Thursday, October 23, 2008

MAC's Genitalia Collection

SIKE! Ok nobody actually believed that right?

Anyways your probably all wondering why my MAC lippie looks..odd. Well this hot ass California weather melted it and I was about to reapply when a quarter of it smooshed off. I stuck it back in and waited for it cool down and reshaped it as best as I could with a lip brush..and it ended up taking on a whole 'notha form of it's own. ;P

Is my hair naturally curly?




Then what is it?

KUSOT. (wrinkled)

I say that because it's not really wavey or curly..just wrinkled. I get a few people asking how I tousle my hair or get it wavey..but I was sadly not born with lovely pin straight hair. Unless it's heat-styled, it will always be wrinkled ;[

Anyways, after school me and Tina went to Del Amo Swap Meet to pick up some PRO5's for the HUBS and then off to DEL AMO MALL ;]

& this is a look I did today after I got home, it looks BROWN but it was really ORANGE, like rusty orange.

What I used:
Simply Naturals Piggie in Citrus
L'oreal HIP Piggie in Tenacious
VS Gel Liner in Black
Shu Uemura Mascara Basic in Black
Ardell's Demi-Wispies
& you're probably wondering what I snagged up at Del Amo..I actually forgot my wallet but my bestie spotted me ;] YOU'RE THE BEST! LOVE YOU!

And how much was it?
Bargain? Yes indeed.



hahaha are you sure your lippy "shaped itself" like that or maybe you were just thinkin of your hubby a little too much? ;] hahah jk. pretty orange look! i haven't been using orange lately.

I like your wrinkled hair! :) At least it's not straight like mine who cannot take curls at all... lol~

The palette is gorgeous eh *teasing*? :P You like the packaging eh *teasing some more*?... lol~ :P

That was like the funniest post title ever! lol.

Funny how it ended up looking that! hahah. The orange look is SO pretty. How do you like simply naturals piggies? I was thinking about ordering from them.

Ohh and thank you! I love me some zebra print. =)

Ewwww... i saw MAC Genetalia... and saw the crooked pink lippie and was like ewww.. but then i saw SIKE and i was like HAHAH thank goodness! i love ur rusty orange.. and ur wrinkled hair. u make wrinkle look good! $! still waiting on ur blog about bargains!! <3

You are so pretty! I like pin straight hair and wasn't born with it either, but oh well, work with what you've got, right? And this is the first time I've heard wrinkled hair! Hahah

You are a good shopper ! 6 bucks ! Whoa good job :) I feel sorry for your lipstick, I didn't know it is that hot over there :) I don't care, wish I was there haha

Sexay dress on a sexay woman! :) The camera does lie girl, she was itty bitty!

Oh, and your lippie looks like a wiener! haha MAC genitalia forreal

love you look gorgeous! i LOVE your hair! i wish my stupid limp flat ass hair would have some volume like yours!
where did you get that grey shirt from? :D

did u get hungry n ate some lipstick? hahahha j/k i alread knew it melted from the heat =P im lovin ur volumed hair! hotness... ur rite... purple is the new pink... its my ALL TIME FAVOROTE COLOR =) since lil! and u kno why?? my favorite ninjaturtle was DON! lmao and im still a fan =P goodnite<3

I love your hair! Mine is soooo straight, I hate it!

I love the orange look, very pretty.

im sorry about your lippie :( its still usable! and i love your new outfit!!! sooo sexy ;)

lol so this is what you texted me about..and i still can't believe you ran into her!


your gorgggg girl! i love me some big hair...and you have it!

i think everyone is just about mixed...

but im Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, and dutch

yes i run on Filipino time all the time....

HAHA. I thought mac came out with a new collection called genitalia- maybe they ran out of interesting names? lol

Jess, u always come out of the mall styling with the best deals. Love the belt and the silver top.

You contour your eyes soooo well!! Your hair may be 'wrinkled' but it's beautiful! I actually love natural looking waves/curls/wrinkles =P

Cute dress!

lol you caught my attention with that title! Silly girl. Such pretty hair and makeup! My hair isn't naturally straight either though I wish it was.

And I'm near CSULB...not too far from Town Center! Small world. =)

wow what a bargain! Loving your eye make up, gorgeousss! Just posted Fall inspiration...hope to hear from you dear...

I love that you shop the deals!! Im the same way!!!lol You can find some nice stuff though if you have the patience or just get lucky;o)

I love that you shop the deals!! Im the same way!!!lol You can find some nice stuff though if you have the patience or just get lucky;o)

oh wow that lipstick looks (?!) now. lol... is there a way to keep your makeup in a cooler place?
oooh lovely outfits. i really liked the grey top showing your shoulders there.

lmfao! a fkn penis'head MAC lippie. why is that so fkn hilarious? i want one. LOL

i cant believe you said "del amo", I use to work at that mall back in the day when i was in college. @ robinson's may. i hated it. lol

great fkn bargain, i love bargains! and btw, your hair is prettiful "Wrinkled"!!!

Well I love your "wrinkled" hair haha, you look gorgeous in your pics! Oh and when I saw the title for your post I thought I read it wrong, there was no way they would name their line that LOL!!

lol dang that l/s looks all crazy! hahaha, you are such a good bargain hunter! i wish i found clothes at such a good price!

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6 bucks! great buy girl!!!

and haha the lipstick made me laugh

TAG! :)

.. i could've sworn you had a new blog entry i THOUGHT i saw yesterday. guess not. lol.

lol! that would be interesting to take out in the ladies' room. I'm quite tempted to do that to one of my own lippies.

that dress is a steal!

oh and you've been tagged!

Hahhahaha, on your lippie.

I love the dress and for $6 who can beat that????
Agh, I promised myself I wouldnt buy anything till my visit to the Phils but how, oh how can you resist back to sales everywhere????

haha. I had to reread your invented MAC line. Good one. Yea my hair's all sorts of not straight, not curly. I can never let it airdry otherwise I'll look like a crazy woman. haha. Your hair's nice natural though :) It's not wrinkled!

Haha wrinkled. I never heard of that before. hehe. Deng, I would dieeee if one of my MAC lipsticks turned out like that.

I love the look you did & the $6 outfit. Deng, what a steal! :)

$6 bucks! @_@ That's an uber good buy! loll.

And your wrinkled hair looks really great! I wish I can carry off a look like yours. :)

hahahha i totally fell for it lol.
looking forward to more of your posts:)


i wanna see what u did for halloween

Love the look! Your hair looks fabulous!