Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was just supposed to take a nap today and instead woke up 7 hours later!!! Good lord! But in my previous post I purchased a nail art kit, so I attempted to do a earthy textured, camouflage purple with rhinestones! You can tell me if looks like crap, I think it kinda does. It's no way near anything as nice that Alyssa does. But I tried ;[

And here's a pink look I did for BCA(Breast Cancer Awareness) month. It looks kind of brown but it's PINK. I'm planning on doing more looks encorporating as much as possible for this month, but that's a whole lot of pink for me HAHA. But I liked how this came out simple ;]

Me and serenity making funny faces ;]

& 7 years of badluck!? Any of yall superstitious! Okay so since I've been in Cali, I've broken 6 mirrors in my room. So is this the case of the accident prone girl! OR BAD LUCK. Some kind of evil lurking in my room.


oo girl - can't wait to see the makeup for your friend's pin-up look, you better post up photos!!!

and oh no -- bad luck n mirrors... aiyiyiii..... u poor thing!

the photos of you and your daughter... soo, sooo cute!!

OMG thats 7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK! hahaha jk HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????? damnnn i would hate cleaning it up! but i bet u got ur bf to help u right? thast wut they're good for.. their our handy mans! haha jk did u do the nail art urself? seems like a lot of work.. but i its soOo nice! seriously seein all thse nail art makes me wanna do mines =X

Lol~ While I was reading your comment on my blog, I spilled water on me! :P I'm sure one day you will get the ecoTOOLS! :)

By the way in the picture with your daughter, I see a lot of resemblance to you which I have never noticed before or maybe it's just that picture... lol~

heeeey woman. thanks for comin by! :) ur gorgeous!! i love the nails! makes me miss gettin mine done but ova here in japan aint nothin' like cali where u can get a full set for $30!!!

you should def get ya bf's sista to get u some jap makeup. you'll love it! xo!!!!

I never noticed a resemblance between you guys. I actually wasn't sure who she looked like. I was thinking she's a mixture of you guys, but wasn't sure... hehe~ This picture you guys definitely look alike. If I'm confusing, please ignore me because I'm tired. :X

key word: i USE to model. and girl, my stomach is fucking gross! i have a pouch with major stretch marks. ive been workin out so hard for almost 3 months tryin to lose the shit. its hard :(

u need a cbox!

Lol~ I think Tobey is the only mini-me of me you will see. :X

Wow, 7 mirrors ey? I say accident prone, not bad luck!

I do really like this pink look1 It enhances the eyeliner you have on. You have such beautiful eyes/eyebrows!!! Serentiy is such a cutey! I can tell she's gonna be so sassy when she gets older!

The nails don't look bad! Next time try a pink! OOh you should do a pink version for this month!

You are so over exaggerating! Makeup makes a big difference on me!

Hey, I don't have boobs either!! It's okaaaay =). It's probably one of the reasons why I discovered both lumps so quick. It's feels quite noticeable when I'm laying down. Hahah my mom says the same thing about me and my future mammograms!

Fibroadenoma is a mass of tissue. It's a solid mass and not cancerous. The majority of the time, they do not grow or become cancerous. If they do it is really really rare. Fibroadenomas are quite common, especially in young adults. And usually a girl will develop several. Some choose to have them removed. I guess they're similiar to uterine fibroids. Wikipedia.. hehehe

OMG girl lol it's ok i've done that where actually I wake up thinking it's the next day early morning!! But it's really late at night! OK i'll definitely order asap. The only thing is there's this beautiful red coat I was suppose to get today BUT my bf bought me other things so I felt bad and said forget it. But YOU know i was all hoping for him to be like NO I KNOW YOU WANT IT.. So I'll be getting the coat for myself. Freakin $60 not too bad though!! :] I'm debating when to buy :[

IM GOING TO CUE TOMORROW THEN!!! Do they still have that Beauty Credit store there? That's the only place I'd go when going to Westminster. Do they have red peacoats? Because thats what i really really want and I think he knows that I really really wanted it, but he bought himself three jackets and me a cardigan and I guess he didn't want to spend anymore. BUT STILL!! Mahn that coat was beautiful. I have a real pea coat but it's in dark gray and I think red is just beautiful esp. with these super light gray skinnies I bought.

You know when you don't get something you really want and it starts haunting you? Well that's what's going on with me right now. I can't stop thinking about the coat :[

word verif: xxxvjj (i thought this was funny)

Let's not get started on boots because there's these gorgeous fringe boots that I want at Nordies. I don't know there's so many things I want at the moment it's ridiculous! I'm not even making enough to want all these things!! Winterwise I'm not equipped. So I guess it's ok that it's scorching in Oct!

I'm surprise you didn't get all fob and buy papaya soap!! With the weather you cCOULD even yourself out. Another super hot day tomorrow.. GEEZUS!

Oh girl when me and the bf go on mini vacays believe that I have a luggage bag, my train case, and a toiletry bag. It's insane and for some reason he NEVER helps me carry it. So i'm stuck with 500 lbs of luggage! :[ I guess it's my fault though taking so many things for like a 2-3 day trip. Where's clue by? I plan on going there and if I don't find anything I like I'm heading to South Coast for H&M where hopefully they have the coat I want because we went to Spectrum today.

Notice how my mssgs to you are like essays!!

Where in Cali do you live?
Jeez, me too I need to stop doing nothing. lol

At least you have a beautiful daughter to play with.

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your girl is sooo soo cute

and i like pink on you!!!

Hello! I have been popping by for quite a while and I guess I should say hi!

Your girl looks so adorable and you are looking hot! lol.

The nail art actually looks cool!

And I'm adding you to my blogroll! Hope you don't mind. :D

hey hun! why is ur bf in washington? he doesnt live wit you? aww that must suck being far away...

You'd wear a beret in Socal?! I was there in January 07 and it wasn't cold at all!

I just might knit you one.. you never know! Hahaha. I can't promise anything though cause sometimes I'm just super lazy.

Yeah yeah I know! I'll try to do a colorful eye just for you!!!

A laptop charger I'm assuming? Yeah they're expensive!! Batteries are even more expensive! Mine cost like $150+! Well you NEEDED a charger, look at it that way =P

Hahaha fashion does speak louder.

Yeah, don't think about it that way! You had to get another charger.. oh well =T.

Hahah I'll do a colorful look for you SOON! And once I start training on Tuesday I'll post some OL looks. That reminds me I have to wash and iron all the stuff I got >.<

I really like your nails! It's something different not like the usual things I see. Plus I LOVE me some purple!!

Great pink look, gorgeous as always! =)

You look so cute with your daughter :) I've broken three mirrors in one year and it's all good baby.

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