etc I actually love dressing up. My old roommates always said that I'm typically dressier than most when I'm not going to school or lounging at home.

your stomach is so flat! i gotta work hard like you

and btw those pants colors are so cute

and happy monthaversary!!!!
do more reviews!!!!

i wish i can just wear mascara on my lower lashes but i have sooo little T-T

hey, you look lik me... NO JOKE. :P but see, i haven't had any kids... so what's my excuse? hahaha. :P

where the feez were you able to find tweezerman tweezers for $1.99?!?! That's a steal if i ever heard of one!!! please do share. haha. :D

"not the ones who don't know who their babydaddys are" HAHAHHHA. That's hilarious.

How old is your daughter? She looks like she's 3-4. Are you saying you were scrubby after/during your pregnancy?

Um I usually shop at Nordstroms. For more sophisticated clothing I tend to go to Banana Republic (they have some stylish things and some real old things, just gotta pick wisely. I also like going to Nordstrom Rack for stuff too. You should go to Off 5th! I know there's one in Great Mall (Milpitas), I'm not sure if that's the closest to ya though.

First of all, I give you credit to post pictures of your tummy!!! I can't believe you had a baby. You have a flat tummy for a mother. How much did you gain during your pregnancy? Did you lose after giving birth?

You and your bubba look cute together! :) Happy monthaversary!

I'd kill for your booty! The last pic is SOOOO adorable! Your hair came out amazing!

I actually thought you were taller! I was thinking around 5'5" or 5'6". Wow you gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy, but you are lucky you lost it all. There's a lot of pregnant women still trying to lose the weight!

I'm short myself. I'm 5'2", but I feel like I'm shrinking... eek~ :X

WOW Hun!! Your belly is really flat and you had a daughter. N that teeny tiny little cm of a muffin top is just fine. I dont see it as a flaw. You look great. Nice brush set. That BK5 dual length powder brush look similar to the mac 187. Is that from crown also? I never heard of that brand. How is that brush working?

awww u & u're hubby are soo.... cute!!

& mg i do not see any muffin top. wow can't believe you have given birth. gosh how much cocoa butter did you use!!! the whole walmart. Your skin still looks great!!

u need to make tips, so when i get there, I'll be ready ^_^

you call that a flaw? pssh .. look at you woman, you don't even have stretch marks! mine faded, but came back after baby #2 =(

hey. im a new blogger, just wanted to show some love and hopefully we will keep in touch. nice haul. i just bought a few new brushes, i figured that i'd need extras anyways. hope your week is goin well. ttyl =) p.s dont mind if i link u,right?

You are in great shape, your belly is really flat!

You and your bubba look so cute together! Happy monthaversary!

Hehe I call my BF "Bubba" too! ;)

loved your lil blog, had to come and support and become a follower =)

girl pu-leez, those are NOT handles, that's like SKIN only lol. u look lovely!
wow those brushes look great. i have a few random brushes & have been real lucky that they all work fine so far, but i'll keep crown in mind.

What flaws?! You're CRAZY. Love the ass ;)

omgosh i dont see any flaws! you look so goooood since you've had a baby! im super jealous! ;) i lost weight and then gained it back after i gave birth to my first daughter. I need some motivation! lol! :)

In my opinion I see no flaws, but I give you props for putting yourself out there it's totally not an easy thing to do. You have a great body for being a mother, not many women I know with kids have a body like that! =)

ohhh and you and your "bubba" are totally cute!!

Hehe you're so cute n funny ^^

Everyone got flaws and yes, we girls are so magically good at hiding them lol.
my major flaws are my baby fat, I STILL HAVE THEM omg. baby tummy (i do have a short body so i guess my stomach's all clumped up inside with the food haha)
I got baby face, thank god there's something called "pretty camera angle"
And acne!

I enjoy reading your blog, it's really fun :) It's actually my first time here! May you have a great day :p