Thursday, October 16, 2008


I thought it was about time to introduce y'all to my doggie ;] His name is BEBE, I got him about 6 years ago and a friend of mine actually found him in a trashcan ;[ He was so small and just a baby and she gave him to me.

AWW he's camera-shy

LOL can you tell he didn't want to take a picture?

Anyways ladies, I've been wanting to get a straightening iron for some time now and am THINKING of investing in one but don't really know which one to get. I've looked online and have found brands like CHI, H2PRO, Bio-Ionic..So do you any of you have any suggestions, warnings, experiences with any of these that you'd like to share? Anything would be greatly APPRECIATED!! ;]


Awww~ Bebe is such a cutie, but the name seems a little feminine for a boy dog... hehe~ Who would want to throw him in the trash!?!? I can't believe how cruel people can be. :(

CUTE dog! Love the name too!

uhmm, I think I 'll go with CHI.
Although, I have one from Sephora and been wanting to buy CHI since all the reviews I read about it are really GOOD.

awwww how adorable! I love doggies!

I've heard alot of good stuff about sedu straighteners but I don't own one, always wanted one though. I just have a cheap pink one I got from sally's. Have you seen those one straighteners that have zebra print? I want one sooo bad but mostly just cuz it's got zebra print! lol

hey girl luv the doggy :) awww cant beleive your friend found him like that lucky him he got a good home now :)

and as for the straightener i have a chi for about 4 years now and no complaints its awsome my hair aint all that wavy but it can be in the mornings and stuff.... it doest snag on your hair like sum i mean there are a lot more brands out there now but on arent they having a good deal right now??... for chi's and other brands i hurd that wet to dry one is good also... well good luck iron shopping :) <3chanel

lovely dog babe!! i love ur cameo in the pix as well haha :)

ummm... as 4 the straightener... i use a pink one from a cart at the mall.. overall im pretty happy with it cuz i also use it to curl my hair... but i know theres better ones out there (that get hotter) than mines.. but mines good enuff 4 me. good luck with that!! i know that some carts at the mall claim to have ceramic plates but actually do not... maybe a way to tell is if the plate is white or yellow? but i know ppl who have white plates and they work the same as mine.. so maybe that rumor is a gimmick as well. sorry, not much help..but thought id share <33 good luck babe!!

I love, love, love poopers! I have two and they are my furkids...they bring so much to my life.... I use a cheap ass straightening iron b/c I barely straighten but I want a Chi...a pink one! haha

You're dog is sooo cute! I love the name too. Can't believe your friend found him in a trashcan, that's horrible.

omg..he was in a trash can?? poor baby.. ugh i hate when stuff like that happens, but thats awesome that you were ablet o keep him, bebe is a cutie..what kind of puppy is he? and i have long thick-o hair and i got one of those ceramic tools straightners from Sally's Beauty Salon. it was like 40buks! And it works badass w me, Im not too fond of the chi cuz it burns your fingers lol and i think its for ppl w less hair, idk just my thoughts

Cute dog! For a flat iron, buy it at can use coupons.

awww he's shy! our dogs would often look at the camera! its as if they know what a camera does..hahaa they even make cute poses and hold their pose til we take the picture..hahaha

CUTE DOG! I love dogs :p

I have an h2pro straightener, and I love it! (well, I got it cuz my mom started selling it so I just took one :p). But you can go from wet-to-dry, and it's awesome! I've never had snagging problems, nor did it burn my hair. My hair looks to be in a really good condition and I've been using it just about everyday since around April (since I had a perm in my hair before that). If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Bebe is such a cutie. I own one flat iron my whole life and I have no complaints on mine. It's from conair and I got it for 20 dollars and you can adjust the temperature on it. I dont use it often tho unless im having a really bad hair day. But i wish it was smaller and I cant really curl my hair with it like what most girls does with their iron bc of it's thick width. Nice belt btw.

Bebe is cuuuute! Chihuahua mix?

I have a CHI and it works pretty well! I bought it during the ULTA FF deal last year. It was one of those weird looking patterned-CHI irons that came with a watch. haha .. yeah a cheapass watch. But the iron was on sale for like $90 or something and with the discount it ended up being $40 or $50. I don't remember but it was insanely cheap when I bought it.

awwww so cute!!!!! lol when i read bebe, i quickly ran thru the pics to see what u bought, lol, then i saw it was about the dog lol.

hmm i know more about irons for hair extensions.

gotta run to my flight gate lol b4 they board =) will be back to read what ive missed =)

he is so cute
how can ppl throw him away!!!

i have a straightener from GHD and i have been using it for 3 years. it was my best buy ever

awww what a nice doggie! i hope to get a dog when i move to a bigger apartment!

OMG how cute! I always wanted a doggy but my mom was always allergic to pet hair, so sadly, I never had a pet.... :(

:) pupppy!!!!!!! (OK not really.. but i consider it a puppy!)

ohhh he's darlin! :) he was found in a trash can?! how awful... i hate people who are cruel to animals... they should be shot :@

Aww, poor BEBE. Why would any put a dog in a trashcan? I heard some woman did that to her child. But you're awesome for taking it in :) As for a straightener, do you have a lot of hair? If you do, you might as well invest in an expensive one so that you can straighten your hair faster and it's less damaging. I heard CHI is good.

you have a nice doggy. I use chi hair straightener for straightening.

Awwww he's cutie patootie! Reminds of my old dog Miko... :(