Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cali-for-nye-aye sunset look

No matter where I go, I'll always be a California girl at heart. Born and raised baby! I love California ;] & one of the things I love most about Cali is the sunsets.

So whaddaya think!?

I tried to make my hair look "beachy" LOL if ya know what I mean.

& for some kicks.. I DID A CHOLA LOOK.

IF YOU MUST KNOW, I used to be into that look. I might just scan my license to show y'all bc it's the only living proof of those days HAHA until 2010 and I can get a new one ;]

Ok imagine this make up, with bleached blonde hair, a nose piercing and lip piercing haha and that was like about 5 years ago!


I like the sunset look on you! :)

By the way, the picture Anne has on her blog of her high school buddy. Is that you!?! For some reason it looks like you, but then again it doesn't... lol~

WOW, I love your eyemakeup alot, it looks just like the sunset picture on the top :) and I love your off-shoulder top, where did you get that shirts ? I like off-shoulder top they are so cool !!

wowwwwwwww nice sunset... its breathtaken!! and ur eyeshaodw look.. goes wit it!

you must have looked like a "SIGA" back then huh? hehe thanks for the comment on my skin dear :)

i saw the other brand of the magic cream that i use back there in seafood city..the name is "amira" magic cream..and i believe they were selling it for $45 for the 60g jar..

the sunset look is really pretty! love it!!! hahah i was into the chola look before too. ahhhh high schoool days! lol. i can't imagine you w/ blonde hair tho, your hair is so pretty the way it is!

Both looks are gorgeous !
The first one definitely reminds me of CA sunsets :)

Wow you have changed, but than have similarities. I wasn't too sure but you were cute back then. You're sexy now! :)

How cool is that you run into a friend through blogging. What a small world! :)


I love that color on you!

i luv luv luv it this loo kis so pretty and that sunset it so beautiful :) well girl i hope u get to stop at mac for sum upcuming stuff :) u should stop at there CCO at the outlet mall they usually have good stuff im dieing to go there since we dont have one even mac pro store shit so junk that too we dont have augghhh well have fun wen u do go to vegas :)

hahha 5 years ago is pretty recent!! HAHA!!

This eye look is BEAUTIFUL! The purple goes so well with the pink and yellow! You did such a great job blending! And your hair does look beachy!

aww everyone has to go through some awkward phase..hehe, people change and mature for the better..:)

sexy woman! love the look. :D cali does have awesome sunsets huh? :) you should come visit home, the weather's nice right now since it's not too hot, not too cold as of the moment. ;)

you know what, i was into the chola look too. hahahahaha! yes, guilty. i also had the bleached hair, chola makeup & everything. my brothers & bf still make fun of me. hahaha! :P

oh, haha. my bad. the way you were talkin' about it made it seem like you were away from home. hehehehe. silly me. :P

totally saw that license of yours!!

whats up with friday???

The sunset look is sooooooooo gorgeous! I love it! =)

I'm also guilty of the chola look, I did the thick thick liquid eyeliner extremely winged out and the lipliner not filled in! lol

Oh lovely!~ I love the sunset look... ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

hahahahhaha. no one can even tell it's you. iunno why. I thought it was pretty easy ya? LOL.

DUUUUUUH, call me on friday. I don't work foo. or you can come visit me down here in simi :) LOL.

no need to imagine you with a chola look. i have pictures to prove it! lol. i will gladly send you one if you like. hahahaha. i still have the old pictures on my website haha. if you can even remember what it was.

i remember when people used to think you're "manok" LOL. wtff how did we end up with that codename anyway? it could've been other things but we ended up with that. oh memories!

Yup, the sunsets here are pretty amazing...I love the first look, absolutely stunning!! Oh and the chola look is really hot too, you can definitely pull it off!

both looks look great on you! actually.. just about every look you do looks great. lol

Gorgeous sunset and sunset-inspired eye makeup! I forget how amazing our sunsets in Cali are sometimes. And I agree, your hair does look beachy!

Don't worry...I am sure most of us go through experimental phases with our looks that we later look back on and dislike...but that is part of the process of how we get better. And you're still pretty young, missy!

I'm sort of near CSULB in Signal Hill...what about you?

Lookin good girl!! I love the shirt you got on in the first pics!!

Chola is cool! Luv it!

You rocked that sunset look like nobody's biz mama!

and i love your "chola inspired" look ahhaha - that's ganggggsta! ^_^ in hot fashionista way!

Pretty sunset look!!
That chola look isn't SO bad..did you used to wear the dark lipliner with clear lipgloss..?? oh God..I did a time or two thinking it was cool..shame on me..haha

Did you take the picture of the sunset? It's so gorgeous. And so is the eyeshadow on you. The Chola look is nice too. Where's that license of yours? You gotta scan that!

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
im totally jealous! :P
you look kinda like kim kardashian in the last photo :)


i like the last picture!!! i think that look is super sexy...esp. with the jersey!!!...i think everyone went through that died blond hair chola look phase...gooooooood god and i have lots of proof!!!! i was such a gangsta!!!

i heart your look on the beach sun set it super pretty and i love your beach hair...makes me miss long hair!!

MOVING TO IRVINE!!!! in FEB. MARCH!!! super excited!!!

Love both looks! So pretty. I love the sunset inspirational look you did. What part of Cali are you from? That picture looks like a beach here in San Diego hehe. I'm sooo sorry to hear about your poor blackberry. I only hope nothing goes wrong with mine! ;D

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your lashes...what do you use?

very pretty sunset look! i've been to san diego, san francisco and i quite liked california!

hahah okay okay, I'll stop making fun =P. 5 years is a long time ago haha. If you were still in high school when you were experimenting with the chola look, that's totally understandable. I think you pull it off really well though. OOOH post your pic! I wanna see it with blonde hair hahhahah.

Thank you. I LOVE Burberry to death.

Calamari is so good! Although I think my fav'rite place to get it is from Bucca di Beppo. How about you?

awww i bet you would be a cute chola! lol i m ust admit i like your cali girl look better lol your just so pretty fuk it! you look good w any look! lol

oooh made me think of Tahiti Sunrise.

love the 2nd u look gangsta.

omg ur make up is always so pretty, and u always look great