Sunday, October 5, 2008


I had a blogger date with EMERIA. She's so awesome! LOL my make up soul-mate haha. We even had matching cellphone cases! ZEBRA print! SO meant to be haha. Anyways, we ate at Guppy's LOL. It was a boba cafe with a club vibe and I didn't even know what it was until she introduced me to it and it's like right down the street from me.

We took a good 10 pictures and this was the only one that looked super cute! But she looked cute in all of them, that photogenic freak!

I'll be editing in more laterrrr


i'm sooooo glad we did this and we'll have many more to date is us with our crack aka makeup!!

Looks like you guys had a blast! :)

Pretty ladies! Boba cafe with a club vibe.. hahaha.

You really love your zebra print dontcha? haha

Wet n' Wild nail polishes stink! :X I have several and I wish I never bought them... haha~ I still use them because they will collect dust. I want to get my money's worth... lol~ I stingy am I!?!? :P

Hahahha a zebra print room would be freaking and dizzying! I agree purple is the new pink!

Hahaha I know! I wish I were nearby. Buuuuuut I'm planning on going to Riverside/Las Vegas sometime within the next year. If I do, I'll let you know! I would have to depend on my ex for driving me around though haha.

I bought a lot of Wet n' Wild myself because they were on sale. I regret it for sure. From the drugstore brand, I'm really liking Milani. They're not the most wonderful nail polish but it does last me 5 days before it starts chipping. I definitely recommend that.

No I don't buff my nails. I'm too lazy... lol~

my bf just left we watched prom stupid!!!..and he wasn't mad..he was "studying" well i guess he was..whatevs!! OMG and i'm soooo glad too! We are gunna have many more to come that's for sure..and the club vibe..maybe because they're music was hella loud. LOUDER THAN USUAL. I sometimes felt like I was screaming!!

I left you a comment on mypace. My little sis freakin posted a bulletin with my kawaii pic telling her friends to vote for me. I'm so embarrassed! Lol Maybe our next date can be like a miss priss + makeup shopping or something! I'm so excited. I LOVE meeting new people and especially clicking with them! I feel like this is a start of a long good friendship!

You two girls are so sexay! haha... too bad we can't have a mini Blogger convention or something...haha...

omg ahahha -- you're gonna traumatize your man with all these fellow bloggers and what my bf, calls our "TOOL BOXES"... ahhaha

even my dad saw my makeup one day and goes, "good god woman - are there TOOLS in THERE"....

dontcha LOVE being a girl!?!?!

wow girl! im loving ur bangs!! ur a cutie! u kno wut too... after pregnancy... u still got that body!! ima sooo hate u someday wen i give birth cuz i know im not gonna have it for sure! i already have a chunky beer belly =( sniff snifff

hahaha it's cool don't worry! i was just confused, i thought I was the one going crazy not remembering if i asked you where your lived of something lol.

yes, my youngest is 2 months and my other one is gonna be 21 months on halloween. it's hard having them so close in age.

yes, bio oil definitely works. you just gotta be persistent, but i havent been lately so they're still here =/ i dont think cocoa butter works and i dont like the smell! and wow if you never tried to get rid of it, i cant even tell you had any on your tummy!

glad you had a fun date ;] i never knew thats where guppys was. i used to stay in the 310 in teh summer when i was younger with my aunt in carson/torrance/harbor city. yupyup. i miss boba they dont have any here =/

ohh how FUN!!!
I love the zebra print too!
btw, I live in Cali.
Monterey to be exact, but yeah...
you can click the name of the boots for the link where I found it and "this" for the other one.


Looks like you had a great time!

Hahaha that would be a bit porn-y.

I'm suppose to meet friends in Vegas whenever it is that we decide to go. We were talking about November and February but now that it's October already, I doubt we're gonna next month -_-. I'll let you know! It would be a lot of fun to celebrate with you!

awww it's so sweet u guys met up. i wish i can do that here!

Hahaha yup. I told my ex and he was laughing at me. And no, I haven't done blogger dates. There's no one in my area! Hahahaha.

haha...I have an evil comment box... :) Yeah last time I went there I flew from AZ and it was almost 1,000 bucks for me! So worth it though... I miss the beauty products! They are so much cheaper over there. Save up before u go b/c I know you'll shop like crazy!! My Mom goes back several times a year so she hooks me up... :) U can always come visit me in Germany!

looks like it was fun! and like it was yummy food!

You two are totally gorgeous! That guppy's place sounds fun, we don't have anything like that here all our boba places are just like smoothie cafe's.

you've never been to guppy's?!!! *shocked*

:) what'd you eat? Did you try their ridiculously huge shaved ice with fruit? I had a brainfreeze from that once.. not pretty. LOL!